We Are REGULAR Folks STANDING Against Govt.-Golitath & OAS Is A Prayer Answered For Us ?

Pray To LOVE & Keep Standing NON-VIOLENTLY … Against VIOLENT Agnostic & Atheists PROGRESSIVES … ?

We The People Are Just REGULAR Folks … -'The Little Guy,' That Are STANDING Against The Golitath-BIG Govt., Who Is FOLLOWING UnConstitutional BAD Laws … ? The GOOD Citizens Will LOSE Their Businesses, & Jobs If They Do NOT Comply with The Laws of An UNCONSTITUTIONAL Govt. … And, If Good People Go AGAINST Their Consciences, By Obeying These Bad Laws  Then What Will Happen To Us As A Nation … ? If We Can NOT Stand Up, PEACEFULLY Against A CRUEL Govt., Would IT Not Be Like Giving Into A Life of SLAVERY To A Totalitarian Govt. Filled With Progressive-Repubs & Progrsv.-Democrats  … ? And This, For A Substandard Life, Just For The Sake of BASIC Human Survival … ? NO, I Am NOT Settling For This, I Am Going ALL Boar … !

I Bet, OUR Global Citizen-Pres.'s NEXT Job, Will Be As The Future United Nations Security LEADER … ? And He Is Probably … Going To CONTINUE Implementing UN Agenda 21 Plans, In The USA, & In All The ONCE Free WESTERN World … ? If We Do NOT Judiciously REMOVE Him … ?

I Am Going To, As the Bible Says "'Occupy' Till Jesus Comes'' -ie : Keep BUSY Doing Peaceful NON-VIOLENT Protests Nation WIDE And In Wash DC, & CONTINUE Treating, My PROGRESSIVE Neighbors In America, With All PATIENCE & LOVE From Above … ? That Is Why Operation American Spring, Is ONE of The MOST Important Organization's To Be Involved With … ? It Seems To Be An Answer To The Prayers of MANY of Us In The US … ? God Does Not LOOK At The Numbers of A Group ( & We Should Not Either ? )   … But He Looks At The Heart of The People JOINING 
(In His ?) Group ( That He Created  ?) … ? Keep Looking Straight Ahead At HIM & NOT Circumstances Around Our Nation (& Group ?) And HE Will Get Us Through … ?

Like The Walls of Jericho ? Let Us CONTINUE Walking ( Or Sitting Or Standing ? ) In Circles & Praying & 
Singing Christian Songs of Praise & Worship To God … ? In Wash DC & ALL Our United States … ?

NO ! It Is NOT Time (Season ?) For A Physical Revolution, But MAYBE In A Couple of Years …?
Only God Knows … ? But Now, Is The SEASON For A 'Holy Spirit Revolution Inside America' … ? For People To Stand Up For Their RELIGIOUS RIGHTS As Tax Payers … And ALL The Real LOVING Christians … Are Needed At The FRONT Lines … ? Because The Global-Citizens WANT To Have EVIDENCE … That YOU Behaved/Acted VIOLANTLY In The US … And NOT Like The Peaceful, US MARTYRED-Christian Martin Luther King … ? Who In The END … Achieved VICTORY In The US?

The NWOGlobal Citizens, Are PLANNING On Violently INTERRUPT We The People's 'NON-VIOLENT - Peaceful Gatherings … ? Do NOT Bring CHILDREN & Do NOT Respond With VIOLENCE When Treated In Kind … ? If You Are NOT Able To Be HUMBLE When There Is A Possiblility That You Will Be BEATEN & DRAGGED Off By Police - Then … Please, Do NOT Come To These PEACEFUL Govt-Protests … ? 

ALL Nations Who LOVE The OLD America & The ONCE Free West & HATE The New TRANSFORMATIONALLY Changed America, Stand Against The NEW Govt. Of Totalitarian Nazis 
INSIDE America … ? The Underground FREEDOM Movement Has BEGUN … ? We NEED Your Help & Your Prayers … ? I Believe History Will Show … That WE Were Successful In Removing & Jailing ALL Govt. Progressive Repub & Dem. Congressional-Traitors, To The Constitution In The USA & FREEDOM Was RETURNED … ?

It Is ENCOURAGING … ? To See That The USA Has A Lot of People Who Are Like The Little Shepherd Boy David Who Was Holy Spirit Led … And Went AFTER Goliath The Giant … Though He Was 'The Little Guy' … Yes, The Best Defense Is The BEST Offense, Like David, Against This Present End Time Global Govt. ( New World Order ?) That We Find Ourselves Standing AGAINST … -Yes, Say, "THUS, Far & No FUTHER … !?" YOU Are Making History … ?

Just Like In The Last Days … Everything Is OPPOSITE, Now A Days … ? (The NON-VIOLENT. Peaceful, Forgiving Christian ? ) The GOOD Is Now Evil & (The VIOLENT PROGRESSIVES Are GOOD … ? The US Prisons Will BECOME Filled  … ?


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Im with you! God Bless, Stay Strong..



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