From: Col. James Harding, USAF (Ret.) []
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 12:32 PM
Subject: UPDATE on IMPEACHMENT FROM Col. James Harding...


Where are 25 million "heroes?"




The original intent of Veteran Defenders of America was to make sure our veterans and their families, friends and neighbors were able to withstand and survive disasters, both natural and man-made. However, because we took an oath to defend our nation if we see a real threat to our constitutionally mandated way of life, we must be proactive, rather than reactive.


In my opinion, we have already waited too long to take definitive action.

Where are our 25 million veterans? Why have we all waited so long to do what we all know is the right thing to do according to our Bible, Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the intent of our founding fathers?  


This president has violated natural law, which is also God's law, and totally shredded the supreme law of our land enumerated in our Constitution. What more do we need? Why are we waiting? Are we gullible enough to believe the liberal press and elite Republicans, who know they also must share the blame for allowing Obama to be elected? Shouldn't we instead, believe in the American people who want us to get back to a Constitutional Republic?


We have to remove Obama now!


How do we know the 2014 elections will be fair? Look at the fraud in the 2012 elections. Look what has already happened in some of the primaries such as Virginia, Mississippi and Tennessee. We cannot afford to allow our country to suffer two more years of the Communist, Muslim, dictatorial leadership we see happening now. Even if we win the Senate and keep the House of Representatives in this election, there is no guarantee that they will do anything to remove Obama. Too many of them are complicit in his election and reelection.


He has unilaterally decimated our military and put our country, and our allies, in real danger of being defeated by our many enemies who see a golden opportunity to remove the United States as a deterrent to their own expansion. He is allowing Christians, Jews and anyone other than Muslims to be murdered throughout the world. His lack of leadership has resulted in world bullies invading their neighbors and setting up Communist regimes in our back yard, in direct violation of the Monroe Doctrine.


He has supported the overthrow of stable governments by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, Syria and other Middle Eastern nations. He has allowed the distribution of weapons to criminal and terrorist factions in Mexico, Central and South America and throughout the Middle East. He has failed to protect our military and embassies. He has eliminated freedom of speech and freedom of religion in our military and forced military members to endure social engineering against their will. He has forced out members of our military who refuse to violate the law by taking up arms against our own citizens. He is allowing our military health care system to be destroyed by bureaucrats.


What more do you need?


Every veteran and true patriot should be backing the immediate impeachment and removal of the entire Obama regime. SEE ACTION ITEMS BELOW! 


We need every veteran behind us as we act on your behalf. Join our ranks and get every other veteran you know to join as well. No other organization is taking this kind of positive, productive action. The time to act is now before more damage is done. We need to start the healing process.


Col. Jim Harding, USAF (Ret.) 








Just before leaving DC on August recess, 225 House Republicans voted to "sue" Barack Hussein Obama for only a tiny fraction of many treasonous impeachable offenses. Since then, the congressional "no impeachment" talking points have been circulated to all House members, appearing in all responses to constituent calls to impeach, and regurgitated from the lips of nearly every GOP talking head on radio and TV.

Still, we are now at 29 House members who favor impeachment and growing. NOW IS THE TIME TO SEND A DELEGATION TO D.C. when House members return from recess.


YOU must send a copy of these Articles of Impeachment to YOUR House Republican immediately!

FAX ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT HERE (CLICK) Send them to both the home district offices and the DC office for every House Republican (DO NOT SEND TO ANY DEMOCRATS AT THIS TIME.)

DONATE TO FUND THE DELEGATION TO D.C. (CLICK)  - We are still far short of the goal amount needed to fully fund the delegation. No one is getting paid to lay it on the line here - we are only covering the heavy expenses in doing this the right way and sending the right people.




Special thanks to ALL who have stood tall with us all these years, making it possible for us to fight these battles on Constitutional Missions until we one day achieve VICTORY!

God bless all who take a stand!



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Let me see if I've got this straight:

Barack Hussein Obama and his administration have done the following;

- Destroyed the best health care system in the world;

- Replaced it with a tax and control Marxist selective care where no one will get treatment.

- Closed hospitals and forced doctors out of business.

- doubled our insurance rates while limiting the health care provided.

- Opened up the health care to millions of illegals and forces US citizens top pay for their care.

- Betrayed our best and only ally in the Middle East.

- Encouraged Islam in the Middle East by telling them he would side with them against Israel.

- Attempted to insert a Muslim brotherhood thug (Morsi) into Egyptian President.

- Sold and sent Arms to Islamic terrorists in Lybia

- Provided funding to those same Islamic terrorists and helped them kill a foreign dictator.

- Then provided more funding and arms to those same terrorists who them killed a US Ambassidor and four US CIA Navy SEALS.

- Attempted to block three raids to kill Usama Bin Ladin but then claimed credit and that he did it when the forth attempt finally succeeded.

- He has installed several Muslim Brotherhood Islamists into high positions within our Government Security and defense agencies, Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and several others.

- Approved the change in orders for flight plans and equipment which resulted in the deaths of 30 US Navy SEALS, SEAL Team Six, which just happened to be the same unit that killed Bin Ladin.

- Released five of the top enemy Jehadist commanders from Gitmo prison in exchange for a possible deserter, without any sort of Military investigation before hand, and without consulting Congress or the Military.

Now wants to release five more prisoners from Gitmo prison but still refuses to consult Congress or the Military.

- Withdrew ALL US military personal, all Military support and security forces from Iraq.

- Now blames former President G.W. Bush did that too, even though he took credit for “getting all our troops out” at the time.

- Has reduced the US Military forces and capability levels to below Pre-World War II levels.

- Declared the US Southern Borders ans “Secure” but has sent messages to South American people to “come on up – America will NOT deport you”.

- Send and provided Arms and weapons to Mexican drug cartels, (Fast-N-Furious).

- Issued Executive orders to enable the arrest and detainment of anyone showing any signs of respiratory illness, (EBOLA infections), months before any known outbreak in Africa. (April 2014).

- Opened the Southern border to anyone who manages to walk across, including Jehadists and Al-Qeida, ISIL/ ISIS, terrorists.

- He has funded HAMAS and the Palestinians, while blocking shipments of defensive Arms and missiles to Israel. (HAMAS has been declared a terrorist State, but Israel WAS our greatest Ally in the Middle East).

- Has sworn to “Fundamentally Transform America” into some unknown, unstated, undeclared, undefined, New World Order , against all fundamental principals of the US Constitution.

- And at the same, time while facilitating and doing all these things, he and his administration have been working very hard and diligently at destroying and revoking our US Constitutional Second Amendment rights to keep and Bear Arms.

All these things are true and verifiable. And yet even through all of this, (and more), the US Congress does not think that Barack Hussein Obama and his Administration has done anything that would warrant or justify Impeachment.

Please research and take the appropriate act for yourself  with regard to Common Law Grand Jury. The time for more talk and writing is completed. This is a tool that will provide us with the power to do things to correct this.

There is one in your county in every state except Iowa. The folks in Florida indicted people today.

I started action to indict the two Oregon senators on treason. For breaking their oath and voting to infringe my rights with the UN treaty on gun control.



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