The MSM System Is Broken - TheBlazeTV - The Glenn Beck Program - 2013.05.09

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Oh  Jesus,  let  the  chips  fall  together, exposed   LIES..!! 

Edward, You may already know this but george sorros and jj abrahams having been waiting for years to get the word from communist bill ayers when their puppet would be ready for purchase,well the time was right and now they got their boy toy and we are going through hell trying to get rid of him. Not only that he ovomit is a muslim but a lot of people fell for his lies of being a Christian.A lot of money has exchanged hands in D.C. to keep him around,a good book to read and learn more about his agenda to destroy America is  "The Book on obama " by Steve Elliott/John Aman.. Packed with information that most people find hard to believe,that anyone would even think about doing the things he plans to do and has done.Hope this helps a little.


i on my Dish net work watch Glenn Beck every morning from 8AM TO 111AM. except for his program and Fox news the rest of the MSM are LOSERS.

Semper Fi.




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