Constitutional Emergency

This is law. "NOT" case law..... Law and contract law where you have bonding issues

The legal professions’ labor union, the Bar Association, was established immediately after the civil war to substitute a system of general slavery to replace the old system of black slavery, by guaranteeing a monopoly of the courts for attorneys, judges, and municipal corporations (city, county, state.) This labor union, the Bar Association, has forbidden the instruction of law in the public schools, has forbidden anyone but union (Bar) attorneys to give legal advice, and has prevented anyone from being assisted in court by a non-union lawyer or a non-lawyer, thus converting the courts into closed union shops.

This corresponds to pre-civil war United States wherein blacks were not taught to read and were not allowed to get public education lest they become strong enough persons to speak out against their repression and overthrow their slave masters.

The unionization of the legal system by the bar association makes the people individually, and the public as a whole, a legal justice minority group with access to the Civil Rights Act of 1871 and to Title 42 USC §§§ 1983, 1985, and 1986.

The Bar Associations act is in violation of anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws of the United States of America.

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Agreed - Have some found a way around this by becoming "Private Attorney General" (if that is the term being used in some of these criminal case filings) ????

You might want to google Ron Branson, Calif. Attorney who came up with Jail for Judges. He has taken Los Angeles Judges to the floor several times and is a darn good attorney. Knows the law and gives advice.


very interesting! any action/suits on this?

Thanks for the information.

Thank you Eric for this post. We should be planning the removal of judges for bad behavior.

funny, people didn't believe that this garbage we are wading through started in the 1800s.  Been writing about it since the 1960s when LBJ helped bring the group into dominance.  Anyone know what the domocrat's name was before??

A key topic of significant concern.  The "North American Law Center", if I understand you correctly, Twana, has taken on the task of correcting this deplorable situation.  I have often said, on this site, that "the game is rigged and you can't win in a rigged game."  I still feel that is a truism.  How does the North American Law Center propose to win their battle by challenging the powers that be who dominate in a rigged game?  The key members in our judicial system today have all been trained in case law, not the Constitution.  Even the Supreme Court bases its decisions on case law.  With that as a given how is "passive resistance", i.e., court filings, going to bring about the necessary change within that system?

  Mr. DeBarrows,

                                      It seems to me that you look like you have given up with the statement that you have a fixed system and their is no way to win in that system. This may be true if you allow yourself to be manipulated by the rules they try to make you use. Case law and precedent is no law at all but a way to manipulate a corrupt system.  It is the same for the advent of the rules of procedure that you do not see anywhere in the constitution and took the powers of oversight and the investigative powers from the grand juries.  Our focus is not on litigation over civil law, we are focused on criminal law and using this out of the USC that is set for these reasons.

I will not go into strategy or what is going to be used in an open forum, but I can assure you we are not interested in any way in civil litigation as you have watch over the past four years. This will be done with law and most does not have to go through the court itself to be accomplished while holding individuals responsible accountable with out the protections of there office.  There is no passiveness in our strategy,  nor will it just revolve around court filings.  We will single people out and hold them accountable.  What people need to do is educate as this is done and not be afraid to follow, or the passiveness of the people will allow it to continue and you will never have a forum for redress.  Remember only 40% of attorneys belong to the BAR

Mr. Harrington:  Respectfully, I have given up nothing!  I'm simply stating facts and observing that it's going to take more than words on paper to get us back to those founding words on paper which are being categorically ignored every minute of every day by just about every court in our Country today.  Good luck with your efforts, but I believe your program to, "single people out and hold them accountable", through courts where the law is adjudicated by judges steeped in case law is not just unrealistically optimistic, it is myopic if not delusional.  That's pretty much the modus operandi which got us where we are right now in America today.  Jefferson even opined that, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed, from time to time ...".  This, sadly, I would offer, is the "time" he was referring to.




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