We need to be careful to not to play into their schemes.

This was originally published on 16 October 2013, post 13 October Million Man March on D.C.

Ex-Navy SEAL Drops Bombshell On FOX: Says Government Is CREATING Conditions To Impose Martial Law

I believe we won a battle on 13 October 2014 when we deposited the Barrycaides at O's doorstep (government capitulated and passed a budget ending the shutdown); however, the Democrats AND Republicans countered with an attack on Veteran's benefits just a few weeks ago to make sure we knew our place. Silly boys and girls.

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Keep buying all the ammo you can...you are going to need it soon.

They are former Seals,Marines , once a Seal or Marine always one ! I have heard that to expect martial law this year before elections n be ready n it get very scary , but I know a lot of us will hope fully will be! God Bless America

I hope that what they revealed here hasn't surprised a lot of you. From the day this SOB took office, you could see the wheels turning in his mind and accurately predict what he was planning to do. Yes he is very much so planning on his takeover with the declaration of "Martial Law". He will create a situation and sell it to the American public that he has no choice but to declare Martial Law in order to protect them from harm. This is when it gets tough because of the percentage of people out there who are so dumbed down and government reliable that will actually believe his bullshit and support him whole heartedly. I hope everyone is out there actually getting to know who their real friends and allies are right now. It won't be that easy once the SHTF it might be total chaos! It's a scary thought but imagine a time in Germany in the 1940's when they were rounding up all the Jews.People who they thought were their friends turned them in to the Nazi's for bribes of sometimes just a meal or just personal glorification. Take heed in the warnings my friends for these days too shall pass.

Just as  we are all human beings, we can expect the same kinds of circumstances, problems, and results. We need to find people who think and believe the same as we do and stay in touch. As always "STRENGTH IN NUMBERS"

This crowd in DC is like no other, I trust them as far as I can throw a battleship.

Same here Allen S. Menges.   I detected the Lenin/Stalinist winds coming for BHO when listening to his first presentation.  When the constitution is the foundation  instrument of freedom and someone wants to "fundamentally change" government, that should be like a  lightening  strike all  across America; touching every man and woman of age who has anything above their shoulders.  Recognizing also the vacuum created in the mind of the BHO voting population by public, secular education, advanced by John Dewey "the Change Agent" of an earlier era.The tranquilizing drug of gradualism coupled with semantic manipulation and time have disemboweled the nation of it's strength; and created a feeble mindedness that brought BHO forth.  So, John Dewey accomplished his goal.  Efforts to make a repair may be forthcoming in May of this year.

 I'm not tooting any horns because you only need an IQ of  room temperature to figure out Obama  was a communist. I read Jerome Corsi's Book "Obama Nation"  months before the election and realized like he did that Obama was a full blown communist, put in the process  by a secret society of far left radicals & socialist.  They have  also taken over our schools , media and are now trying to control our Churches  and rid us of guns....DO NOT LET THEM. The only religious aspirations Obama has is towards radical Islam

Do you people really think "all law enforcement would go along with a martial law " Knowing that we the people are fed up with this administration and lawlessness. Obama just pissed of a big police union when he appointed a lawyer that helped a cop killer. Do you think our armed forces like him for the treatment they have been getting on those Christian soldiers. Our armed forces that an oath to protect us from a run a way gov. Besides any thing this president has signed isn't worth the paper it signed on. Our government has been stolen from us and the proof is right in this:

The following eye-opening article and/or blog post that was published by The Post & Email reveals overwhelming evidence that we in fact have a fraud and a ...

weroinnm.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/the-greatest-fraud-perpetr - Cached

 NO ..not all Police... I am very LEARY of the DHS though! ...and to some extent the FBI...

Large numbers if not the majority of law enforcement and military will not go along with an arbitrary martial law. The oath keepers organization is very active and for every known member, there are 3-4 that agree with them.


Check this out Pentagon didn't even know about a Annex in Benghzi

 This is unbelievable- This means that our GOVT,,,(OBOMBO) was secretly funneling weapons & money to Syria thru this annex  and kept it secret from the military....

  A funneling of weapons, supplies from Libya, that I believe was involved in the silencing of Ambassador Stevens, though even that collaboration with the assumed friendly al queda leaders this administration plays with, went bad on them. A situation that got the admin scrambling, and lying to cover up a lie, that already places trust in liars of their own mission, and agenda.   



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