John Kerry signed the UN Small Arms Treaty. The chances are the Senate won't ratify it, however the UN considers it a done deal without Senate approval. The link I provided below is to the draft regulations that explain how the world has to regulate ownership of firearms. If you want to know what plans DC has on your weapons then read the link. I strongly urge you to quit buying from licensed dealers as that creates a record for the Feds. Buying ammo online also leads the Feds to your door. I try to buy from individuals using or at gun shows from private individuals. Protect yourself. The police are no longer the good guys.

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Thanks for the article.

Why are we not seeing traitors hung anymore?

I invite you to read the articles, that I have been involved with, on the "Global War on Guns" Archive at

Many of these pieces have appeared in Blue Press, AFF and Ammoland.

Alan Chwick

The Senate has already voted down the treaty with language explaining exactly why it violates our constitution, our founding principles, and it has no weight or authority over non-signatories, making it a "de facto-suicide pact" for those intent of keeping sovereignty, freedom, yet signing on.

      The illegal alien has stated his intent to sign it, and while this will make it no more legitimate, and as a matter of legal fact, nothing can make it legitimate while we have our constitution, it has been since before the war between the States since the constitution has been considered "the law over government" by those in government.

      We have reached a point when our government now considers the whole of the population "its responsibility", and no longer considers any authority as emanating from anywhere other than directly out of either congress, or executive mandate, with the allowance of the judiciary to insert its opinion, just for the purpose of appearing to legitimize these criminal acts, done as "government", while completely ignoring all legal and moral constraints, primarily because we have abdicated, most of us anyway, our "authority by consent", and have ceased to stand in demand of "rule of law".

      At this point, with the sales of arms and ammunition up between 30 and 40% consistently, non-stop, since November of 2007, "The People" are armed far better than at any time in the past, and we have far more arms than government.  It is time we assume our rightful role as "governing", and make rational demands to see our government back under our control, and it would be best if it could be done peacefully, with our military leading a civil uprising, demanding by numbers, the resignation of the administration, most of congress, and putting together a working group of constitutional minded scholars who can separate the legitimate purposes of federal government, from the massive infrastructure it has built specifically to assume control over our whole lives.

     We need to support such a movement, it has been formed, General Vallely has come forward with his assessment, and is perhaps the best prepared in dealing with this particular means of bringing our nation back under our own control, without falling to civil insurrection, declaration of martial law, and the natural abuses we will see if we allow this government to push us to total disorder, and the need for total and complete civil disobedience.

      We have the greatest number of honor bound Officers and Senior Enlisted who have been eliminated from the armed forces precisely because they hold their duty as to the constitution, and not to government.  They have been put out to prevent an active duty military coup, however they are no less capable of leading a "well regulated militia", if we choose ourselves to be such.

      It is imperative we realize we have the upper hand, and can only fail if we fail to stand our ground.  Thirty years ago, I had a black powder cap and ball revolver, and a model 94 Winchester, and felt that sufficient arms for my defense of my family, my home, my community, and my Nation, if called upon.

      Today, I dozens more weapons, enormous stockpiles of ammo, and I suggest we don't try to hide what we buy, we have already surpassed government supplies, allowing them to track what we take in now simply means they have statements to make.  I have one which I will stand on to the death.  I have been forced to confront the likelihood of meeting government agents at my door, with them armed with automatic weapons, tactics and weapons of war, and I have chosen to ensure I am capable of defending myself, my family, my neighborhood, my community, against a criminal government, as it is the greatest threat I face today.

     Having watched this come out of government I never feared thirty years ago, I will never again, not in my lifetime, be less ready, less capable of standing my ground against every enemy, both "foreign and domestic", in the full and complete defense of "the constitution of the republic", and I will keep all such weapons and munitions I've taken in, without any reason to concern myself in the slightest, with the desires/demands of public servants who have over-stayed their welcome and become criminals, domestic enemies, and caused me to rise up from my military retirement, and form the foundation of a "well regulated militia", equal to any enemy I may anticipate.

      I consider the complete violation of every facet of constitutional law, principle and purpose by those in government to have nullified all authority I once gave my consent to, and absent my consent, the central not federal government is the domestic enemy, and I stand fully prepared to entertain it.

      If there must be war, let it come now, while I, my peers, the millions of Americans who have gone forth to fight for the rights of foreigners in their own lands, while we are fully experienced, trained, and practiced in killing an enemy.  Let it be this generation which has felt the tyranny of "no controlling legal authority", because if we are not sufficiently outraged by what has been done to us to face down this enemy, we will never be sufficient for doing what must be done, to save the best work our forefathers did, completely altering the standards of the world.

      If they must start somewhere, let it be here, let it be among us who have prepared, and come and engage us.  We are all which stands between freedom and the end of this nation.

Semper Fidelis,

John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

Well put and I will agree let it start now

The link is no longer valid.... its been removed.. .

GYSGT. John McClain, I stand with you. Our time to act is short. The rule-of-law no longer exist in our country. The justice department is corrupt and operating illegally. All federal law enforcement agencies are corrupt and complicit in the illegal acts by the Usurper sitting in the oval office. We are now living in a lawless nation. The law is now determined, not by the constitution, but by who has the biggest force, the most weapons. We must only recognize moral and common sense law. The list of political criminals, public criminals, and professional criminals is in the thousands. The congress, the courts, the administration, the CIA, FBI, NSA, TSA, ICE, ATF, BORDER PATROL, SECRET SERVICE, BANKERS, LOBBYIST, AND SOME MAJOR COMPANY CEOS ARE CORRUPT AND CONSPIRING WITH THIS ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. I'm not saying everyone in all these organizations and agencies are involved because they aren't. However, many at the top of these organizations and agencies most certainly are and must be purged, arrested and inprisoned. Barack Hussein Obama has set the standard for the law and his co-conspirators have accepted his standard. With this congress, this Usurper will not be removed. The people, the militia, and I pray, our loyal military must arrest and remove him, to be tried for crimes against the people and the country. He is guilty of crimes against humanity and crimes against the constitution. He is guilty of murder ( BENGHAZI AND EXTORTION 17--SEAL TEAM SIX).

This government must be abolished.

                                                SEMPER FIDELIS, MARINE

                                                 GOD BE WITH US ALL

More signs of treason by this administration that can not be allowed to continue 


This might be the final straw....there are many more out here waiting for somebody like Gen. V. to start this thing rolling.

Jagger.... tried link provided.... its been removed as well...




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