Walk Like an Egyptian

       Yesterday, I went down to my State Capitol for a rally.  Its around 5 hours down there.  I gathered 3 good OAS guys, got in the car and took off.  We were going to meet a rally on the Capitol grounds.  The rally had a couple of people pitching their run for this or that political office.  Heard a speech or 2 about why to vote for this guy or that guy.  Bored to tears to be honest.  I knew, at my core, the election will not change anything.  We have to fix this a different way.  There were around 350-400 there.  Not a huge crowd, but it was a gun rally.  An Open Carry Rally.  For you guys in the rest of the Nation, that means we all had Long Rifles strapped to our backs screaming "We will not be disarmed!"  We walk down Constitution Ave for about an hour and wave and smile and kiss babies.  Its a fun time.  Yeah I know, dang Texans are crazy.  

     Anyway, as we mill around the capitol, I'm talking to EVERYONE!!  Have you heard about American Spring?  Have you heard about American Spring?  Here is my card, Go to the website..... I swear, I was working that crowd for 3 hours harder than any political hopeful.   I carry a couple of cheep printed business cards with with me,  Just name phone number, website, Facebook.  Then I have a really nasty looking flyer that has the whole plan in it.  Then I have a still picture of Cairo during their actions last fall.  I show that still, ask them "Would this Scare DC and wake our Nation up?" Join us in DC, we need you.  May 16th.  Martin Luther King said "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in Moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy"  If now is not a time of challenge and controversy, such a time has never existed.  

     Over and over through the crowd, till I was getting on peoples nerves I think... Came up to one guy I had already given my pitch to, he said, "Yes, Its Time to walk like and Egyptian"  Did the little dance and all.  It struck me, stuck me and I loved it.  Granted the guy looked pretty funny doing that dance with an AK47 strapped to his back, but.... Yeah, Walk Like an Egyptian.  Thats our catch phrase.  Thought I would toss that out there to everyone.  It has gotten good responses down here.  What do you think? I know, its cheesy as hell but, damn, rest of the day I used it, people laughed and smiled.  I even started doing the dance every once in a while.  


Try it, test the response.  It works.  Walk like an Egyptian, do the dance, use the voice.  It works!

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  • >>>  " OPERATION  AMERICAN  SPRING "  IS SCHEDULED AS A " MILLION MILITARY MAN MARCH AGAINST WASHINGTON , D.C. ( DISTRICT OF CORRUPTION ) TO REMOVE FROM OUR CAPITOL THE TRAITORS obummer , biden , hairy rude , valerie jammit , ' nazi pelosivitch ' , " hitlery " clinton , eric ' witholder ' AND MANY MORE . 

    ----------------------------------------------------   MAY  16 , 2014  ---------------------------------------------------------------

  • I have told others this. Look to history and we will see the parallels between President Obama and Hitler. to start we have Obama who is a charismatic speaker like Hitler. Like Hitler he made many promises. When things did not go right he would blame people and groups for his problems. Hitler also had the T4 program (health care) His claim he would protect them if they would hand over all the guns. This is Obamas promise with his gun control. Hitler also controlled the media so they would only agree with anything he said. When things started to fall apart he needed to use force so like Obama he used martial law. The president will use PDD 51 a presidential order that will give him dictatorial powers. He will then suspend the constitution. If he hasn't succeeded in disarming the nation he will do it now and will suspend all elections making himself president/ dictator forever. When will it happen I suspect after the November election when he will loose control of the senate. He will use some form of attack on American soil as reason to invoke the presidential executive order and invoke martial law. He will need military support and that is why he has removed over three hundred high level officers who would have opposed him. This is verifiable as is executive order PDD51. So I have laid it out how it will happen I pray I am wrong.

    I love my country but fear my government.


  • Christ tells us not to fear for our cause is righteous! I'm 32 as of last week, and the President answers to the people! Not the other way around! He Will be called to answer for his actions. I'm not afraid. I have faith and I'm putting in the work to prepare before May! I'm proficient at guns, knives and with a bow! I'm from the South! My family has been here for 7 generations and I want this BAD!!!!! I LOVE my country and FEAR will not play a factor in my decision. It's a righteous cause and you tell me what Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, WW1&2 were for if we are too cowardly to stand up now and defend our homes frm a domestic terrorist! Yes, I said terrorist. I'm tired of lies. I'm tired of half-truths. They've all gotta go regardless of the cost! Nothing is so valuable now that it's worth sacrificing our freedoms and our children's future! So I say, Bring it, Prez Obama! The walls will fal around you like Jericho and your administration will crumble!
    •  Thank You Mary!!!

    • It is wonderful to have faith. Satan is powerful and while prayer may guide you it is up to us to choose between freedom or slavery. Satan only deals with violence sometimes we have no choice but to give it to him.


    • The issue isn't  fear but we need to be wise! If we aren't careful Obama will have his excuse to declare martial law. We must NOT play into his hands! Yeah he's a terrorist and I"m sick of the distortions and lies. We first of all need to pray for guidance!!

      •  It is about fear!!!!  Again  I  if you have doubts .r don't want to be involved ...if you think what the PFA  is doing with OAS..then ...DON'T GET INVOLVED!!! We don't need people here telling us don't go and all the  "what if's".... everyone already know that.....!!!!!  We need people that are willing to  LEAD...theres a lot to do with planning and logistics....DON'T YOU THINK WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT HIS WANTING MARTIAL LAW!!!... SO according to you  ..we should all just stay home  ..cower in fear....and hope for the best...

        • I think we need to think things through very carefully and NOT give the Obamanation any ammo to use against us! Maybe we should start by marching on our senators and congressmen and demand they do their jobs!! Obama should have already been impeached!!

          Leading involves being smarter than the enemy!!!

          • I suggest you start your own movement and go march on your Sen  & Congressman.  YOU still don't get it!!! OBAMA is getting worse every day..... He doesn't need more ammo..HE  just does what he wants....All the complaining to congressman & Sen HAS DONE NOTHING...... I know ...they tell you how much they agree and then do something else entirely.... I Call and write them regularly.......NOTHNG gets done....    MY congressman replied by joining "NO LABELS" ..fix don'tfight....so in other words he has joined the DEMS   in their agenda....HE"S a LYING RINO....and I write & tell him that constantly.....He's proud of his assoc. with NO LABELS...what an asshole!!!...SO you go think things over....whether or not you are in the right ORG .... if this isn't for you .. ...go march on yourREPS

      •  bho has had Martial law in place for a long time by Exe. Order. IMO,it isn't legal but he has purged the military for that reason Our oath keeping military leaders have been replaced by lap dog liberals who want Communist in America. I'm sure that he is training his civilian police force as we type. I think they will be the worst of the illegal aliens,maybe some of the terrorist who have pranced into America by  his Political Asylum grants. He has wanted us to rise up for a long time,that's why he keeps pushing. He is probably laughed at us for taking what we have so far.

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