Constitutional Emergency


By: Joel Seidman
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An upcoming GAO report obtained by NBC News says the federal government may have paid $1.29 billion in Social Security disability benefits to 36,000 people who had too much income from work to qualify.

At least one recipient collected a potential overpayment of $90,000 without being caught by the Social Security Administration, according to the report, which will be released Sunday, while others collected $57,000 and $74,000.

The GAO also said its estimate of "potentially improper" payments, which was based on comparing federal wage data to Disability Insurance rolls between 2010 and 2013, "likely understated" the scope of the problem, but that an exact number could not be determined without case by case investigations.

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To qualify for disability, recipients must show that they have a physical or mental impairment that prevents gainful employment and is either terminal or expected to last more than a year. Once approved, the average monthly payment to a recipient is just under $1,000.

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Lois Lerner is one sharp woman??????

Well i sure as hell did not get 70-90 thousand dollars, and i and hundreds of Veterans could really use the money, i served in Vietnam and made it back with a couple disabilities, but the guys in the middle east came back but their arms and legs did not they need the money, but it keeps going to lazy ass people who do not want to work but want all the benefits.

The Ovomit administration is the most corrupt organization i have ever seen,so i ask what do we need to do. Is not sit back and write letters and sign petitions but be the in your face people and start doing like our bikers did,start with the Governor then the mayor and so on,it worked for the people in Egypt and it can work here. Folks we need to do something as soon as possible,ovomit continues to get away with murder it has got to stop. I truly believe he gave the Stand down order in Benghazi but he is to much of a coward to come forward and admit it,but your  in a  room of people and someone said Stand down and know one wants to come forward,come on something is very wrong and we have to get to the bottom of this,only one person is in jail over Benghazi and he is the guy that posted a video,and 4 that were fired are now working for the other  traitor, Kerry. Sorry for getting off the subject but, I like many of you am sick and tired of what the obuma administration is doing to our country!. God Bless !!!.

They certainly didn't over pay me...for sure.
I guess I am the wrong nationality...I am an AMERICAN..
They certainly didn't over pay me...for sure.
I guess I am the wrong nationality...I am an AMERICAN..

The incompetance marches on.  Isn't it wonderful that so many uneducated buttholes are in the Government Service.



I would bet money that every penny of it went to a demonRAT.

They did overpay me, but not in disability benefits. I earned too much money at my job last year. They are keeping my retirement benefits until it is all paid back, which I have no problem with that. My question is, why can't they do the same for the disability benefits? If they can catch the error with my benefits, why not with the disability benefits? Something seems crooked here.

No wonder us old goats haven't gotten a cola.



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