Spring Face To Face Meeting

Earlier Twana posted a discussion asking if anyone was interested in a face to face meeting this spring to come up with some sort of an action plan rather than simply pounding the keyboard and commiserating with each other.  After exchanging emails with her she has asked me to take the lead on this.  So here's the deal.  I am offering to host the meeting on my property.  As the crow flies we're about 25 miles from the Oklahoma border and about 30 miles southeast of Fort Smith.  Nothing fancy but I've got lots of room off the highway away from prying eyes.  We can very easily control access so we don't have to worry about unwelcome visitors.  I've got lots of room for parking motorhomes and campers but you will be dry camping with no hook ups. The nearest town is 5+ miles away.  There are two motels in town.  Neither one is part of a national chain, if you know what I mean.  The next closest location for motels is Fort Smith. In case of inclement weather I will make sure I've got enough open area in my barn for us to meet.  Just remember it's a barn.   As much as I would like to say there will not be any costs involved that isn't true.  My septic system and water bill simply will not handle 20 or more people for 2 or 3 days.  That means porta potties.  We need to come up with an agenda.  How do we want to handle meals?  Every body on his own for all meals or perhaps a common meal at noon (burgers and dogs etc.) and on your own for the rest of the day.  I'm a coffeeholic so I'll have coffee available all day.  Do we want to see if we can get a speaker or two?  I know that most if not all of us are Christians and I think I might be able to get someone to speak to us about what scripture says about our right to defend ourselves as well as how do we handle it when our faith and the secular world overlap.  What dates will work best for the greatest number of those interested in attending?  I would say no later than May.  June can be very very hot in this area of Arkansas.  There are probably a whole host of things that I have not addressed. I will make postings to this thread as things progress.  For those of you that are serious about attending, in addition to your public posts send me a personal message so I can send you details without letting the world know.

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  • Sounds great, i hope i have the funds my family is a little poor after this president screwed us, its time to do something and this is perfect we need to be organized, i live in upstate ny, so it will be very tough for me to go, Good luck with it though, i hope u do it.
  • Marvin, That's good, I'm glad Twana asked you to do this. May I suggest you pick a three-day weekend in April. (Pray that it is not too late). One thing I would also like to see in respects to an agenda, is that this group, (and ALL Patriot groups) should formalize our intentions. To simply say that we want to restore the Constitution of The Republic of The United States of America, and as far reaching as that may sound, it is not enough. We need some outlines on what the charges should be that gives this effort greedence and legal standing. (A list of greivances if you will), A new list. And what type and kind of Government will be have if (IF) we ever happen to be successful.

    Perhaps this outline right here mat serve as your agenda.

    At any rate, count me in, I'll try to make it.

  • As for this meet-up, I would love to attend, but I have a seasonal business, and this is right smack in the middle of the build-up, which is a critical time for me, and I cannot attend, though I am sorely tempted. However, I might be able to send a few $'s.

  • Great.

  • Marvin - Good.  Organization of Patriots is FINALLY going to happen. 

    Ralph Roshto - I like agree with your idea too.  For those who are not able to attend, I say we need to send financial support. I would be happy to do what I can financialy. 

    Marvin.....is there a treasurer who will handle the funds people send in? Maybe set up an account at a bank and people can call the bank and donate.  I don't know.  But I am sure once organized, finances will be needed to fight legal issues and such.

    Maybe once people get organized, the "meeting" can travel to various parts of the country to inspire, encourage and instruct Patriots on how we proceed to take America back!!!!


    I may not be able to attend the meeting in Arkansas.......but know that I will be praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  • do we have till april? i'm retired and able to go anythime, and can help with the work that will need to be done. have what i need to live off the land. ty.

  • I will give it a heck of a try too attend. If not I will send some sorta cash to help out. I live in Montana and am fighting right now with workers comp. as I have done everything and above of what they have asked and am still getting negative responses back from them, typical State controlled , no matter where you live anymore.

  • I think this would be a great idea!  That said I have to see about finances and if I would be able to come.  This IS what any serious group needs to do though.  See each other, get to know each other and have each others back.  Decide just what needs to be done, how to do it and begin to truly be a force to help.   Once we are soundly established; find others who are of like mind and grow the group all over the nation.    There are some others that I already know of and I bet some on this site do too.  Okay, so that is getting ahead of the immediate issue of a gathering.

    It is wonderful of you Marvin to be willing to host the group on your property....and if we are serious about this, we all can pitch in for a daily inclusive meal and maybe snacks otherwise.  With access to a barbeque and or camp stove; big pots of say spagetti etc. can be made;  burgers and dogs are alway great etc...we can all help for the common good of all. 

    Bless you for thinking of the most important thing; OUR FAITH...yes, please a speaker, minister, etc to give our meeting true meaning and strength for the right reasons...that is wonderful!!!!  Also any patriot that has some training, information on preparing, Constitutional knowledge, military understanding (I am a grown military 'brat) that has knowledge of how soldiers of TODAY would react to orders to harm Americans etc....or perhaps some of that needs to be for future meetings or dispersment to the group through mail, internets or whatever.   BUT AN IMPORTANT ISSUE TO DECIDE SOON;   to set up a means of communication that is of the grid!!!!  "They" can change things so fast that it  would cripple any sound group's ability to stay in touch.  

    Okay so those that do not have campers or trailers etc. I guess would have to drive out and just camp out in their cars for the event...I have no such accomodations otherwise, but hey, a car works- as long as it is not too hot yet.  I live in the desert where I am and it is hot early so used to it however.

    Thank you for heading this up.................I will be glad to hear more. 

  • I'd really like to see our local groups meet up. I'm in the North Florida Panhandle and live pretty close to Harry Riley!

  • It is a good start. As usual I will not be able to attend. BUT I will be waiting to hear from anyone in Michigan that attends. I am waiting for someone step up in Michigan. Before anyone tells me to do so, I have blogged before stating how active I am in local politics, tea party and Republican party.

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