The United States is ranked 3rd in Murders throughout the World.

But, if you remove just 4 cities from the statistics:

· Chicago
· Detroit
· Washington, DC
· New Orleans

The United States is then ranked 4th from the bottom in the entire world for Murders.

These 4 cities also have the toughest Gun Control Laws in the United States and are run by Democrats.

Rodney R. Burnett, RHIT, CTR

State Health Registry of Iowa

University of Iowa 

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  • Thanks Twana!!  Great info!!  I will pass this on!!!

  • Any and all gun control laws are unconstitutional, There are more people killed with baseball bats in this country then with guns.

  • What it proves is that having tough Gun Control Laws in those 4 cities is that the Democrats made a big mistake and their not willing to admit it.  GUNS DO NOT KILL, IT'S the criminals and unresponsible people who own the GUNS THAT KILL.  Laws do not stop the criminals from obtaining weapons.  LAWS  STOP the responsible citizen's from protecting themselves from the corruption and the criminals that have the guns.

    THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL to all citizens who are AFRAID to own and learn how to protect yourselves from injustice.  If you are so AFRAID of owning a gun, don't buy a gun, THAT'S UP TO YOU.  But don't stop people from owning a gun just because you are afraid of yourself and guns.  Responsible people have the right to own guns.  Yes, I said responsible gun owners that know how to use and protect themselves and their families.  If you own a gun, you should have had training in using that weapon in the proper way.  If you haven't been trained, then take a course and learn.  Get with it.  WE DO NOT LIVE IN A PERFECT WORLD. We do live in a world that the criminals, terriorists and undesireables have access to all the weapons they need.  Our government is corrupt and using these problems to their advantage by taking control of the responsible citizens' guns.  We will always have crazy people, criminals and's just a known fact.  We cannot depend on the police, the justice departments and the military.  Shucks, even in the military there are crazy people that have access to weapons and have turned on their own people, like the Navy Yard incident.  If you think that taking guns or weapons away from the responsible citizens will help...YOU ARE WRONG.  The world we live in is very fragile at this moment.  We don't know what is going to happen.  You remove all the guns in the world, but if you have a person who wants to be violent, he will use some other type of weapon to get what he wants.  Next they will take all the knives, sticks, rocks, heavy articles that can be used as a weapon.  There are many ways to use objects as weapons.  SO, IF YOU ARE AFRAID, HIDE YOURSELF FROM ALL OTHERS, OR JUST BE AN OSTRICH, PUT YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND AND HOPE THAT NOTHING WILL GET YOU FROM BEHIND.  BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO TO AVOID GETTING HURT BY A GUN...YOU CAN'T COMPLETELY PROTECT YOURSELF FROM EVERYBODY ELSE.

  • One  problem,  New  York,  fell  below  Chicago, +  3   western  city  states are  rite--behind `New  Orleans  with  tuff  gun--laws;;;  Why  try  and  remove  4  when  there's  8  and  U.S.  is  strong--armed  +  over  8,000  shooting  and  deaths  since  last  December  killings;; add  a  dozen  more  mass--shootings..! Then  watch  the  Obama's  sweetest  hugs  and  kisses  at  the  Navy  Yard  memorial..!!  MY  local  weekly  crime  report  in  28  sq. miles  is  dotted  like  Measles..!!  Folks  look  up,  helicopters  in  full  use,  look  over  and  see  Swat--teams  full  armor..!!  Local  police  forces  are  stretched  Very--thin..!!!  Ask  a  local  sheriff,,  donuts  &  coffee  are  No--more,  we  don't  have  time..!!  Facts  are  Facts..      

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