(If the link above doesn't work, scroll down and I downloaded it then uploaded it here as an attachment. I recommend everyone download it.)

Note there is also re-education camps for our troops and veterans too. Folks.....this is it!

I do not want to hear our military is bad, not from patriots! We know our top Flag officers are politicians and obviously helped write/develop this. But that in no way means our military as a whole will do this. Most of our military will not. Remember they are our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, moms and dads, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, neighbors and friends. I said all that for you to wrap your head around the fact that there will be a force but what force....not our military but the new civilian force.

Also note, this is just an outline. There is much more out there so............if you find it, please let us know so we can get it posted and alert all patriots.

The good news is....this gives us part of the enemies plan. Sun Tzu - Art of War = know your enemy!

Very important for everyone to stay on topic on this. It can spiral out of control in Hussein Obama admin. fashion. Going into Chaos will be the downfall if we allow ourselves to do it. Stay focused and don't let infiltrators and distractors, lead you like sheep, off topic and into chaos. Recognize them for what they are!



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They really don't want us to know this information.  Note on the cover page

DESTRUCTION NOTICE:Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document.

They are the ones who will probably be signing up for all those support jobs the Fema Camps require.  The French had many of their types called collaborators.


  1-40. External involvement in I/R missions is a fact of life for military police organizations. Some
  government and government-sponsored entities that may be involved in I/R missions include—
            International agencies.
                 International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
                 International Organization of Migration.
            U.S. agencies.
                 Local U.S. embassy.
                 Department of Homeland Security.
                 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
Federal Emergency Management Agency.'

Comment:   When you list Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as agencies concerned with internment and resettlement, you are definitely talking about operations on U.S. soil.  

   The blowback has occurred and the chickens of the invading empire have come home to roost, meaning, the empire has (as is historically true)  turned its attention to its own citizens. 

We need to identify this civilian security force.  Who are they, What are their qualifications, Are they citizens of the USA?

A picture is worth a thousand words!!

This is a caged vehicle for transporting detainee to and from the camps. I would say thist is a to 5 ton truck which has been equipped for detaining prisoners with a locking door. Notice the ladder behind the cab this most likely is a guard platform.

 As you can see they have had it all planned out.  For other methods of transporting detainees check out this chapter.  The train thing immediately brought to mind the NAZIs transporting the Jews.                      4-57. The use of tarp-covered vehicles is another method of transporting detainees. (See figure 4-5.) Tightly position detainees along the bench seat without restraining them to the bus infrastructure or other fixed objects. Soldiers should not allow detainees to stand, sit, or lie on the floor of the vehicle. When multiple cargo trucks are used, escort security vehicles may also be necessary. 

Figure 4-5. Movement by cargo truck

The trucks are Russian built prisoner transport vehicles.

Most of them are stored in California & Alabama. A few more are in TX & LA

Where in California? I'm in the Northen part.

FEMA/Internment Camp location through out the United States. George check out the California locations.


from AlienExistence Website

  • Alabama:

    • Opelika WWII German/Italian POW camp now being renovated.

  • Alaska:

    • Wilds of Alaska possibly East of Anchorage.

    • No access by road however, there is a railway system.

    • Facility holds 500,000 people.

  • Arizona:

    • Ft. Huachua, 20 miles from the Mexican border, 30 miles from Nogales. Rex 84 program. Emergency Custodial Facility.

    • Florence WWII German/Italian POW camp now being renovated.

    • Pinal County Gila River. Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facility.

    • Yuma County Colorado River. Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facility.

  • Arkansas:

    • Ft. Chaffee Has a new runway for aircraft, new detention camp facilities with cap of 20,000 prisoners.

    • Chicot/Drew Counties Jerome. Renovated spec Interment camps for Japanese Americans WWII.

    • Descha County Rohwer. Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention centers.

    • Blythville AFB This base was closed but is now being used as a camp location. New wooden barracks have been constructed at this location. This camp is surrounded by high wire topped with barbed wire, and has guard towers.

    • Berryville FEMA facility located east of Eureaka on Hwy 62.

    • Omaha FEMA facility located on Hwy 65 south of old wood processing plant. It is on an old dirt road that leads to a toxic waste dump. Note: The facility in Miss. is also located on an old toxic waste dump.

  • California:

    • Oakdale Ca 90 miles East of San Francisco on HWY 120. Holds a minimum of 15,000 people. REX 84 program, Emergence Custodial Facility.

    • Vandenberg AFB Located midway between San Louis Obispo, and Santa Barbara. The base is on Hwy 1 and close to Hwy 101. REX 84 program, Emergency Custodial Facility.

    • Ft. Irwin Irwin is a remote Mtn region south of Death Valley, National Monument. This base is designated as inactive however, there is a concentration camp located at this facility about 30 miles from Interstate 15 in Barstow.

    • Inyo County Manzana. Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention center.

    • Modoc County Tulelake. Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facility.

    • Sacramento Army Depot No specific data at this time.

