First thing you hear is more gun control! How about if 1 teacher or one janitor had been armed. This maniac may have gotten a few people or maybe none if someone had a legal firearm.

It is our responsability to defend our loved ones ,the weak and the innocent.I think all who can should carry a firearm,trained and ready to defend those who need defending.

It is our duty.

Let me know your thoughts on the subject.

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I would be seriously considering homeschooling my kid or a very secure private school...

Who was this shooter?  was there more than one?  

One of those parents is going to kill him....if not more than one...

Evil does exist, and has NEVER in human history been legislated away...maybe instead of the 'death penalty' a new 'penalty' be instituted....torture the perp to death?  Keeping the perp alive for a long time to suffer...

We need to start exercising the death penalty.  Execute!  The Bible says to put to death a murderer, where there are two or more witnesses to the murder.

The problem is the nation has been politically corrected, has fallen away from God's Word, laws.  We need to turn back to God's Word.

If some people say home schooling would be difficult, think in terms of gathering some mothers/fathers and organize a routine.  One mother teaches 10 children one week, then another mother takes over the next week.  Home schooling takes very little time.  I've talked to parents who have homeschooled..through elementary, it's no more than 2 hours a day.  High school level, up to 4 hours a day.  As far as social connection, the parents organize healthy fun time for their students.  

Home schooling is the BEST way to teach YOUR children.  Public schools are indoctrinating camps for the one world order...satan's workshop.

The only one armed was the bad guy. If the principal had a gun he would have never gotten to the kids. If the shooter thought maybe there were armed teachers and pricinpals, etc, he may have never entered the school at all.

You have 2 cities with signs posted at every entrance.

1) This is a gun free city

2) All of our citizens are required to be armed


Which city is safer for the residents?

Which city is more dangerous for the "bad guys"?

Which city do you want to live in?

This is a report of coverups on this incident...


This pattern dates back to the Kennedy assassination.  The problem is under Obama, these shootings have increased in frequency.  If we had only kept the MKUltra explanation going from the Tucson shooting, all the subsequent shootings would not have happened.  The Tucson shooting is aimed at suppressing Fast and Furious from coming to light. The main target was Federal Judge, John Roll. Giffords was a secondary target.  Until Obama is removed from office these shootings will continue.

Shootings known to be related to MK Ultra are the Tucson shooting, the Aurora shooting, and the Sikh shooting. Congress needs to get the shooters into a hearing, especially since none of these shooters and their accomplices will ever go to court for the crimes.

Eric Holder needs also to be questioned and removed from office for his role in making sure that none of the shooters will go to trial.

While we are at it the murder of Chandra Levy ties into the Oklahoma City bombing.  Her  crime was knowing that Tim McVeigh's execution was a sham.  Gary Condit must be aware of this.

Eric Holder authorized the supplying of explosives, guns and money to Terry Nichols and Tim McVeigh.

Enough of this government induced fear.  It is getting out of control.

instead of banning guns we should ban violent vidieo games that desensitize the children that play them  to violent acts upon others. here is an interesting article

about MKUltra

This information is no longer theory.  In fact it was the murder of JFK where the denigration of conspiracies began.  We have been going down the secret government road ever since.  MK Ultra is well documented and well funded. 

Most of the attacks on civilians have been with the complicity of the secret government/media complex.  The Friday shooting may turn out to be a new low in murdering American children.

We know that the Oklahoma bombing involved Eric Holder and Eric Holder has been involved in the justice of many of the Obama era massacres. Watch the following about the early years of secret government from Grant's link.

We have to get off the knee-jerk horror to see what is really going on here.  When we do it will be more clear than ever that Obama and his supporters have to go.



One armed person could have stopped this tragedy, just like the shopkeepers in Cincinnati who shot the 19 year old wannabe robber. We really should be responsible for our own defense, if the left thinks that the police can or will defend us in all situations, they are stupid as stupid does. Maybe since we can require sex ed maybe we should also require defense ed, or some version of it, to at least teach the concept of being responsible for themselves. But, that job belongs to parents, doesn't it. If we could only get the facts out through the filter of media, that the best defense is not just a good offense, but also the best defense is simply the best defense. Guns and responsibility.

Funny DC has some of the strictest gun control laws, yet the murder rate equals 80 people out of every 100,000.  You have a better chance of being shot in DC than in Afganistan.

Those dear babies are now wrapped in God's arms.  No amount of discussing will change this.  What we must do is wrap our families and each other in our prayers and be grateful.  Only God has the answers to this.



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