This documentary is about Freedom...a large portion of the video covers OAS assault on Washington, D.C in May 2014.  Henrik Larsson from Sweden is responsible for producing the video.

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Topple the 14th Amendment and we take the power from the political power brokers.

Lee, stay pissed, but never give up and never give in.  Stay in the fight.  We will win because as someone said from long ago, "Truth, justice and the Amercian way will prevail".

Keep up the fire.

I'm still in the fight, just a little perplexed by the rampant apathy all over our nation. 

It blows my mind too Lee, at all the apathy!!  I was shocked when I was handing out fliers for people to join us for OAS and most people weren't interested.  I'm ashamed at a lot of my fellow Americans.  They will be sorry for having their heads in the sand. 

By the time they pull their heads out the sand (and their asses) it will be too late.  The apathy has led to one option remaining, and the vast majority here wish to avoid, me included, but the inevitable - REVOLUTION and a bloody one at that, especially for the ones revolting.  YHVH (Father God) help us.  Ever heard of Righteous Anger Carrie, I believe you have?  The state motto in Virginia, where I live, is Death to Tyrants.  So true today too.?

It's hard to believe but it took Trump to start waking the American People up from their slumber and to see the TYRANNY engulfing OUR (not their) Nation..!!!  We all know that the GOP is going to steal the nomination from Trump, and the Commie/NWO/Liberal Monsters want to start and all out Civil War with "We the People"....Why would the Fed Gov preposition Military assets all around our Nation (in areas that these assets have never been stored before), have built over a thousand Fema/Enslavement Camps, Jade Helm 15 and UWEX 16 to round up Vets and Conservative/Christian Americans (Fema Camps ready and open), DHS purchasing Billions of rounds of HP Bullets (HP rounds are not for target practice) and over 2700 MRAP's & APC's, positioning DHS Cameras on every corner in America (I see them everyplace now), over 385 Thousand foreign Troops on American soil (from the Mouth of John Kerry, Sec of State, Sept 2013), Spying on every transaction "We the People" perform, stealing our person information at every turn, and on and on it goes..!!!  Yes these Evil Monsters are going to start a Civil War with "We the People" and a good chance at the GOP Convention!  These Evil Monsters have been planning this for years (Both GOP and the DemoRats - Communist Manifesto), God forbid "We the People" stop their Gravy Train at the expense of our U.S. Constitution, our Nation, and the LIVES of "We the People"...these People are beyond any Evil our Nation and World has ever seen before..!!!  Please Lord God/Jesus/Holy Spirit come and Protect the Nation you created and your People the follow in your Name and your Name only, and I am one of those Christians that follow Jesus and a true believer!  God please lead "We the People" into victory over these Satan driven MONSTERS..!!!  Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ!

Let it happen, maybe then people will wake up and fight back against the NWO evil.

I believe that GOP i ready to sell presidency to Demos just to avoid Trump. Even non eligible Cruz is their good puppet and useful idiot to be thrown away when times come. Because Hillary will be out, they will give the presidency to communist ideologist Sanders of Demos or some other puppet in GOP. They know that Trump as president will goes after crooks, including Obama and his sealed records. By the way, when Cruz was asked about it, he said that it is not on his agenda, By the way on the question from public how he can bring national debt down his answer was the answer of any five grader...that economy must improve. He never had the answer how.

The GOP is the right wing faction of the NWO in America and it's all a show to fool We The People.

Cruz is a traitor like all of the Establishment Republicans, all the way back to Geo. H. W. Bush, the first one that uttered the words "new world order", over 20 years ago.

We that marched on DC should stand proud. We had some hardships:

  • 6 inches of rain the night before.
  • Flooding of the 1st campground. (Bullrun)
  •  A low turnout the next day.

I spent 12 days in DC and made a lot of new friends. Would I give up this experience, no I would not. This wasn’t my first rodeo and it will not be my last.

What we started had a snowball effect; people stopped to talk to us, children sat on the walls and banks yelling USA USA as we marched on the capital building. After we returned to the Mall these same children came and sat down and listened to what we had to say. Was it a failed mission? I would have to say no, it was not. To this day I still receive letters or emails from the kids I talked to.

When we marched on the White House and had people honking their horns as we marched by or the people that joined us as we marched, was that a failed mission? I would have to say no again.

I would like to say that we started something, something that we are starting to see happen all across this country, they are starting to get a backbone. They are seeing what we have been saying and it’s time to stand and fight for the Constitution that we so dearly love.

I for one have not given up on this fight for our freedom. I may not be very active on this website right now, I still make a stand with other groups.( Locally and state wide)

God bless you Harry and I will always be proud to stand by your side! 



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