Constitutional Emergency

Thieves Steal $65,000 Worth of Bronze Plaques From War Memorial

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Just when you think the people of this nation can't sink any lower, morally speaking, don't they just go and do it to prove you wrong?!?  Whether it's anti-war sentiment, or just plain every day GREED, that's inexcusable!  I sincerely hope if and when those who did this are caught, they'll be fully prosecuted, and not just slapped on the wrist!  Those honored dead gave of themselves so the ones who stole those plaques would have the freedoms under our Constitution!

   Some people have no conscience, and can lay their heads down at night and sleep after they have done bad things.  I honestly  don't understand it.

I agree I hope they are really punished  good for this.

Just keep slaping them on the wrist & they will keep geting worse. hard labor, work there ass off.


Forget about slapping them on the wrist take the flat of a sword to their butts and then give hard labor for say about 300 years.

The people that did this needs to have their hands cut off or worse.

The plaques really do need to be found and fast.

I find myself shaking my can this be....has the level of honor sunk this steal/destroy memorials to warriors is just beyond understanding.....this action clearly reflects 'law of the jungle"...but then again lower animals do have motivation even they won't so with humans these days.  God help us restore our moral compass....
When caught, they should be paraded in the center of every Military Base. Let the active Soldiers do as they want and nothing could/should be said about what happens.


no from of punishment is good enough for these bozos they should have their hands cut off first then let the military have them so they cannot fight back don't want anybody in the military to get hurt do we. After the military get finished with them then take and give them a nice dip in some nice warm bronze and then put them on show and tell people what happened to these will also happen to any one else who steals items like these.

Sorry but people that take plaques that have this type of value in my book do not deserve to live outside a prisons walls, when these people are caught then the VFW should have a say in the disposition of them that would only be fair. A good bull whipping might do them some good might remove a little flesh but that will grow back.

We created these people by sleeping lazy parents that didn't care what there kids where learning at the indoctrination centers.



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