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barenakedislam.wordpress.comTruth be told, I quickly discounted my initial reaction that Muslims might be involved because the killer was reported to be in a Santa costume. Stupid me. The 'Santa' who massacred his family on C...








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  • try this  

    Now, let me say this to those of you who are not Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christians.  We who are will be gone before the prophecies in Ezekiel 38:14 to the end of 39 take place, but for you who are left, know this, 5 out of 6 muslims will die when they join Russia and attack Israel. 

  • Here's an update from Godfathers Politics.........


  • Sorry about that're absolutely right.....I have not seen any reporting on the incident beyond the initial report last weekend/early this week.........

    • Fox news had a quicky on this morning but only cover the 911 call not much more...

  • google or bing "Texas Christmas Day massacre of 7 people"... plenty sources there.

  • I made a copy of it yesterday, it's in the attached word file...

    Well, well, well, the Texas Christmas Day massacre of 7 people, inc...
  • The link hasn't been on the title of the piece.......

  • What is going to happen in 2012 pertaining to Barack Hussein Obama and the White House:
    1.  Iraq will be a "lost cause" since Obama places politics (his campaign promises) above the favorable ending and outcome with this country.  American troops should have not been pulled in full just to pacify his campaign promises because of the fluid situation in this country.  Why?  Sunni's feel left out of the government.  Sectarian violence will continue and even increase and thus allowing Iran to enter the picture.
    2.  B. Obama does not want the economy to better itself except for very small decreases in unemployment thereby allowing the White House to have an argument that it is getting better when it actually it isn't.  Why?  In order for Obama to be able to rally and get support from his left wing base the argument of "The Rich have it all" has to be argued to further his socialist agenda.
    3.  The U.S. government will continue to expand in size by policies placed forward by the White House, making Big Government....bigger.  This further places a tax burden, no growth, on the citizens to pay for this bigger government.  Obama will again place the problem on "The Rich" to achieve this type of government.  North Korea is a great example with its government and big military with nothing to "militarize".
    4.  Iran:  The White House is allowing Iran to expand their influence and rhetoric, especially in the Straights of Hormuz.  If Iran attacks the shipping routes, Obama will become a War President and get re-elected "unless" the American people are brought to light of this situation.  Why is Obama allowing this to happen? He fought new oil drilling permits in the Gulf.  He slowed down and fought oil drilling permits on the mainland.  He is fighting the Keystone Pipeline project all the while Iran is telling the world that the Straights of Hormuz will be closed.  It is obvious he wants a NO OIL policy which supports his green at every cost agenda.
    • 1. Now that the troops are gone, Iraq is about to enter into the same "brotherhood" as Egypt, Libya, attempts on Syria, etc... so everything that was done to bring Iraq out of tyranny will be erased, reversed and amplified (hussein doesn't have hussein to kick around anymore, so the transfer of power may get a bit rougher)... liberals as usual turn love of life into waste of life.


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  • So sad, Just another day in Islam, after all it is the religion of peace. Lets hope they don't start digging "stoning" holes next.

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