Constitutional Emergency

"Start of the fall? Detroit was declared insolvent today, and I feel will likely go into total decay as the state may not be able to handle the financial burden; lots of paychecks, pensions, and welfare rolls to cover. I suspect the FBI data is pretty accurate and the predictions easily deduced from the numbers. I also see LA, Chicago and several others already on the skids now sliding down the same slope. Part of the answer for the DHS purchase of large quantities of small arms ammo, going to take awhile to settle things down in those locations as the “free” life style dries up.


Those who chose to ignore statics are most likely, to their utter surprise, to become one at the worst possible time."

Larry Mortland

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If things happen as they should, now that sequester is reality, look to see most, if not all liberal towns and cities go the same path. Then maybe all the bloodsucking freebie grabbing scumbags will have to get jobs, if they can find them. If not, be ready for they'll most certainly be coming knocking on our doors looking for handouts.

What a shame . Are a majority of the American people to blind to see who has caused this mess . A sixth grader could look at the map and see the Blue States crumbling, New York, Boston, Newark, New Haven, the whole states of California and Illinois, they are alll on the ropes and want us to fund the insane madness of pension funds, health care, ect.

Remember something! These are the states that are advocating strict gun control . All the patriotic states are arming to the teeth. The Law of Unintended Consequense will catchup with these people after the state has stripped them of their arms. Their patriots will flock to the states that can arm them for protection. All we have to do is take out the criminals.

Lets pray and prepare. Get in shape.

Isn't it interesting that the cities that have the most problems are run by the so-called progressive elites. Well it's clear as a bell to me.

Unfortunately, we the taxpayer WILL end up having to prop-up failing cities. Someone, somewhere, has to come up with a logical plan to keep 'we the taxpayer' out of the line of responsibility. I don't want one penny of my money going to help save these scum infested idiots, out of a problem of their own making.

You are correct about the Dems having been in control of these failed cities for a long time.  However, Michigan does not have strict gun laws.  Concealed carry is easy to get and open carry is allowed.

Couldn't happen to a nicer city, Gangbangers, "Little Somalia" in Dearborn, Sounds of calls to prayer 5 times a day, homes falling down around them.....The Wicked shall reap what they sow, unfortunately, so do the righteous that are stuck there......


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

And ten tons of sand and some starving camels, just to make them feel at home.

Those terrorist training camps are called... "Detriot".

New street signs for Dearborn:

Please curb your camel.

School zone ahead, Please accelerate.

Women's college ahead, Please accelerate.

Women's college ahead, sloe to 60 mph

Correction: Slow

Abdulas Tavern: Please check your suicide vests at the door.

Abdulas Tavern: No car bomb parking 12 midnight to 5 am.

Our problem is OBAMA is doing that to THE WHOLE COUNTRY!

So it begins ,however when looking at the budget cuts it is only 44 billion dollar cut this year, of a multi trillion dollar budget. Obama is unnecessarily playing the panic button with the liberal media covering it up. It really is just a drop in the bucket.I understand that Connie Mack had a plan to cut just 1 penny of every dollar in the budget,and that the budget would be balanced in 6 years by this method .This is what I heard on Hannity this evening. Obama is not being up front about this matter .He seems to be resorting to fear tactics to scare the American people.

Obama wants the Country to bankrupt. This paves the way for the New World Order.

You should have heard what Charles Krauthamer had to say this evening.. Google it.

Damn obama and his czars.. One of his czars said two days ago, its time the Gov.

took care of the 401k's and other. He said the Gov could take better care of them. BS

Time to empty your accounts. I am afraid of buying Gold or Silver.. I believe it was in 

the thirties that the Gov confiscated the Gold.



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