Stories and rumors going around about OAS.

We've heard about so many false stories and rumors going around about how OAS has been infiltrated by occupy anarchists, and how it is now being lead by Van Jones to lead everyone into a trap designed to kill all of us. I thought it might be a good time to write a short piece to help dispel some of those rumors.  In fact there has been so many rumors flying around we've even had to put up a forum thread named The Rumor Mill in order to answer some of them.

For those people that just can't get past the idea that these rumors even exist in the first place, much less how to get past them, I'd like to offer a little piece of insight, ripped from the annals of history.

Most people around the world know about the horrors of WW-II, and NAZI Germany. We all know about how Hitler and his Gestapo Storm Troopers, (The infamous SS), killed around 6 million Jews. But that's about all they seem to know about that part of it. They killed 6 million Jews, but nobody ever stops to ask how in hell did they do that? They didn't just go around Germany shooting every Jew they saw. That would have taken too long. Instead they rounded them all up and systematically drove them all into what was known as the Jewish Ghetto's. But at some point once they had them all crammed into the Ghetto's they still had the problem of getting them all into the freight trains and transported to the concentration camps and eventually into the gas chambers.

There is a true story about one such problem of how to convince 150,000 people, all armed with shovels and sticks, and bricks that it was a good idea to climb into those freight cars, and to do it without a nasty battle. It's reported that Joseph Goebbles, the head of the SS, pulled off one of the most brazen little schemes of the war. Goebbles took off his gun belts, left all his guns behind and simply walked into the ghetto with only two other men, Both of them also unarmed. Instead of telling the people that they had to get into the trains to be transported to concentration camps, he told them they would be taken away from all the troubles and problems of those ghettos and they would be taken to a place where they would be safe. They would be given jobs where they could work, and where they could afford to buy food, and that everything was going to aright from now on.

The story is so shocking and believable that it even made it into a book published not so long ago named "How to Kill 11 Million People". The answer to that question and the title of the book is simple, - You LIE to them.

More WW-II stories that you may have heard about include a woman know by the name Tokyo Rose. This time over in the Pacific theater and the war with Japan The women all collectively known as Tokyo Rose would broadcast radio message to the American troops. The messages told about how America was loosing the war and that their families back home were all dead or had committed suicide. Many stories told about how the American politicians had turned against them, or how their girl friends and wives at home had abandoned them and were now living with and loving Japanese men who had concurred America. While most of the American troops knew these stories were all lies it still no-the-less had a devastating effect on moral. So much so that it almost worked.
Other similar stories from history include a woman known as Meta Hari.

Born on August 7, 1876, in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Mata Hari was a professional dancer and mistress who accepted an assignment to spy for France in 1916. Hired by army captain Georges Ladoux, agreeing to pass military information gleaned from her conquests to the French government. Not long after, however, Mata Hari was accused of being a German spy. She was executed by firing squad on October 15, 1917, after French authorities learned of her alleged double agency.

History has shown is much about the tactics of war, and the use of propaganda and spies. These stories are as old as warfare and human history itself.

So that brings us back to today. Let's just take one little issue, - one that everyone is familiar with by now. "If you Like your Doctor - You can Keep you Doctor". (Sound familiar?) How many people do you think would have agreed to destroy the greatest health care system on the planet if Obama and Pelosi had told them they were not only going to loose their doctors, but also their insurance plans, their bank account privacy, their IRA's and 4o1K's, plus the end result would be health care rationing. All while the cost of all this would be a mandatory tax (or fee) of $2,500 per year each?  Nobody in their right mind would ever have voted for that except the ones at the top who are going to be the ones collecting all those taxes and fines, and who also just happened to exempt themselves from this stupid plan.
The answer again is simple - YOU LIE to them.

Even throughout all of this "Fundamental Transformation of America", how many Americans do you think would be willing to vote for a political party who was running on an open platform of  stating "We are going to destroy America, remove and delete all your freedoms, destroy your Constitution, confiscate all your guns and your personal savings, and take all your income and give it to somebody at the United Nations"? If they had said it that way nobody would have voted for them at all.
The answer again is to LIE to them.

OK, Got it yet ?? Have you figured it out yet? If you want somebody to do something that they would not normally agree to do, you have to lie to them so they don't know what they are actually agreeing too. (Ever read the small print on an insurance contract or a home mortgage?)

In 2006 Cass Sunstein, Obama's czar of regulatory affairs, said in his book that in order to combat resistance groups and anybody rising up in opposition to their "Transformation of America" they would infiltrate these online blogs, forums, and chat rooms to spread chaos, lies and basically disrupt any opposition to the point that all trust will be lost and the opposition could not function.
(For once they told the truth.)

Is Cass Sunstein, Occupy anarchist, and Van Jones infiltrating our groups? Probably, but I don't know who they are. And if we stick together and maintain our focus it really doesn't matter. What does matter is that if these people are actually doing this, then that mearly serves to reinforce and validate our beliefs that this Operation American Spring MUST go forth and these people MUST be removed from or highest Government offices.

So - Occupy has infiltrated us, Van Jones is leading OAS into a trap, - AND if you like your doctor - you can keep your doctor."
All you have to do is LIE to them and they will all stay home and leave us alone.

OAS May 16th, 2014.

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That was excellent, and I've got it.

They are the ones afraid of us. Forward marching.



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