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26 December, 2013

Erik Rush, black columnist, author, and frequent guest on FNC, CNN, and numerous talk radio show, writes and says out loud what we all know in our hearts and our minds to be true: Obama is a foreign-backed Marxist Islamic fraud masquerading as a legitimate occupier of the office of president of the United States, and whose objectives include the effective destruction of America as we know it!

Plant these facts reiterated below firmly in your mind, and then tell them to everyone you know … so that we may all be fully prepared for the imminent upheaval to come as we begin the process of ‘removing this obscenity of an administration from Washington, D.C.’!

In Liberty and In Truth.


Neil B. Turner

Citizens for the Constitution

Stop pretending Obama is our president

Exclusive: Erik Rush warns that havoc wreaked on America has been deliberate

Published 25 December, 2013


author-imageby Erik Rush

Erik Rush is a columnist and author of sociopolitical fare. His latest book is "Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal - America's Racial Obses... In 2007, he was the first to give national attention to the story of Sen. Barack Obama's ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright, initiating a media feeding frenzy. Erik has appeared on Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes," CNN, and is a veteran of numerous radio appearances.

When are we going to stop pretending that the individual representing himself as Barack Hussein Obama and currently holding the office of president of the United States is anything other than a foreign-backed, Marxist operative and Islamist whose objectives include the effective destruction of America as we know it?

As I advised my streaming show audience this week, I – or anyone else, for that matter – could crack the façade concerning our president’s motives in seconds on any one of the national television news shows on which I’ve appeared by asking one simple question:

“Why is it that everything – everything – Obama has done has had a detrimental effect on America?” Enumerating them and clarifying said motives would, of course, be child’s play.

Nobody is that stupid, save for those shuffling around in institutions or under lock and key in the care of loved ones. Nor do I believe anyone is as incompetent or unlucky as one would have to be to have consistently botched everything from America’s economy to national security. In light of the developments of the last few months, the evidence of Barack Obama’s sabotage and treason has not only become agonizingly clear, but it convicts both those in the press who still consider themselves journalists, as well as anyone who has taken an oath to uphold our Constitution.

The elephant in the room – which even conservative pundits seem to be skirting – is that it has all been done deliberately.

Last week, congressional Reps. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn, Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, and Steve King, R-Iowa, carried out a “secret” trip to the Middle East. As reported by the Washington Post and the Washington Times, the three took commercial flights, thus placing themselves in harm’s way, while visiting Beirut, Cairo and Tripoli, and conducting closed-door meetings with top-level officials in these places.

The actions of Obama toward arming rebels fighting the Assad regime in Syria (many of these being al-Qaida and other Islamist affiliates) were plainly treasonable offenses. The ongoing investigation into the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi indicates that the administration’s deportment was rife with criminality. Overall, the blatantly unconstitutional and potentially criminal actions of this president, both domestically and on the international stage, are legion.

Two weeks ago, the Turkish press reported that Naglaa Mahmoud, wife of Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsi, stated in an interview that Bill and Hillary Clinton had been involved with the Muslim Brotherhood since the 1980s. Mahmoud has been tied to operations dedicated to returning her husband to power, according to the Egyptian government. As the reader may be aware, Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff when she was secretary of state was Huma Abedin (wife of disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner). Her family members are heavy hitters in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Following this, there have been unconfirmed reports that the Egyptian government has named Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in criminal complaints, claiming that they conspired with the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow the interim government and return Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

Is the fact that the president of the United States and his former secretary of state are being indicted as international criminals not newsworthy? In my view, even rumors of such a thing are newsworthy, inasmuch as it gives an indicator of America’s international standing. Yet, as of this writing, the president is on vacation in Hawaii, pretending to be a garden-variety liberal Democrat, while even elements of the conservative press contribute to perpetuating the charade.

Today, it was also reported that Egypt’s military-backed interim government has officially declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.

Over the last week, my discussions with colleagues have centered around these stories, as well as that of the eight Democrat lawmakers who recently proposed The Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act (HR 3741), a bill that would eliminate the death penalty for acts of espionage and treason.

I’ll leave it to the reader to connect those dots.

I realize that the supposed historical significance of this president and the cult of personality around him gave rise to his receiving inordinate latitude regarding his policies and actions – but it is time to stop playing games. A colleague recently stated that we are one false flag event away from America essentially descending into totalitarianism. As the opposition closes in on Obama – and it is – he is increasingly likely to employ the most ruthless weapons in his arsenal of contingencies. We must not forget that America’s downfall is a century-long Marxist dream.

It is now up to those in the press who are capable of simple arithmetic, as it were, and anyone left in Congress who possesses a spine to rally behind Bachmann, Gohmert and King toward removing this obscenity of an administration from Washington with all due haste.

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Still need reasons to support OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING???

My thoughts exactly!! And the answer is.........NOOOO!!!  I am praying for America and American Spring!!!

Bang, PFA=  It's  in  total  English,  easy  to  understand,  support  and  defend, I `toke  an  Oath  in  English,  Not  for  a  Marxist Dream."   ``Let  the  Door  fly-wide  Open, &  fall  off  the  hinges , make   it  clear   what  We  want..!! Salute

Most of this information was available prior to the 2008 election!!! Barack Hussein Obama, AKA:  Barry Soetoro, the LYING, TREASONOUS, MARXIST, MUSLIM, BASTARD, FRAUD who occupies the White House has done grave damage to America and continues to do so with the blessings of the American media and the Democratic Party!!  When will this nightmare end??!!! 

Exactly James........and many of us were screaming as loud as we could but the likes of John McCain, said, calm down, he is a good guy............b.s.

Not one day have I recognized this fraudulent hologram as being legitimate or eligible to sit in our highest office.  The level of deliberate blindness to this mans daily -- this is daily screw ups from 20 January 2009 to current would find a normal person asked to kindly hand in a resignation.  My representatives in their wisdom to do everything except represent me, cast blind eyes, support his COLB, that he was born in Hawaii, that we need the IRS, that our Immigration system is "broken" that we need foreigners to help us vote and as workers -- These folks are worthless and I appeal to the rest of the nation that these charlatans assets be frozen and seized as Ms Feinsteins husband "knew" in advance to place bids on certain Post Offices that were going under and knew exactly how much to bid.  So much for California's reps and their complicity with Obscumbo.

The man needs to think about his crimes against America in high security life incarceration in Fort Leavenworth Kansas

He has never been my president.

Nor mine I tell people he is not my president

we the people,who are the real government.we have known about ovomit/satan 5 yrs ago,when a friend of ours in the cia,told us about a Chicago street hustler named ovomit,who was getting big in politics.and we have been emailing our politicans who are Charles schummer/Kristen gillbrand/nydia vesquez,and all we ever get back from these do nothing traitors is,thank you for your views,and that's it.we even asked 2 lawyers we know.if we could bring a citizens arrest against ovomit.and they both laughed.and we said to them,let us know when your finished laughing.because we are dead serious,and they both said,you can try but you will never get passed his secret service people.ovomit has never been vetted,and he can,t be verified.real transparent

It's like a bad nightmare. I could take it, if he were just a dictator. But hearing neighbors and other Americans support his actions is the SCARIEST thing. Knowing that people around me are so dangerous is scarey. At the drop of a hat, they would turn me in for not complying with; Obamacare, homosexual agenda, witnessing my faith, speaking out against gov. crimes, owning a gun, etc... I am now a walking criminal, and I'm merely a Christian patriot.

Hi have family near or away.  Spend some time with them.......we're going to turn this thing around but like an aircraft carrier, it won't turn on a dime.......God bless you and I know the prayer team will lift you up.



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