Sleazier, angrier and more selfish part of America rising up...


By James Lewis, from The American Thinker

This has been a mean-spirited campaign, and the meanest, most destructive people won.

So be it.

In the last two Democratic administrations we have seen a sleazier, angrier and more selfish part of America rising up more and more in our political class. The Founders told us that ultimately our elected politicians are a mirror of ourselves. Just like you, before November 7, 2012, I lived in the fervent hope that the degradation of the Clinton and Obama years might be an exception to the long trend of American history. But two times eight years of radical leftists in high office can't be an accident. We can't just blame our sleazy media, or just the leftist political class, as corrupt and malevolent as they truly are.

No -- the balance of decency in America has changed. Every society has normal, decent people and the other kind. The America we grew up in was fundamentally decent. Decency was the expected standard.

Now the balance has changed.

The evidence for our sleazified culture can be seen all around. It is in our pop music, which has lost melody and now just has rhythm. We have a President who won on revenge against middle class values. That's what he meant by telling his people to vote for revenge. And they did -- showing us exactly who they are.

We are now a society divided between the makers and the takers, and the takers are on a campaign of theft and revenge.

We have a President who takes dangerous pride in his hatred for "middleclassness" as Jeremiah Wright taught him to believe. We have a President who culminated his campaign with a ghetto singer rapping about hoes and bitches, about drug-ridden and broken families, as if all those cruelties were good.

This is not normal, decent America.

It is not.

We need to face that.

Morality and values are not small things. The new tide in the affairs of America also means that we can no longer be trusted to defend civilized values around the world, as we have done for the last hundred years.

It's a sea change. Fools around the world will applaud Obama as a savior, but wise people will see us crumbling. They know they will be the worse for it.

Today the world is far more dangerous place than four years ago. If you doubt that, keep an eye on the rise of barbarisms around the world. Obama constantly facilitates barbarism, and the barbarians understand that much better than decent people do.

History buffs will remember that we've had decades of sleaze before. The Founders were followed by Jacksonian corruption. Abraham Lincoln was followed by Reconstruction. Yet we somehow found our way back. Come-backs can happen, but probably not soon.

So this is an elegiac moment, a moment of mourning for what has passed. From Truman and Eisenhower to Bush 43 we have had leaders of character.

No longer.

Republicans by and large still look, act, and speak like normal, decent people. But they have a hard time even understanding a thoroughly sleazified America. Normal, decent people do not know how to live in this new, barbaric society. We live in protected communities, we drive around in SUVs, like armored cars.

The left knows exactly how to act in this Brave New World. They've made it. We are now ruled by sleazy demagogues who take bribes from foreign nations that do not wish us well. Obama is the worst example so far. Even the Clintons, both selfish narcissists, were somewhat better.

With the decline of American decency, the civilized world has lost its foremost defender. America wasn't a world power in earlier times of corruption. We could afford to make mistakes. Today, our national decay endangers the world. The left has purposely attacked our self-respect, our pride in our morality and decency, and our crucial role in the defense of civilized values. We are no longer the Leader of the Free World, because we have lost -- for now -- the values that guided us. America can no longer be trusted, as we saw so clearly in Benghazi and the fraudulent Arab Spring. Any nation that places any trust in our promises today is run by fools. Our allies must arm up to protect themselves, or they must find new, trustworthy allies.

For sixty years Europe has lived off our willingness to come to its defense. The southern rim of Europe is now going bankrupt, and even France looks ready to crumble. Without our leadership Europe has to rely on itself, or on Russia, or on the spreading Muslim empires. But Europe has shown no capacity to defend itself. Maybe they will learn. Or maybe they will be swamped. We can no longer be trusted.


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Mr. Riley - You have stated it very articulately .  I have long held that the fiscal situation is not the most dangerous of our problems.  The most dangerous is the loss of personal freedoms and the moral degeneration of our culture.  There is but a small hand full of truly patriotic American's left.  The moral and cultural values of America has been eroding for the last 100 years and we "Americans" have stood by and let it happen - - - without even being aware that it was.  We read that the majority of American's say they are "conservative" or say they are "Christians".  But what does that mean.  We could label them CINO's (Christians or Conservatives in name only).  While the left has been building their power house the "conservatives" or "Republicans" have been playing golf, or running the PTA, or being taught that we should always be nice and sweet to everyone else.  

Continuation of above.  While we have been playing at being good citizens, the left has entrenched their ideology into our schools, our media, our courts and our government.   Now we have become painfully aware that we will pay a price more bitter than we could have ever imagined.  Yet, I find that many good patriotic American's are just going on with their business and not caring a wit about what has just happened, or what it means to the American way of life.  I agree that we must not give up; we must keep fighting.  However, the damage that can and will be done in the next four years will make it harder to come back.  It will take a catastrophic event that may, just may wake up the American people and return them to the ideals and principles this great nation was founded upon.  In the meantime, God help us.  

