Real hero.

Don't count us old farts out too soon.

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Thanks, Tye, For A Great Post And Please Know That I'm Ready, Willing & Able If The Poop Hits The 

Fan And We Are Again Called Upon To Serve This Great Nation. Did An Infantry Tour With The 3rd Marine Division's 2nd Battalion, 3rd Regiment Along Vietnam's DMZ, '68/'69. Carried An M16 Then, But Now Sport A Mossberg 590 Pump Action Assault (Eight In The Tube, One In The Chamber)... Raises Some Eyebrows When I Walk Onto The Skeet Shoot Range with It, But Do Have A Fair Share Of Fun When A Disk Takes To Flight... Can Easily, Though, Replace The Birdshot With One Once Slugs If Called Upon... Count Me In.

For The Heck Of It, Here's A Web-Site (Below) That I Hope Revives Pleasant Memories Of The Good 'Ole "When & Then"...

Meant For My Fellow Vets Of The 'Nam, But Also Hope All Vets, Especially Of The Korean War, Who Also Were Given A Rough Time When Coming Home, Take It To Heart... And That You All Carry In Your Memories Regarding Our Service In Those Two Difficult Wars That, Though It Is Difficult When Thought Enters Of The Awesome Friends We Lost In Battle (And Those Since), Please Remember That We Were All Part Of Both Incredible Adventures And Fascinating Segments Of American History Of Which Those Dip Shites Who Neither Supported Us, Or Expressed Their Cowardice By Choosing Easy Ways Out Rather Than To Serve, No Doubt, Now Sit Late Into Each Night Saying To Themselves, "Damn...!!! If I Hadn't Been Such a Fuggin' A-Hole, I Might Have Proven Myself Worthy Within Those Mountains, Valleys, Rice Paddies & All Areas In That Place They Call The 'Nam...!!! And Korea...!!! Just Like Those Veterans Did...!!!"

"Semper Fidelis"


"Keep The Faith",



Seems To Be That At Times, After Clicking On A Particular Year, You

Have To Bring The Juke Box Picture Up A Few Inches With The Mouse

And/Or Jiggle It Up & Down A Bit To Set The Tunes On Their way... 

The Juke Box 

Click on a year and a juke box with the top 20 hits will pop up.

1962 JuKeBoX 
1963 JuKeBoX 
1964 JuKeBoX 
1965 JuKeBoX 
1966 JuKeBoX 
1967 JuKeBoX 
1968 JuKeBoX 
1969 JuKeBoX 
1970 JuKeBoX 
1971 JuKeBoX 
1972 JuKeBoX 
1973 JuKeBoX 
1974 JuKeBoX 
1975 JuKeBoX 
1976 JuKeBoX 
1977 JuKeBoX 
1978 JuKeBoX 
1979 JuKeBoX
The OATH never ends i see you are a SHEEPDOG to sir

God Bless our VETS !!!





  Max I like the choice in the Ruger. I stand any time anywhere with any warriors. In defending this Nation from the likes of what is attempting to destroy America. I salute anyone that has worn a uniniform in defending this Nation or any city or state on Americas soil.

Thanks Larry...

Yep, I'm ready and willing and dare to say ABLE!

Frankly, I'm a bit surprised that NOBODY is blocking the way of those union protesters up in Wis.  ???

Estimates are around 8 Mill and counting in damages to their State House!

If they were to try anything like that around here, I know a few of us would at least ATTEMPT to block their way!


Like Willie sez above... "The OATH never ends..." !!!

Best regards...



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