Constitutional Emergency

The Lack of Accomplishment Breeds Racism.............By James David Manning

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Just the name James David Manning tells me it is RIGHT ON !!!

Passing this one on!

Johnson and Democrats structured welfare purposefully to dissuade accomplishments by blacks.

Don't believe me?

It is in the Congressional Record. They said so right on the floor of Congress MANY TIMES.

Now I learned something today, no wonder Blacks in the large part don't want to work and I not including those blacks that see the light and refuse to be slaves to the elite in Washington and the State capitals. They work like every other hard-working American person has to in order to survive and put food on the table for their family, and a roof over their head.

God has blessed Rev. Manning. He speaks the truth. If our National Media had any concern at all for this Nation and it's people, they would have this man on the TV every single night.

yeah right

yes i agree with this . We need the Generals in this country to step up.. now ! We just cannot wait.
The world is definetly on fire..... and our Great USA is in dire straights.
We out here.. are fearful... If we wait for two years... it will be to late.
What can we do ? what can our GENERALS DO ? Do we write letters to congress..? Do the Generals get involved ?
What ? no one knows what to do.. Our forefathers would be astounded what we let happen on our watch.
What can we do , now , not next month. but now.! Thank you and God Bless America.

We are DOING IT, Nancy.

Visit the AmericaAgain! website...

Watch 'AmericaAgain!- The Movie'...   

Download my FREE new book, explaining our short-, medium- and long-term action plan developed over seven years and 20,000+ hours.  In Chapter One, the book explains how this year and next, we are taking Step One: Ratify the original First Amendment, and Step Two: force through the Bring Congress Home Act (BCHA):

There is no place for fear, cynicism, or hopelessness among Christians anywhere on earth -- but especially here in America, at this time...the most exciting time in over 200 years for Americans!


David, I just took a look at your looks really good...sounds like those folks have got it together.

NOW is the only moment one lives within. Creator lives within one via Spirit, WHose hand, feet, voices manifest to honor or dishonor Source prinicipals, as one chooses thoughts, attitudes, actions based upon best info one has at that time.  Much is happening many Americans remain unaware of that would indeed enlighten & encourage, if known.  I share this link to very current alternative news article in Love, Peace, Joy & More here with those i know CARE...   much food 4 thought & prayer on this blog i frequent.

      Additionally, imo  (NLA) has a PEACEFUL & LAWFUL grassroots Solution with 3100+ counties having re-constituted CLGJs , the "hidden fourth" branch of de jure (True) Government that CAN overcome (false) de facto corp[se] govmnt that has claimed the people as "enemies of the state" when We the People ARE the Living united states (of BEing) for whom this land was created!  Help us Save AMerica by Learning Truth that can in deed make us free, once Again manifesting & implementing Liberty of, by and FOR the People. Blessings 2 ALL Liberty-Lovers- in Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance, by Grace of ALmighty Source Spirit living in each and all  :D

Well, guess I will throw in my 2 cents' worth.  He is dead-on, of course, about the Muslim-in-Chief and his supposed parentage, as well as about affirmative action and the wholesale victimhood taken on by most blacks.  However, simply praying to the Lord will not change their situation; on the contrary, living by God's words will change their situation; conducting their lives with character and honor will change their situation; accepting the responsibility for their own actions and their choices will change their situation; He did give us free will, after all.

This man is correct and the Commie/Liberals are revising our history daily.  It was the Republicans that set about freeing the Slaves in 1861 (Civil War) and the DemoRats did everything they could to stop this from taking place!  But that was not the real reason for the Civil War, it was Illuminate World (Roth Child) Bankers that tried to stop the American Civil War and Old Abe was right in the middle of IT..!!!  Yes this sounds wrong and most people would say it would have been good to stop the American Civil War, and yes that would be correct, but not for the reason Banks wanted to stop the Civil War!  They had a complete Assembly Line from the South to the North (the south grow the products and the North turned these goods into manufactured products) and out to the World at large, and the Banks did not want this (even at that time) multi-Billion dollar industry interrupted.  People need to get their hands on the CommieCore (Common Core) history books that our Children are being taught and complete revised (lies) history, the CommieCore revised history books state that the DemoRats freed the Slaves and the Repulicans want to keep them in slavery (which again is a complete and total lie)..!!!  God help us please!

Michael, God IS helping us, and always has!  Despite our stiff-necked, godless ways since the generation of Marx, Lincoln and Darwin -- the Lord has been merciful to us, beyond our desserts.  Now it's time to WORK!



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