Constitutional Emergency

Video: John Kerry went through the holocaust museum........will that make him stop being a socialist and traitor to this country?

As I sit listening to this, I note my spirit is pricked over and over by the evil of this man and he's bold faced lies and deceptions.

Have you ever noticed how all the Socialists/Marxists/Fascists/Communists like to quote or misquote Reagan? Frankly I'm tired of all the name dropping!



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He sold his soul to Satan a-long time ago.  He is is going to Hell.

My  true  thoughts  are  the  same,  Kerry  and  Hagel ~~ Yen--yang  Twins..!!  both  going  to  Hell..!

This evil piece of crap doesnt even acknowledge his Jewish roots--may he rot in hell!

When he and his boss come here to Israel, I know that all of us American Jews with dual citizenship will not cheer him or his Feurhrer,Herr Obama! Both of them ignorantly or perhaps on purpose would love to duplicate the feats of the original, who now resides in Hell-May G-D help us defeat these animals!

I don't know what Netanyahu was thinking by inviting this evil being into Israel for some award. Hopefully, they'll present him with his just reward, a beheading in the name of Yahwey!!!

he is such a disgusting lying piece of shit !

No I doubt it.

he's an empty shell. 

Kerry the Communist is a traitor and like all the other appointments by Barry Soetoro Hussein, totally incompetent. I remember this sellout from my days in the Army during Viet Nam and what a total lying fraud this sellout is. He sold out our troops in theater to advance his anti-American communist beliefs. He is universally hated by every Nam vet for his treasonous lies! Now we can add Hagel to the list of criminal unconstitutional appointments. Here is a moron who during confirmation hearings made an utter fool of himself. He took inept to a level that is simply hard to imagine. He is a total sellout, has converted to Islam and will destroy our military and sell our nation out to his Islamic Jihadist Neanderthals while placing our nation and Israel at great risk. The fact that so many Republican Senator voted to confirm both him and Kerry, tells you who the real enemy is! One minute they are asking for a new candidate, a competent one, then did an about face and voted to confirm him knowing what they knew about him. Traitors every single one of them!

Why would anyone make a speech at a Holocaust Museum? He's such a smuck.
Yes, he's going to hell and will be with friends. You know his background is Czech Jew.
When we walked the Holocaust trail in Boston we did not speak for hours after the visit. And this smuck gloats and talks about climate change-what a failure.
His new wig and botox must be stopping the circulation to his brain.
We need to oust all who voted for him as SOS.
SOS-what a joke, he's such a loser and moneygrabber.

I do not think that you can make untraitor from traitor.

Jerry, you are right, kerry is what he has always been, a yellow coward, anti-military, the

list goes on and on. These last few appointment have been a total insult to US AMERICANS.

God save America.

Yep, Global everything. it's the NWO.

  Excuse me while I go pray and then throw up. All his science and facts make me sick, that people could be this ignorant to their future of slavery.

Kerry  has been a Communist all along and he thinks we are all communists now. It's time he wake's up to his grim looking future.Their destination in hell is waiting.



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