  • Colorado:

    • Old Lowell AFB. Recently all new chain link fence was installed around the borders, plus 400,000 handcuffs and shackles were purchased by the government for this site.

  • Florida:

    • Avon Park No data available

    • Camp Krome Located near Miami Dept of Justice detention and interrogation facility.

    • Elgin AFB This base is greater than 50 miles long extending from Pensacola Bay to Hwy 331 in De Funiak Springs. It is adjacent to Interstate 10 on the North and the Fort Walton Beach vacation spot.

    • REX 84 program, Emergency Custodial Facility.

  • Georgia:

    • Ft. Benning Located East of Columbia near the Georgia/Alabama state line. - REX 84 program - Emergency Custodial Facility.

    • Unadilla, Ga Macon County; Located on east railroad street, Plunket road leads into the facility 1 1/2 miles from Unadilla on county road 230. This is a FEMA prison manned and staffed but no prisoners.

    • Oglethorpe, Ga. Macon County; facility is located five miles from Montezuma, three miles from Oglethorp. Traveling south on highway 49, located on the west side of the highway. This FEMA prison has no staff and no prisoners.

    • Morgan, Ga. Calhoun County; I-75 exit 32 to 300 south to Albany. Take highway 234 to Morgan. Go through Morgan taking highway 45 south. The FEMA facility is 1 1/2 miles on the right (west) side of highway 45. This FEMA facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners.

    • Camilla, Ga. Mitchell County; from Camilla take highway 19 south, travel 5.4 miles from 37/19 junction to Mount Zion Road, turn left (east) on Mount Zion Road. The FEMA facility is located on Mount Zion Road aprox: 5.7 miles south of Camilla. This facility is not manned or staffed and there are no prisoners.

    • Hawkinsville, Ga Pulaski County; located on fire road 100/ Upper River Road, 2 miles west from alternate 129 North 257 / 112 east. Five miles east of Hawkensville. This FEMA facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners.

    • Abbeyville, Ga. Wilcox County: south side of Abbeyvilleon highway 129 (Broad Street) off highway 280 (Main Street). This FEMA facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners.

    • McRae, Ga. Telfair County; 1.5 miles west of McRae on highway 134 (8th street). The FEMA facility is on Irwinton Ave. off 8th street. This facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners.

    • Frequencies: 153.7400 Georgia State Correctional Institutions 154.9050 Intrastate Coordinating (car to car state wide) 154.9350 Intrastate Coordinating (base to base / state wide) 155.3700 Georgia Police Intersystem (State wide)

  • Idaho:

    • Jerome County - Minipoka - Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facility.

    • Kooski plus 50 miles East. Near Lolo pass

    • Moose Creek Unmanned and there is a near by landing strip in or near a national forest.

  • Illinois:

    • Marseilles It is located on the Illinois river off Interstate 80 on Hwy 6. It is a relatively small facility with a cap of 1400 prisoners.

    • Though it is small it is designed like other concentration camp facilities with high fences topped with barbed wire and guard towers.

  • Indiana:

    • Thousands of acres located just out of Indianapolis, Indiana holds a large Concentration camp facility complete with barracks, high fence, razor wire, towers, turnstyles, a railroad, helicopter landing pads, and what appears to be three large furnaces with 3inch mains on one of the buildings. This is a massive facility, still under construction with a completion date sometime in 1996.

    • Ft. Benjamin Harrison A U.S. Army facility located on the outskirts of Indianapolis will be used to hold prisoners.

    • Ft. Wayne FEMA Detention facility

    • Terre Haute FEMA Detention facility

  • Kansas:

    • Leavenworth U.S. Marshal's Fed Holding Facility PFP.

    • Concordia WWII POW German/Italian POW camp being renovated.

    • El Dorado Federal prison.

    • Topeka 80 acres converted to a holding camp.

  • Kentucky:

    • Louisville FEMA Detention facility

    • Lexington FEMA Detention facility

  • Louisiana:

    • Livingston WWII German/Italian POW camp being renovated.

  • Maine:

    • Houlton WWII German/Italian POW camp being renovated.

  • Missouri:

    • Richards Gebaur AFB This facility is located in Grandview, A large civilian internment facility has been built on this facility, and base personnel are restricted from the area.

  • Michigan:

    • Kincheloe Correctional Facility (Formerly Kincheloe AFB with B-52 sized runways). Has five large prison buildings able to house 5000+. The facility has about 500 prisoners at this time. Location: 20 miles south of Sault Ste. Marie (Soo Locks) at the eastern end of the Upper Penninsula of Michigan.

    • K.I. Sawyer AFB Large construction program has been going on under the name of "Operation Gateway". High security is in place with a large portion of the base closed to civilian view. Location: 20 miles south of Marquette, MI in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan.

    • Raco Field Raco field is an interesting facility. The above ground runways form a perfect triangle. Few buildings appear on the surface, but ventilators can be seen. Civilian workers report that a subsurface facility exists. No publicity exists indicating what the role of Raco Field is, although something is there. To observers, it is an "inactive WWII base." Location: 15 miles NW of Kincheloe Correctional Facility on Hwy 28.