Harry thanks for posting this.  I have long thought this but could have never said it so well.  As my wife and I watched the election returns come in and it became clear that Romney was going to lose I said to my wife something I would have never thought I would say.  I said to her, "I'm glad I'm as old as I am.  We have been blessed to live through the best years that the United States had to offer.  From the end of WWII up to the election of Bill Clinton those were our country's best years.  Since Clinton's election it has all been down hill."  It saddens and angers me so very deeply that our children, grand children, and millions yet unborn will be denied the freedom and liberty that we enjoyed because low-life politicians didn't have the courage to stand up for what was right.  And, that includes politicians of all political stripes.  We should have known that Romney had no chance because he is a dinosaur by today's moral standards.  He is a gentleman in every sense of the word who's loyalty, integrity, honor, and discretion are above reproach.  Name one other of that caliber in the Washington cesspool.


Reading this one sentence saddened me through and through... "We have been blessed to live through the best years that the United States had to offer.

Although your statement is true, we may be the very first generation to NOT leave our country in better shape for our children and grandchildren, than the country we had. I will go to my grave with this being my one most important regret... leaving the USA in the hands of evil communist hands.

I know exactly what you mean David.  It so saddens me to think that when my generation is gone there will be no one remaining to tell following generations what true freedom and liberty were like.  One of my favorite stories from my Army days goes as follows:  I had the opportunity during one of my tours of duty in Germany to attend the German Armed Forces Intelligence School.  There were 20 some of us in the class with me being the only American.  About my third day there I discovered that all of my classmates were getting together every evening at a gasthaus down the street from the kaserne.  That's where I spent my evenings for the rest of my time at the school.  During one of those evenings one of the Germans who had worked as a civilian for the Bundeswehr here in the states at Fort Sill (all the German missile troops were trained in the US) made a very simple statement but one that has stuck with me.  He said, I have never experienced freedom like I did during my years in the United States.  To me that was a very profound statement.  Up until that point I had never really considered the differences between the US and Germany.  It made me realize what a precious gift our freedom and liberty were.  Take notice I said were.  I can see our freedom and liberty rapidly slipping away.

This was a powerful and very astute little piece. For those of us that still believe in honor there is only one thing we can do immediately... continue living our lives as we have with only one small change. Be wary of those that live by the Sleaze Society rules. Other than that, we should continue to live our lives as honorable Men and Woman. Raise our children to do the same. And finally, only associate with those that we can identify as like-minded honorable people. If you ever have doubts of your actions, or the actions of your aquaintences, just use this ruler to measure by... ask yourself if our Founding Fathers would approve.

When will the Barbarians turn on each other? The fight for Power.???

The Answer ?

The Democrats should be ashamed. But are not. They are Partying.

They were not dumb, but exploited the people.

It was a dirty, sleazy, unAmerican campaign.

They did not win in States where you needed a Photo ID.

They bought the lower classes with cell phones, promises, amnesty.

Dead voters. Military ballots held up or blocked. Illegal voters.

Voting machines, Rigged. Their leader was taught by Chicago and Illinois

Criminal Political Machine. Lie, lie, lie. And promises.

(they are even continuing to believe it)

Even I read many violent threats against the Republican Presidential Candidate.

The Media gagged.

The Fall of Rome ???

We will have to fight for our Rights. Let's flood Congress with our Thoughts and Views. NOW!!!

Before they run and hide.

Fight any unjust Tax Increases. (using our Hard Earned Money, Nationally and to support

the World).

America 1ST !!!

You take care of  your own backyard, then you can help others.

Time to look out for # 1. Don't count on the Government.

Or maybe we can infiltrate Gov't.

If Inflation, Looks like it. Stock up on Food (any sales), Precious Metals you can afford at the moment

(Silver is cheap at the moment, will probably double),

Guns and Ammo. (has there been a buying spree this week?)

Loose Lips Sink Ships. (watch whom you tell, it's your business,

unless you want them visiting with .22 rifles to take your food and maybe your life)

Yes, .22's can kill, ask the Spy Networks.

Slowly get out of Debt. Choke off the Big Bankers.

Visit your house of Worship (me, too). Get involved in your community.

So if something happens, people won't be saying: "Who's that?".

Keep any personal contacts overseas, they know what America was (or hope will be).

We still have our share of "Crooks" in my State. (I voted against them)

Power to the People !!!

How many times does life throw us a curve ball and the first thing we say is “How come? Why me? How come my business failed? How come my relationship failed? After all, aren’t I a spiritual person?” Oftentimes, we approach our day as a series of tasks to complete: wake up, go to work, do whatever we need to do to get on with our lives. If we complete these tasks, we are happy and feel productive, and if we don’t, we are left feeling dissatisfied.
Abraham approached his day differently. Every time he met with aggression, every time he met with people that sought to do him harm, every time he ran up against a wall, he would say, “I accept this situation for what it is, and instead of letting it victimize me, I will transform it into positivity.” In other words, Abraham lived to find the spirituality in each day, in each trial, in each frustration that he faced.

The truth is, we don’t have to wait for tragedy to wake us up. Each one of us, if we open our eyes and tune in a bit more to our lives, will find that we have opportunities each and every day to transform negativity into positivity. Oftentimes, when someone or some situation challenges us, our first thought is usually: How can I make this situation go away as soon as possible, rather than How can I transform this situation into Light? Sometimes, we can even be so quick to push the situation aside that we don’t even realize we have lost a chance to make a change in our lives.



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