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I have had it, I have been pushed beyond any patience or consideration I could humanly posses for the policies and strategy in Afghanistan. I have been wanting to blog for several months that is is time time bring our troops home.

Afghanistan has had us in their country for over ten years and with US Forces (mostly Army National Guard) embedded with and mentoring, leading and teaching their forces right about 10 years now.

As I have stated many times on this blog and in interviews, we would need to be in Afghanistan until around 2020 for us to make a difference there. However now we have year after year of a more restrictive Rules of Engagement (ROE) being put on our forces, Afghan forces turning on our US and coalition forces and murdering them, and a military strategy that seems to be more about not offending people than killing the enemy. I was at a point where I was saying “that’s it, we are done”.

However, a story broke today that pushed me over the edge.

As part of an effort to quell violence and ensure peace with the Taliban, the United States for several years has been secretly releasing high-level prisoners from a military prison in Afghanistan.

According to the peace deal, insurgent commanders or local elders have promised to reduce violence, or cease fighting altogether, if certain insurgents are released from Parwan, The Washington Post reports.

Read the rest of this very good and heart felt piece here.

The news report that Troy is talking about is here:

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I believe we can hold all of congress for permiting this. Congress does nothing to stop Obama.

Barb:  Get these attachments out to every organization you can: Girl Scouts, Churches, chambers of Commerce, ( , V.F.W.s  etc.- - GOOGLE Them.


Yes, we need them here. 

I'll believe these ragheads will stop fighting and seek peace when Body Odor becomes a right wing conservative Republican.

I had heard this along time ago.

If I was active military and over there, I would shoot EVERY one of them I could get away with!

"I apologize, sir. It was an accident!"

Our Founding Fathers are flipping in their graves..........they set a Republic in motion as the greatest opportunity for freedom and liberty the world has ever witnessed.  While America's decline started many years ago, in three short years, a rag head, and I believe Obama is a radical closet Muslim, clearly sympathetic to the enemy in the Middle East, has all but hammered the final nail into the coffin of our Republic.

Three Branches of Government, two have been neutered, allowing the Executive to run wild over "we the people"...we have no advocates in Washington, D.C....none, not one Congressman/woman will fall on their sword and call for open rebellion against the destructive path of Obama...I'm not talking about guns blazing, as I've been there, done that and it must be the last resort...we need a national figure to stand up, to be our champion, draw us together as a unified force to stand against the evil in high places.

The betraying deceiver in the White House has no idea of the devastation he is beginning to pour out on America. The pain and suffering potential is greater than Obama can imagine...he has no clue.  Obama will eventually be held accountable for his immoral and criminal actions, and God willing it will be in a United States Court of Law.

 Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) was on May 8th 1945. VE Day officially announced the end of World War Two in Europe. Europe is not much better today......

Well said Harry.  I am especially disappointed in the many many retired general officers who have the stature, leadership ability, and intelligence to do as you suggest.  However, the silence is overwhelming.  Were we to get the ball rolling I think we would have a great many civilians join us.  One name that comes to mind immediately is John Bolton former ambassador to the UN.

I agree on Bolton..........

Colonel, I respectfully disagree with you on one point and that is that the betraying deceiver in the White House knows exactly the devastation he pouring onto our country!  I believe he and his racist wife actually regal in it in their private moments together.

Yes...the accounting will come...sooner or way or the other.

I was referring to the potential "physical" devastation to our nation Ken.....if the SOB does regal in infrastructure destruction, cities destroyed, et al., in short a combat zone, then he is more than delusional, even more than evil if that's possible.

Frankly I think we need to get out of the Middle East all together and call it a day. Why in hell are they dealing with the likes of the Taliban? WOW! Get our people out of there and stop sending our young men and women over to that hell hole. Yes the Afagans are laughing their asses off at the US and what does the Government do? DEAL WITH THE BAD GUYS WOW!. I agree with this BRING OUR TROOPS HOME from ALL of those damn countries ALL OF THEM. This has gone on way too long and when our Military can NOT defend themselves then it is time to call it a day and get the hell out. Now I'm the father of 1 Army and 1 Marine and the Marine has been over there 4 or 5 times in support of both wars. He is scheduled to go again this year. How many times do they have to go over there before it is enough? No wonder these people are loosing it. They are sent into a combat zone and NOT allowed to defend themselves. The ROEs are F***ed up and I mean really F***ed UP.... Stop it already. Stop getting our young men and women killed in a hell hole like that STOP ALREADY.



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