Constitutional Emergency

This is NOT our War! This is MB sucking us into WWIII and the Trojan Horse in our White House is a brother in the MB

If we get sucked into this, I am thinking the jihadi cells here will be called and given a go ahead to do their evil. So I suggest getting prepared right now. Stock up on what you can and make plans to meet up with who ever you are going to meet up with. Have these talks now before it's too late.



Russia Warns Chemical Weapons May Come From Rebels, Not Assad

By: Joe Hoft

Syria chemical weapons

A child walks between dusty tents in a refugee camp set up in Iraq. The U.N. says the number of children fleeing Syria has now reached one million.

Why does Obama support terrorists?

What a mess in Syria – Russia says the gas that killed innocent civilians was set off by the rebels who benefit more from it than Assad.  If Obama attacks Assad then he will be siding with terrorists again, like in Libya, when Obama bombed Kaddafi forces and sided with the rebels including Al Qaeda, and in Egypt when Obama sided with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood regime.  The fear is that like before World War I, Islamists are hoping to start up another World War.

The Daily Mail reports,

As the centenary of the 1914-1918 Great War approaches, historian Christopher Clark points out that conflict’s eerie, modern relevance.

‘The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand began with a cavalcade of automobiles and a squad of suicide bombers: the young men who gathered in Sarajevo with bombs on 28 June 1914 had been told by their handlers to take their own lives after carrying out their mission, and received phials of potassium cyanide to do it with,’ he says in a London Review of Books essay.

‘Behind the outrage at Sarajevo was an avowedly terrorist organisation with a cult of sacrifice, death and revenge: extra- territorial, secretive, scattered in cells across political borders, its links to any sovereign government were oblique.’

Sound familiar?

Al Qaeda stokes the ire of Muslims angry at what they see as the defilement of their lands by the oil-seeking, infidel West.

Our retaliation for its September 2001 attack on America with hijacked passenger jets, killing more than 3,000, was to invade Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, costing more than 100,000 Islamic lives on top of our own sad audit of dead and maimed.

But 9/11, as Americans call it, did not trigger the Third World War. On the contrary, for a brief moment — before the retaliation began — Americans enjoyed the sympathy of most of the world.

The West is drawing up a list of targets for Cruise missile strikes aimed at crippling the Assad regime.

How will Syria’s main allies, Russia and Iran, respond? Putin’s spokesmen deplore the poison gas attack, but suggest it might have been the work of the Syrian rebels, which include Al Qaeda elements. They point out that Assad’s military is winning and doesn’t need to resort to using illegal weapons, and suggest that only the rebels stood to gain from the international anger aroused by such an attack.

Now, it’s different. America, urged by its European allies, considers action against the ruling Assad regime in Syria, which stands accused of using poison gas to kill hundreds of its people.

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It probably is “inevitable” since it seems obama and the dumborat politicians never want to miss a chance for another “crisis”.
However, we should keep out of it. Both sides hate us even though the rebels, led by the muslim brotherhood, hate us the most.
Why waste million dollar guided missiles to blow up mud huts or make holes in the desert just to make it look like obama is doing something????

Congress, is supposed to make the decisions to go to War, not the man claiming to be President!    Yes, we are on the precipice, and it all started with Obama's Apology Tour, and his BOWING to these mongrel savages.    Then he stirs up the "Arab Spring", well, we are seeing how well that worked out.    Will there be enough true Americans in our Government to prevent this?   How many will speak up?    May God have mercy on this Country.    We are in the vice-grips of evil personified.

Hey, everybody just relax, the United Nations can fix all of this............Why do we have them?    At what point, have they ever solved any problem, anywhere?    Most egregious waste of money in the World.  And look at our Representative, oh, excuse me, don't look, she is on vacation, and cannot attend.   Been on the job like a month, and needs a vacation Obama style.



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