Constitutional Emergency

Whether or not you indorse or subscribe to Racism . As a person who was raised in a volatile and racially diverse area,Racism and the hatred and violence that is perpetrated as a result is very real.I live in a Rural community now ,where we as a people are sheltered from the violent affects of racial hatred .However make no mistake what ever your race , when you are out of your element the danger is much more prevalent .Be aware of where you are when traveling.You may not have racial animosities ,that does not mean you will not be subject or fall victim to them.Stress levels in our nation are at a high point.Racial overtones are increasing. If you had lived and traveled the streets where you were a minority you would see this.I lived inside the Capital Beltway during desegregation it was ugly.I lived on the Border of Mexico below Brownsville Texas ,I know first hand ,what I call reverse discrimination is , while the majority of people will not act on the indifferences of race, many will.Do not wonder into areas you are not certain of.Urban areas will be very unpredictably volatile .Past , Present , future, simply because the volume of people means more of all kinds.I have almost lost my life on many times , simply by unwittingly being an areas that made me a target. I suppose that comes from traveling the country.We can all fall victim to predators ,Not just for racial reasons.At any given moment perpetrators of unspeakable threats travel the same roads ,shop the same stores and live in the same communities as all of us .Teach your children to be aware .Be vigilant ,pay attention .Be sure you travel from point A to point B without wondering into unknown areas.An ounce of precaution is worth tons of cure. This has always been true ,the levels have increased ,populations have grown ,people are more transit..I expect increases and a surge in racial violence in the near future . Know when to hold em know hen to fold em know when to walk away and know when to run .Ignoring people that would draw you into confrontation is always safest .There is no shame or loss of honor in ignoring gestures or verbal attacks .If you choose to fight over those things ,there is nothing to win.You will know when you ,your family or those you care about need protecting,That is when you take a stand .As a soldier I knew the way to win was to live .
As you hear about growing violence ,talk of civil upheavals and possible future riots , I recommend you not feed into it .Instead focus on the protection and security of your home,family ,loved ones and neighbors .This is not a time to be on the offense ,it is a time to prepare for all possibilities . We have all heard prepare for the worst ,hope and pray for the best. Have a plan as you would in a disaster. There is only one thing that is guaranteed to be constant in society ,that is change.Roll with the punches ,let the negatives roll of your back like water on a Duck.For our children sake we must not feed into the mob mentality.No body can tell you how or convince you how to feel ,we are all products of our experiences and environment .The important thing is our actions.

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