    • Bark River A large construction operation is ongoing in the Bark River, MI, area. Locals are tight-lipped. The facility is off the main highway in a wilderness area. While most of the locals say that the construction is associated with the ELF (extreme low frequency) project of world-wide communications, others suspect FEMA is involved. (Note: the ELF grid is located 100 miles NE of the Bark River area) Location: 20 miles west of Escanaba in the upper penninsula of Michigan.

    • Bay City Sits on Saginaw Bay which connects to Lake Huron. This facility has high fencing, barbed wire and guard towers.

    • Grayling Camp Grayling Michigan National Guard Base. Detention facility. Guards towers, razor wire.

    • Southwest area of the state FEMA Detention facility

    • Central part of the state FEMA Detention facility

    • Detroit FEMA Detention facility

  • Mississippi:

    • Hancock County - The NASA facility at this location has two camps the first being located at the end of Kiln road at Waveland, and then the next road after ammo road at the Post Office.

    • The second camp is located in the center of a rest station back from the Interstate.

    • Inmates from the Hancock County jail claim they have worked details involving the delivery of food to these camps under the supervision of U.N. Guards.

  • Nebraska:

    • Scottsbluff WWII German/Italian POW camp being renovated.

    • Northwest corner of state FEMA Detention facility

    • Northeast corner of state FEMA Detention facility

    • South Central Hastings area FEMA Detention facility

  • Nevada:

    • Elco There is a prison facility 10 miles out of Elco.

    • Wells Camp is located in the O'Niel basin area, 40 miles North of Wells, and West off Hwy 93, 25 miles.

    • Winnemucca Camp is located at the I-80 mile marker 112, on the south side of the road and 3/4 miles off of the road.

    • Wells/Winnemucca Camp is located near the base line of the mountains. Reno Nevada plus 150 miles east south side of road if your headed west, 150 yards off the road.

  • New Jersey:

    • Ft. Dix Fully operational prison camp with approximately 35,000 prisoners.

  • New York:

    • Ft. Drum located in upstate New York, probable location for Eastern area processing of people, located near the St. Lawrence river and access to Lake Ontario. Both waterways may be used for transport. Located very close to Canada.

    • Watertown FEMA Detention facility

    • Albany FEMA Detention facility

    • Buffalo FEMA Detention facility

  • Ohio:

    • Cleveland FEMA Detention facility

    • Columbus FEMA Detention facility

    • Cincinnati FEMA Detention facility

    • Lima FEMA Detention facility

  • Oklahoma:

    • Oklahoma City Tinker AFB, This is a civilian detention facility, all base personnel are prohibited from going near the area, and the area is under constant guard.

    • McAlester WWII German/Italian POW camp being renovated.

    • Will Rogers Air Port This is a newly constructed FEMA facility, and it is believed that it will be used as a primary processing center for prisoners West of the Mississippi River.

  • Pennsylvania:

    • Camp Hill Camp Hill Pa located off I-15. Sits across the navigable Susquehanna River from Harrisburg. Close to Cumberland Army Depot and the Camp Hill Correctional facility.

    • Crossville WWII German/Italian POW Camp being renovated.

  • Texas:

    • Ft.Hood Ft. Hood has a newly built concentration camp, constructed complete with towers, high fencing, and barbed wire.

    • Mexia WWII German/ Italian POW camp being renovated.

    • Amarillo FEMA Detention facility

  • Utah:

    • Millard County - Central Utah - Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facility. Skull Valley Camp William property - west of the old bombing range South/southwestern portion of Camp Williams This camp was discovered by a man and his son who were rabbit hunting, they were discovered and apprehended.

    • Utah Lake 15 miles south of Saratoga Recreation center 200 - 300 yards off the road Black wire 40 to 50 feet tall, made to look something like a golf driving range.

    • Cedar City East of Cedar City Utah - no more data.

  • Washington:

    • Okanogan County borders Canada and is a site for a massive concentration camp capable of holding hundreds of thousands of people.

  • Wisconsin:

    • Ft. McCoy Located in Western Wisconsin 30 miles East of LaCrosse between the point where 90 and 94 intersect. REX 84 program, Emergency Custodial Facility.

    • Central part of the state FEMA Detention facility.

  • Wyoming:

    • Park County - Hart Mountain - Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facilities. North Central part of the state FEMA Detention facility

    • Southeast part of the state FEMA Detention facility

    • Southwest part of the state FEMA Detention facility

    • East Yellowstone - Manned facility. Investigators were apprehended by European soldiers, unable to identify the language used by the foreign soldiers, American government helped clear the situation.

I think there are even more.  I recall reading a few months ago that there is one in Massachusetts, at one of the old bases and one in NH as well...I'll see if I can find that list again.


Where in California, I'm in LA.  Also please tell us where they are in those other States.



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