Constitutional Emergency

We all know that every person who is elected to fill a federal office, every member of the military, every federal judge, and every federal bureaucrat take an oath to defend and protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  We all know that the pretender in the White House has not lived up to that oath.  Most of the members of Congress have abrogated their oath.  One need only look at and listen to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to know that he not only considers his oath null and void but also owes no loyalty to the troops under him.  We also know that the faithfulness to the Constitution of the Supreme Court hangs by a thread.  As for all of the other Federal bureaucrats and appointees don't even think about raising the question of loyalty to their oath and the Constitution.  All this being said, it begs the question how do we the people cause this oath and faithfulness to the Constitution to be enforced when the enemy is a domestic enemy?  And, I don't mean this to be a rhetorical question.  I would really like to know if there is an answer.  I have nothing but admiration and respect for the founding fathers but it seems to me that this is one area where they failed.

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I really didn't expect all of the responses that I received when I posted this question.  That suggests to me that you all are very awake and alert as to what is going on.  All of these responses have caused me to do a great deal of thinking.  In 1776 our founding fathers took on, what was at that time the world's greatest and strongest military power, Great Britain.  They had little or no training and few if any resources.  However, through perseverance, belief that their cause was just, and faith in God they won.  Fast forward now 200 plus years.  We are faced with much the same situation that faced the founders except that the source of our problems is not 3000 miles away, it is right here in this country.  Namely, a corrupt federal government and two corrupt political parties.  Thus the question arises, what are we to do?  Do we tuck our tail between our legs and give up on our values and what we believe in as has been suggested by some on this website, because as they say, there is no hope or words to that effect?  We have been told to accept the status quo that we can't do anything.  As you all know there is no love lost by anyone on this website when it comes to disparaging our rag head enemies.  However, stop and think about this, they have fought to a stand still the two greatest military powers to have ever existed on earth - the USSR and the United States.  And, both in a single lifetime.  Are they, in all of their ignorance and "backwardness" better than we are?  Or, perhaps, are they just more dedicated to what they believe in than we are?  I have never heard a shot fired in anger.  Does that mean I have no right to advocate for change and a desire for the United States to return to its former greatness and be admired or envied by the rest of the world?

They haven't failed.  We as the silent majority of legal taxpaying voters have failed to measure up by our complacent attitudes.  We have become to comfortable with our status quo of our many achievements that have made our lives easier and in some senses less complicated while ignoring the facts of letting the wolves into the henhouse.  We left the door open by sitting back in our complacencies and letting someone else take the reigns of control from us.  It is like that old commercial from Greyhound, "and leave the driving to us!"  Well, we did and we didn't pay attention until it was too late!  The wolves are in the driver's seat and taking us down the road they want us to travel.  Now, it is up to us to wrest control back of the out of control bus and get us back on the right road to recovery.  We have to be consistant in our demands and continue to fight against this evil, out of control bus driver.  Our American, legal, silent, voting, majority are slowly awakening to the sounds of the coming battle.  As in the days of the "Revolution" we will prevail, but at great costs. 

I agree Dan.....we have just about 9 months to give birth to a new Administration and Congress.  Throw Obama back to his wolf pen, and wrest the trough from the pigs snouts......

We can do it but it will take nine months of aggressive shouting the threat Obama poses's hard to believe but many Americans don't read newspapers, pay little attention to TV, and generally don't believe there could be anyone evil enough to destroy our nation on purpose.  We must educate our patriots to spread the word that the ballot box is our only hope to rid the scum bag from the White will indeed take a tsunami of patriots to overset the illegals, dead people, et al that will vote.....not to mention ballot stuffing and other illegal activity.....we are in for a fight but American patriots are the clear majority.  All we have to do is get them to the polls, watch the polls, guard the polls, guard against voter intimidation, etc.....

Ask all friends to join PFA.....not necessarily to be active but just to be on the list to receive critical announcements, alerts, etc.......a means to mobilize.....




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