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The Best GOP Candidate

· Thursday, January 12, 2012

Profile of the Right Man for the Job

"[T]ake care that the laws be faithfully executed ... support the Constitution ... faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and ... preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." --Article II Section 1, 3, the Constitution of the United States
The right man for the job?

This is no "typical" election year, a point lost for the most part by Republican presidential candidates and obscured by the national media. This just accounts for the fact that a substantial majority of conservatives voters (both Republicans andIndependents) have yet to approve of anyone on the current slate, and consequently, tell pollsters they prefer "other."


What Beltway political advisers and pundits fail to grasp is that the 2012 federal electionswill have enormous ramifications upon the future of our Republic and upon prospects for sustaining Liberty through our current national government structure. That structure, now severely destabilized, is a mere shadow of what the Founding Fathers envisioned and enshrined in our Constitution.


Treating this election cycle as anything less than the critical historical tipping point it is thereby dishonors the enormous sacrifice of blood and treasure that generations of American Patriotshave sacrificed in support and defense of our Constitution.


Sadly, the Republican presidential contenders are still running plays out of an antiquated and self-destructive political attack playbook. They do so at great cost, both financially andto the ultimate objective of defeating Barack Hussein Obama.


The beneficiaries of this primary season's Republican rancor are, once again, the mainstream media, the plethora of pollsters and, of course, the Democrat Party. Meanwhile, Obama does not have a primary opponent (other than the economy), and thus is building an enormous political war chest for the upcoming general campaign.


While it will require many election cycles to undo the severe political injuries inflicted upon our Republic by generations of Leftists, the restorative process began in earnest with the 2010 midterm election of many "Tea Party" candidates -- those who rallied grassroots voters around restorative constitutional campaigns. We have a protracted and arduous fight to turn back the tides of Democratic Socialism -- and time is noton our side.


Though congressional elections are important, and conservatives are making significant headway in the Legislative Branch, it is election of the next Chief Executive that will most determine whether we restore Rule of Law, or our nation succumbs to the fatal cycle of democracy, further submitting to authoritarian government rule and plunging into the gaping abyss of socialism.


(Notably, the U.S. has dropped from 9th to 10th place in the just-released 2012 Index of Economic Freedom.)


Though The Patriot Post devotes substantial energy and resources to evaluate candidates, we do not endorse presidential candidates until the general election. However, given all we have learned about the current field of Republicans, there is one candidate we could endorse and fully support.


Unfortunately, that candidate exists only as a composite of the best attributes from each of the actual candidates.


This amalgamated profile is important because it encompasses the qualities that all Patriots seek in candidates for federal office. Thus, what follows is a collection of winning conservative attributes, which, in some measure each of the current GOP candidates possesses, with the exception of one.*


The best candidate for the job is devoted to Liberty as endowed by our Creator and enshrined in our Constitution. He (because the remaining candidates are male) is a man of strong faith, is devoted to his family and has served his nation in uniform with honor. He has a good record of executive leadership, both in the private sector and government. He is an effective advocate for free enterprise, limited government and tax reform. He is smart, articulate, charismatic, experienced and a great debater with a remarkable sense of history. He has an outstanding comprehension of complex domestic and foreign policy matters. He bases his positions on constructionist logic, not political expediency, and is bold in his vision for our nation. He is salt of the earth from an strong family. He has formative ties to the renaissance of American conservatism launched by Ronald Reagan.


Of course, it would also be instructive to develop a composite based upon all the negative attributes of the contenders, but the GOP circular firing squad is already doing a fine job of promoting their liabilities.


As our ideal presidential candidate is not among the current lot, we must all vote for the primary candidate who most closely embodies him. I would encourage every Patriot to ignore the meaningless Iowa caucus and more so, the New Hampshire primary, as that former conservative stronghold is now little more than a political suburb of Boston. (Oh, but that we would have all primaries on a single day, rather than defaulting to the victors of minuscule Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, neither of which are substantially representative of grassroots conservatives across the nation. But a national primary day would put the choice in the hands of the people, rather than the GOP establishment and the 24-hour news cycle talkingheads.)


All other candidate attributes notwithstanding, we should, first and foremost, demand that every candidate, and president, affirm Rule of Law in compliance with their Sacred Oathto Support and Defend our Constitution.


In the words of Justice Joseph Story, "No man can well doubt the propriety of placing a president of the United States under the most solemn obligations to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. It is a suitable pledge of his fidelity and responsibility to his country; and creates upon his conscience a deep sense of duty, by an appeal, at once in the presence of God and man, to the most sacred and solemn sanctions, which can operate upon the human mind."


Our single focus must be to defeat Obama, and frankly, I would fully endorse a turnip in order to achieve that objective.


*Jon Huntsman's best attribute is that he is a superlative example of what notto support in a Republican candidate, as affirmed by his strong performance ahead of Gingrich, Santorum and Perry in the New Hampshire primary, where centrist Independents and Democrats outnumbered Republican voters.



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You listed it as fact Jack.............I'm asking you to clarify.  I find nothing to indicated LaRouche was with JBS.

Then you might want to apologize to Janice Lynn Herman as you cut her down for supporting JBS.

Thank you Jack.........I see you as a man of integrity..........

The Huckabee hosted SC forum was shockingly uplifting.  So what if it was a bit scripted - it was well scripted. Reagan was an actor also and he became the real deal.  Those Republican candidates that do not become the POTUS candidate could serve and campaign well in a dream team cabinet. Yes I missed Ron Paul, but I am grateful that he helped the others shine-up their act.  And Huckabee was perfect.

I have been researching a lot about the candidates, and I do like a lot of what Rick Santorum has said, especially what he's said about immigration. BUT I don't know if he can beat Obama!! That's my biggest fear, is that whomever gets the nomination won't be able to beat Obama. I actually think that Newt is the only one who can out debate him. We have a chance to win the White House back if everyone will get behind who ever wins the Republican nomination, BUT I fear that won't happen either. I fear some will vote a third party (if a candidate decides to run on one, or just write a third name in if there's only two on the ballot!! Our best hope is for the people in GA. to win their suit, then we can all use that case to get him off the Ballot everywhere -- course that case should get him arrested, and at the least deported.  I've always been one who prays, but I find myself, like most Americans, praying more and more everyday. GOD Bless us and help us all.

Jack, I pray, not only that we defeat him, but I also pray that we even get to have an election at all.

With the latest Senate Bill, they may pass and start taking away our citizenship. As far as I'm concerned the primary is about getting someone who can beat Obama IN A FAIR LEGAL ELECTION, Then it will be about keeping Obama's "people" from stuffing the ballot box with dead people's votes, and intimidating people.  

New Black Panthers, stood outside polling places in 2008! Are there enough  Patriots to be willing and ready at ever poling place in case they try this again.  After the fact won't help --we know Holder won't prosecute them!

They have to be there before the polls open and stay til they close.  Maybe work in shifts?. There doesn't have to be physical confrontation, but people who can call the local police, or whomever's jurisdiction it's in, let them come deal with it (providing they're not corrupt and will deal with it) and just stay to video tape etc.

But I pray, and I can't count the times a day I pray. But the 2 main thing are " getting to have an election" and "having a fair election"




If going to arrest him GITMO is a good place to hold him.  He's not worthy of even a military prison. 



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