Constitutional Emergency

I want to get everyones opinions on several different things pertaining to this column but also to PFA.

1. Where we are as a country?

2. What is it going to take to restore this country?

3. Do you know what the works/goals of PFA are?

We are already at war in this country. So far it's a bloodless war but I believe it will be a bloody war before this country is restored.

Our goal is not to overthrow the government. But to remove all the domestic and foreign enemies of the U.S. Constitution and our Constitutional Representative Republic who've infiltrated and taken over our government seats, and restore the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land that everyone in this country lives under and by.



Just about everyone sees the need to fix our government, as it is not in our control at all at the present. We have a vast assemblage of problems, accumulated over decades of government ruling government, with no concern for “The People, and what our intents are.  The problem seems to be a vast gulf between those ready to do something about our problem, and those who believe we can fix things without heavy handed action.

Colonel Pappas speaks of the story of “how to cook a frog”, Dr. Wallace provides a sound, studious look at economics, Dr. Bates shows us the clear, unquestionably deliberate acts by which this criminal president has assumed rule as dictator, with no response from the central government, not even responsive to any demands of citizens.

I am castigated regularly for being “too brazen” or “over the top”, but I have my own place in this conversation, one which has bearing on how we choose what to do.  I began my career as a mechanic at less than a year old, it is my nature.  By the time I was about twelve, I found it routine for other mechanics to come to me when diagnosis was necessary, I realized eventually, one technician in five has the capability of “troubleshooting”.

The primary reason we have activists, ready for change, and we have the cautious, hoping they believe and are right, we can change our ways and fix things, and those who see the merits of both positions but don’t know which side to turn to is because most people are not accustomed to finding out why something broke, and only a small portion of society knows how to do so.

I stand on the notion we have reached the point we have to confront our unresponsive servants directly; demand they fall in line, before we replace them with “servants” not self-styled “leaders”.  I see society as little different than a radial engine, with thousands of parts all which must fit and work together for the engine to run right, to its full capacity.  I’m not just the mechanic who can take it apart, measure everything, order the parts and rebuild it, but my skills are troubleshooting, analysis, making the big choice; tune and adjust, or tear down and rebuild.  Our government problem is not one of adjustment, but everything out of line and failing. The government doesn’t even look like its picture today.

No one wants to go to war except they expect to gain something of substantial value out of doing so.  Those who understand the nature of evil and man’s proclivities, more easily accept war is a necessity at some point.  Those accustomed to fixing everything with committees always find the idea of “stopping the whole thing, and tearing down the main engine” horrendously fearful, and will argue against as long as there is no absolute, unassailable proof it must be done.

For our society to survive, “We, The People”, must decide who best describes our condition, and act on that decision.  No one but “Us” has everything at stake.  Much as I hate to say it, I hear the master rod bearing knocking, and that means if we don’t ground the bird, pull the engine, and do a complete rebuild, within a couple of flight hours, that engine is going to disassemble its self, violently, scattering parts across the sky, and our Airplane of State is going to plummet like a thousand bricks, ten thousand bits of mortar.

Our constitution is perhaps the most carefully assembled form of government ever attempted, and its extraordinary success due to its singular form.  Since that first couple of decades, every idea anyone has had, has been tacked on, and we now have “a one pound federal government with five pounds of socialism, communism, bureaucracy, fascism and out and out totalitarian dictatorship” added, hooked to ever open corner or loose end.

With one part legal and five parts completely unconstitutional, we can’t do anything less than tear it all down, and start with our original form, and expect to accomplish anything other than “kick the can an ever shorter distance”.  A bare glance tells this truth; a casual inspection proves the glance correct.  The only reason against starting from scratch is the notion we lay at risk the whole time we are at a halt, and rebuilding.  Aren’t five to one odds sufficiently equal to any risk we face at this stage?

Penned by John McClain

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Thank you John, proselytizing about what the problem is, is obvious, coming up with a viable solution, is another thing. I totally agree regarding the problem, and appreciate anyone trying to educate as to the problem, however, the question is simple, HOW???

In the Presidential Debates, I felt as if the most obvious, blunt, direct questions could have made a huge difference.  I wish Ted Cruz had been debating to imagine, huh?

Legal minds, scholars of the Constitution, these are the people that must come to the front, and tell us how to remedy the situation.

I heard a good suggestion from Mark Levin, on the radio tonight, start Recalling these corrupt individuals, it can be done, I was involved in the Recall  movement of Grey Davis, when I lived in Californis, and yes, his replacement "Terminated us" but, he began as a Conservative, fell in love, tried to fight them, but gave up and joined them.

Hopefully ,other Recalls, can result in shaking these people up, when they fail to keep their word, their promises, then the people can kick them out.

Jo I was still living in CA then too and voted to oust Grey Davis.....

Point of information here; people across the spectrum say that The Post Turtle cannot be impeached.  I do not completely disagree with them, as the Senate Holds the Key and the Senate is Democratic......the problem will be the charges....not what America THINKS the charges should be; but what the ACTUAL charges are, appear to be two different subjects.  THERE MUST BE SUBSTANCE!  Not just "it's treasonous!" or "this borders on sedition!"  Bordering and opinions don't cut it.....and then, as we seen with Bill Clinton; what would impeachment do....besides cost money and time?  Impeachment must again HAVE SUBSTANCE.....or it is irrelevant for all intents and purposes.  Unless "IMPEACHMENT" equals "REMOVAL from Office" for the addressed behavior unbecoming of the Office of President AND/OR Vice-President of the Unted will gain nothing.


