Keyboard commanders are a penny for thousands online......


Not many workers only nay sayers and finger pushers.

Actions promised with no follow through.


I'm not asking for back patting. I'm just giving you all heads up I've been observing interaction here

and I'm not liking what I constantly see. It's looking like I am wasting my time with this work.




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  • Mary, Twana has outlined what we consider to be productive and non-productive uses of our time. Our group leaders have spent much time deliberating and drawing these conclusions and most people on this site agree.  If your goal is to continue signing every petition that comes down the pike, and keep reading the 400+ newsletters that you mentioned, you will not have the time to devote to the very serious goals of our organization.  

    One of our primary missions is to meet and get to know those in our area so that we are able to know and trust each other as more than words typed on a screen.  We have asked all members to commit to this major goal and those who have not are being deleted from our ranks.  We need to know that we have each other's backs at all times.  We need to know that all members know and trust their state leaders, who have been carefully vetted.  Any and all politicking is next to useless now.  At best, we can only do as Twana outlined in preparation for the time when we can once again live in the liberty guaranteed us by our original founders.

    If you cannot feel comfortable with this level of commitment and participation, we cannot trust that you will have our backs when times get rough.  Please sign up for your state group, our opinione.  REad through the survival guides and begin to make your preparations.  That is the most productive use of your time in our opinion.  If you do not agree, this may not be the group for you.

  • Sorry, but I'm laughing... at myself. I guess I'm in the Non-productive group then. You listed 4 Non-productive works, but no Productive Works. Would you mind giving me a list of those, so that I can start working on them? (as a note, my idiot senators, Franken and Klobuchar have a 4% and 6% conservative rating, so working with those two is a total waste of time) Mary

  • See how late I am to this post! The reason why I and maybe others are not involved, as in posting, is that they too maybe getting more than 400 political news letters every day, and let me tell you, that is just, well, rediculous! There is no way I can read 400+ newsletters every day, plus my regular family and friends emails. So I delete, or I store for later, then I delete again, or I unregister for the newsletter, then miss it and sign up for it again, only to delete it or store it for later reading. I put my John Henry on every petition I believe in, I contact my idiot senators and governor at every chance I get, and I donate a few bucks here and there from my disability checks to the conservative party.

    I don't treat others as if they are morons, unless they try to treat me as one. I've learned that to stay alive in this world and be sane, one must build up a very stiff backbone. I have taken physical and verbal abuse from many in prior years, but I will never do so again, and I will back that up with my own knowledge of words, and my 2 hand guns and 1 shotgun. I am not afraid to speak my mind, and I will try my hardest to be civil, if one is civil to me. I will fight physical abuse with one of my guns, and know that I will face consequences for such actions, but I also read the gun  laws so that I know what I am allowed to do in that sort of case, but sometimes, laws have to be thrown out the window in cases of extreme danger.

    I would like an explanation of what Twana means by "it has everything to do with productive and non-productive works."

    As a fairly new newby here, I will try to get more involved in the issues at this site, but give me some time please.

  • I haven't had much success as yet with the WV citizens on Patriots for America.  Will write again and see if someone wants to take up the mantle.

    • We all do the best we can, and all your efforts are appreciated.  However, our new focus is to meet each other and establish state goals and strategies.  If you are not actively involved in doing that, this might not be the right group for you at this point in time.  Please consider taking up a more active role if you are not already doing so.

  • Rachel,

    I work with many people in our local and nearby counties, as well as our legislators to push conservative legislation (we have the Dems looking a little scared of 2014 and rightfully so) we also get out the word statewide.  There's thousands of us here in WV who communicate with each other and work together to get WV on the right track. 

    • Glad to hear it Stephanie. Sounds like you are doing good things.  But have you met your PFA state leader or perhaps offered to take on that role for our group?  We need to know who we are and who we can trust....and it's not politicians.  You might be the PFA rep to whatever other groups you are working with, but we need to know you and trust you from face to face meetings.  Otherwise, you're just another screen name.  I, personally, no longer trust screen names without very careful vetting.

  • Please don't quit on us Twana.  I've learned so much of what's going on from your website.  I forward it to like-minded people, we all need to do our work within our communities and our states.  We're going to make progress in WV -- there are so many of us in my own county and adjoining counties and throughout the state that are fighting the status quo.  After 80 yrs controlling WV, the Democrats and their progress is being slowed down, soon, I pray, stopped...if we can get to the 2014 election.  At any rate you're an inspiration to us all. 

    • You make many good points, Stephanie.  However, we are now linking arms to work on our PFA goals for each state.  First thing is to be sure that you have contacted your state leader, and if there is no leader for your state, think about whether or not you might be able to handle that position.  We can't work in isolation any more.  State groups need to work together and get to know each other.  Hopefully you are already engaged in this...if not, please do so immediately.

  • Don't get discouraged Twana.  There will always be naysayers on a relatively open forum like this.  On the other hand those that are willing to do more than simply pound a keyboard will also always be relatively few.  Counting you and myself we have 14 out of over 2500 members who have committed to the May meeting.  I realize lots of folks have legitimate reasons for not being able to attend, but 14?  However, looking on the bright side that's twice what we had for Oklahoma.

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