Fellow patriots
Our government is not only violating our constitution, it is also violating our civil rights. When someone violates another’s rights they open themselves to civil litigation. In each situation that a congressman or senator failed to support this constitution they were in breach of their duty. Article six of the constitution requires each member to swear an oath when they take office. The only thing they are required to do by that oath, which is outlined in article 6 of the constitution, is to “support this constitution“. Each time they fail to support this constitution they create a cause of action. Every citizen has the right to sue these elected representatives in a court of law.
Each of us in every state should exercise our rights individually, or in a class action. If our elected representatives do not fulfill their oath to support this constitution they are in breach of their duty. There are three elements in a cause of action. A cause of action is the right to sue. The three elements in a cause of action are
1. DUTY, you must prove that there was a duty on the part of the defendant to perform a certain action
2. BREACH OF THAT DUTY, you must prove that the defendant breached their duty to perform that action.
3. DAMAGES, you must prove that you suffered damages as a result of the defendant failing to perform their required duty.
As you can see, our elected representatives are failing to perform their duty on a daily basis. This is why I plan to sue them for damages. I do all my legal work pro se. I do it myself for two reasons, one because I can, and two because it is inexpensive. If you want to know how to file a law suit pro se and have the audacity to try I suggest you check out Jurisdictionary.
Jurisdictionary has a lot of free information about legal procedure. It also has a program for purchase. Personally this was the best investment I have ever made. It will pay dividends for the rest of my life in what it saves me in lawyer fees. Whether you use the free information or buy the program you will learn how to use the law.
( http://www.jurisdictionary.com/?refercode=ZK0001 ) is the link. This program taught me how to think according to the law. I will never need a lawyer again. At the time of this writing I am drafting a civil complaint in response to the health care bill being acted upon so that in the likely event that congress enacts this bill I will be ready to file suit against the congressman and senators in my state who fail to support this constitution. When this suit is filed I will have the right to discovery. This means I can demand all the documents and tapes from the closed door sessions. This is how they got the secret documents from Hillery's Health care meetings.
I would ask that all of us would prepare for the same thing. I would also ask that everyone would retroactively draft civil complaints for every act that congress passed in regard to the bail out billions. In order to show damages, element 3 of a cause of action, I suggest the following possible damages:
Loss of moneys that were misappropriated.
Loss of profits that would have come from stock trading.
Loss of profits from houses that would have been foreclosed on.
Higher taxes as a result of these acts.
As you can see the possibilities are endless. When you consider the fact that these unconstitutional acts falsely propped up housing prices, artificially pumped up stock prices of certain companies, and deprived bottom feeders of the usual chum of failing companies you see that the damages are incalculable.
Therefore my fellow patriots, I ask that you consider suing your federal government, and your representatives azzes off.
Kevin Zurrin

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Wow. I never would have thought of that. I wonder if I could gather the courage to do this myself. I'll have to think long and hard on this, and possibly...actually I WILL have to talk to my wife about this. Granted, she has a very hard time believing any of this stuff that I tell her, and I'm afraid that if I do decide to pursue my own suit against the federal government that she'll want nothing to do with me. Well, if it is God's will, let it be. I'd rather trust in God than fear emotional distress in possibly losing my wife. My life is in his hands. We will see if I follow suit.
Patriot Joseph
If you are not in a position to do this on your own you may want to wait until a class action develops. Believe me, if what I am suggesting is in fact possible then it's only a matter of time before a whole lot of people get involved. Check out ( http://www.jurisdictionary.com/?refercode=ZK0001 ) for a lot of good info. Share that info with your wife. You never know, she may want to join you in the suit. After all, she is getting screwed too.
Kevin Zurrin



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