Under the guise of “racism” the Maxist/Socialists using the #BlackLivesMatter have managed to force America to bend to a violent revolution at all levels. Using the complicit “main stream media” and elite controlled social media many Americans are now feeling guilty for crimes they did not commit and would never endorse!

And this idea of "white privilege" has been wholeheartedly embraced to the point of being crammed down our throats.

The leader of the original BLM movement noticed infiltrators as far back as 2015, and that the "movement" has been compromised. Posting in 2017 Chaziel Sunz spills the beans on his point of view. He was on the INSIDE of #BlackLivesMatter and he saw it happening!!!

It's the same playbook described in REVELATION, Dawn of Global Government The "elites" such as Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Soros pit blacks against whites, left against right, to divide and conquer.

If foul language bothers you, please don't click on the link below, but this young man expresses an honest account of the takeover he saw and issues a dire warning to other blacks that they are unknowingly being used. So are the LGBT crowd and other disenfranchised groups.

Somehow I had missed the point myself, until I got this email from my patriot buddy Dan Happel of Connectingthe Dots Radio

"Few people know of The Club of Rome, even fewer are aware of the level of control and influence they have had on international policy for the past half century. The Club of Rome is a very elite group of the most influential leaders in banking, business and politics. They met in the mid 1960s at David Rockefeller's private villa near Rome to discuss ways to move the world closer to their vision of a technocratic society that would be easy to manage, cull and control from the top by an "enlightened few".

"It was increasingly clear that the rapidly expanding middle class associated with American free enterprise and industrialization was becoming difficult to control and far too independent with advancements in technology and free flow of ideas/information.

The Club of Rome vision of a control grid world technocratic state needed a common cause to bind the people of the world into a cohesive plan that transcended national borders and political differences, while providing a mechanism for total control.

Whatever that common cause, it must be something that impacts everyone on the planet or it would not be workable. Several different ideas were put before the group, but ultimately destruction of the environment by overdevelopment was chosen as the common cause to advance their program for top down control of everyone on the planet. ( AGENDA 21 was born )"

"The useful idiots of the left such as the SDS, the Weathermen, and more recently, communist front groups such as Antifa and BLM, were recruited into these programs with enormous financial support from the same individuals and tax exempt foundations that originally created the plan to control humanity with an iron fist.

Chaos and anarchy has become the flavor of the day, and the America we knew in our youth has been fundamentally transformed into something almost unrecognizable to most older Americans."

"Meanwhile, unelected bureaucrats within Federal Administrative Agencies and U.N. sanctioned Non-Governmental Organizations gradually embedded themselves into all academic, social, land use planning and international development programs, with the ultimate goal of regulating private property and individual liberty out of existence.

Plans such as U.N. Agenda 21/2030 & the Green New Deal are the evolving evil spawn of communism, radical environmentalism, fascism & techno-feudalism.

The sad fact that the most vocal of the promoters of these power elitist plans claim to hate the power elite while they willingly take their money and do their bidding.

This tells me there is undeniable hypocrisy or amazing levels of stupidity......take your pick......probably both!!"

"For several hundred years the United States of America stood as a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world.

Many who grew up under communism, socialism and strongman despotic leadership in other countries find it hard to understand how readily these failed systems are being embraced and adopted by our youth.

Many are asking "WHEN IS ENOUGH....ENOUGH and when will Americans start to fight back against the forces trying to destroy America from within and without.

Ask yourself; have you reached the point where enough is enough?"

Quit being part of the problem and start being part of the solution. Educate others by listening to Dan's show and share the free film.

Just because all we see on "main stream" tv shows us loosing, don't give up hope! There are men like Dan Happel out there valiantly fighting to educate and preserve our cherished Republic.

Join in with your voices and pocketbooks to support those who are standing!

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Executive Producer

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