Have you noticed smaller comparible efforts? 

NOTE: Just watching 'Cashin' In' on Fox as I write this....the "City of Bell, CA 6" 5 were just found Guilty of misuse of City Funds. #6 is still being tried. Perfect example of addressing Governmental corruption.

Conservatives and Liberals in CA an UBER-Liberal State ousted a Liberal Governor HOWEVER.....on the other end, the Libs and Unions couldn't oust a Conservative Governor (Scott Walker). 

That being said, Recalls cost money, so JMHO......aim small shoot the worst of the worst....the ones where the majority of their constituiency (both sides) is tired of them and do not want to wait for the "next" election. Why, because to do what would be next has to have precidence set in place...... 


The next step is getting our Conservative Candidates to sign onto PFA vetting eligibility pledge for Office AND you make it clear to candidates that if they waiver from what they pledged, they will be RECALLED; citing your sucessfull recalls for corruption and derelection of Duty......they are to say what they will do and do what they say and we will support them as long as they do what they swear to do.  If they waiver wthout a valid reason, they are gone.

They are our employees and when Good employees see the bad ones get canned, they work better without the strife; the other bad employees straighten up knowing they are on waivers......quickly made aware that nobody is immune for bad behavior.




Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis



This has been an excellent thread so far, so once again a big 'Thank You' goes out to Twana for keeping us engaged. At the chance of repeating what others have said, I'm going to break down what has been shared on this thread.

We have some patriots that think immediate 'armed rebellion' is the only answer, then there are those that want to encourage the 'legal system' to fix the problems. There is also a fair amount of folks that think 'winning elections' is the ticket to fixing our mess, and most of you believe that we "don't have any time left' to take a more methodical approach to our problem. My personal favorite is the one that suggests we "stop paying taxes", and finally, there are those that think "Impeachment" of the president and any other Anti-American politician in D.C. , is the answer. 

As much as I think it's great that people are thinking about our situation, all of the above ideas have a enormous flaw which I will present...

As for the Armed Rebellion... Realistically speaking, how many people will actually show up in a place like Washington D.C. bearing fully loaded firearms? And how far do you think they will get?

And letting the Legal System handle our problems... How far will that get us when the majority of those in the Legal profession lean left, and the Head Law Agency, the Department Of Justice, is run by Marxists? How far and how long do you think this route will take (keep in mind that Lawyers like paychecks as much as everyone else)?

Moving on to Winning Elections... This may be a quaint notion to day-dream about, but in the meantime, finding a leader that can be trusted makes this an almost mountain to climb. Who is that leader and what says they will win?

Not Having Any Time Left... Sounds an awful like we should just hoist the white flag and get on with our lives. Maybe we don't have any time left, so why don't we start tackling the future for our offspring?

Let's consider Stop Paying Taxes next... As mentioned above, this is my personal favorite because I resent having my hard earned money being given to the nimrods in D.C. to spend as they please. Although I love the idea, reality tells me that too many people live in fear of their own government. So this raises the obvious question... How do you convince 1 million people, or 5 million people, or 50 million people, to stop paying taxes?

The last idea is Impeachment... Quick question... with all the cowards running this country, who's going to be brave enough to start impeachment proceedings? Seriously >>> who?

Now that I have asked some of the real-life questions concerning all of our ideas, is there a common denominator that all the ideas share? Or is there a solution we have yet to consider? I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer all the questions in a way that would satisfy everyone, but I can share with you a way that I think will work...

On another thread I mentioned the word "Perception". I did this because 'perception is reality' and there is no getting around this truth of life. I've read many writings about how the Communists stuck to long range planning to achieve their goal, and unless you haven't been paying attention for the last 60 years, they have almost completed every goal they ever had as it concerns the USA. Like you, I'm not real interested in waiting 60 more years to see things fixed, but we have to start somewhere, and wherever we start it has to be done with a sense of urgency. This brings me back to "Perception" again...

The Commies have been successful because they have learned how to mold the 'perception' of too many Americans. Our job should be changing the 'perception' of the American people so they no longer fall for the massive propaganda the Commies have dumped on the American people. And I believe that 5 out of the 6 items listed above could be done by changing peoples 'perception'. There is one gigantic problem with this idea... to do this in a shorter span of time than 60 years, it will take money, lot's and lot's of it. I know Twana doesn't want to get involved in any money raising idea, and I both respect and understand her decision, but I'm hoping to get just one person thinking about this idea that may be willing to throw in seed money and knows how to set up one or two ways it could be done.

1. Start a Super PAC (Political Action Committee)

2. A 501 (c) 3.

There are ways it could be done, and done well, but that's another thread. I do want to say right here and now, that I am NOT looking to start a fund-raising organization for any personal gain, I'm simply drawing a map. The money raised by one of these two choices would be used specifically to change people's "Perception" about damn near everything. From reinforcing the idea that this Nation was born of the idea that it is meant for a Religious and ethical people, to showing how precious life is and the horrors of abortion, and having the average man-in-the-street really understand how amazing our Constitution is. Sure I know anti-abortion groups have tried to educate the people, but they never really went far enough. Our ideas need to be marketed to the American people on a daily basis by TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet, etc. This will entail hiring some of the best marketing people in the country and buying ad time on every media outlet available. Using this as a foundation to which to build upon, we can change people's PERCEPTION back to reality, and do it in a relatively short time.

My stand......The ten commandments, Declaration of Independence, Bill or rights...What ever it takes to get back to these..

If you sit on the fence not knowing to which site to jump to, there  always will be somebody who will push you, to have you where they want you to be..



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