Everyday we are constantly bombarded with new information about what the Obama administration and those pulling his strings are doing to destroy our country. Everyday we are horrified and disgusted by the arrogance of those who gleefully and willingly participate in the destruction of our country.

We get mad, we post these articles and alerts which keep us up to date on all the new traitorous actions of the fascist/socialist who's desire is to destroy/remove our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and Sovereignty. They speak misinformation about our founding document...our foundation...to make them appear to be without value, effect, consequence, or significance and void. We now know that our government is not listening to us, nor do they intend to.

We do have some (very few) honorable men and women holding some government position who are there to serve and not be served, who are standing firm for our Constitution and Republic. They are like lone rangers because as they have stood up to fight for our country, many of us are sitting in front of our computers talking about all that is going on, but what else are we doing to help them, or to help ourselves and to fight for our children's futures? I have to add there are many people standing up and fighting for our country to, BUT they need our help.

I was watching my young niece tonight who was reading her bible preparing for her Sunday School Class tomorrow. My joy in seeing her studying her bible was overtaken with fear of what would happen to her in her adult years if she were found reading her bible. Then my mind wondered into imagining her in a burka. I imagined her being beaten by the likes of the taliban for her ankles showing, for her being beaten because it's a man's duty to beat women into submission. Of course then I thought of her children she would have and what would they endure.

I also imagined if Islam didn't dominate our country and Communism did. My niece still would not be better off. What would happen to her if she was found studying her bible or teaching her children the precepts of God. What would happen to her children? She would not have the freedom of conscious, of exercising her conscious, she and her family would not have the liberty that many have bought and paid for with their blood. Her children will be forced to attend communist or islamic government schools of indoctrination. Her sons only if it's islamic government. Her daughters will be thought to be lower than chattel. I can't live with those thoughts.

So, what can we do?
What are we willing to do to make sure this does not happen to our country, our children,
grandchildren and their children?
What are we willing to sacrifice?
Are we willing to be arrested like Allan Keyes and jailed in our fight?
Are we still consumed with our worldly comforts to get out and fight?
Are we beaten down by our government to where we cower and do nothing?

When I use the word fight, I don't mean for us to physically fight unless we are forced into a corner and that is our only last hope. I mean putting boots on the ground....putting actions to our words.

We are now constantly reacting to this government. We need to switch that...we need to get on the offensive.

I'm asking everyone here to brainstorm and offer hope and suggestions on how we need to change our tactics to achieve what we want to achieve. Please list your suggestions, even if you think they are goofy or insignificant ...still list them, they may not be and/or we could use parts of them as a start or part.

What I don't want to see or read is America is doomed and there is no hope. Please help as we are all in this together...standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder.


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Alan Keyes,said it best"I can be your President,but it will take you the People to make it work",we the people , have not had a situation present it's self to us as it is now,we have proceeded peacefully so far ,have tried our TEA parties and got a mild response( if the truth were known ,I think we made a big impression) they did not expect that many Americans to respond,we are going with the Grand Jury's and Pink Slips,has anyone ever heard of 'hostile take 'over?I think this is what will happen and we need people who can replace those we remove instantly, until we can get a new election.I have been asked "well what about those that voted for him,what happened to their right's?,I have finally been able to talk to some that did vote for him and was told by them they had made a horrible mistake,IT IS MY OPINION that the United Nation's got him put into office Not the American People!,America is not doomed, there will NOT be new world order,WE DID GET SLAPPED IN THE FACE,it's just takeing a secound to regroup and decide just what course to take,cause NO WE AIN"T GONNA TAKE IT SITTING DOWN!!!
Where would one start.
• How do we counter the MSM Fox is up against all the rest?
• How do you rein in Hollywood and the garbage they present in films and the funding they give the liberals? Hollywood represents millions and millions of dollars.
• How do we keep the 51% of Americans that are on entitlement programs who don’t pay there fare share. They won’t boot out the hand that feeds them.
• How do you undo the Liberal Judges that have lifetime positions from legislating from the bench?
• Out of the 535 people in congress that represent us how many have been in their jobs for years and some have never had a real job in their lives. Kennedy, 40+ years, Biden, 30 + years, the Clintons for the past 20 yrs nationally and 10 years State of Arkansas, and so on. The people keep electing these inbreeds.
• When will we stop the Islamic invasion or the Mexican invasion either of which have designs on taking over this nation?
• Look around and see who attends the rallies. Where are the youth, the minorities?
• Look at television MTV, Simpson’s, Cartoon network, and all of the sitcoms where kids insult their parents or family’s fight and insult each other all the time ie: Raymond, or Tim the tool man. Funny they may be but are teaching the youth to disrespect adults including their own parents.
• Issue’s regarding our sovereignty day after day.
• Abortion on demand, rampant homosexuality this nation is about as immoral as it could possibly be. I never in my wildest dreams could imagine same sex marriage let alone becoming legal. How sick is this. Even animals no better nor have a desire.

The list is just endless. Even if we remove Obama through Grand Jury indictment, can you not imagine the race riot of all race riots taking place? It will be out right war to stay alive.

I as will others continue to (fight) but, the revolution to get back our Republic will eventually be a shooting revolution and many will die. You mention going to jail like Allen Keys demonstration of sacrifice but everyone in jail is of no good to any body. So what if they are making a statement..
I am not calling for an insurrection; I am saying that we are past elections, as an answer so I don’t know any other way since all of my life “it was just throw the bums out” was the approach. Obama is taking control of the census in order to control opposition, they are trying to shut down the conservative air waves, the head of HS has made a potential terrorist out of everyone that has an opposing view of this administration and there will be heavy attempts to get gun confiscation not just control. This is not by accident.

Out of 300 million people are there enough to take this country back? 150 million are owned by the government what is the percentage of Mexicans not to mention the 15 million illegals the Blacks and the Muslims. How many are left and who is going to be General Custer? The Constitution is only as good as there are people to enforce it, past that it is just a piece of paper and a mere memory of what is all about. The Cheifs of staff of the military are the only people that could do this without any bloodshed.


The problems are numerable.
17 states are evokong the 10th Amendment so far. I believe it has passed 4. It was on the legislative agenda this year but all allocated time passed, nothing was done. It will be in the next legislative session.
There are many problems, but the biggest problem I see starts with accountably. I think we need to push our lawmakers to make voting work just like the IRS. We can do this. There have been enough problems in the last 3 elections, and this would take care of fraudulent voters to a great degree. We need a new nationwide voter registration program. They could set it up with a function of the IRS, or car registration or notary publics. It is already set up in our state at car registration, but it needs to be enhanced. There should be only verifiable entities where registration can be done. I am not an expert, but I know they know whether we are dead or alive when we pay our taxes. They are pretty careful about that, and there should be similar penalties for fraudulent voter registration as there are for tax fraud. It is the most important American right and they are sloppy about it and that is why the fight in Florida took place, and that is why ACORN can get away with murder. They have no problem verifying who gets Social Security either. This can be done. Once only real live American citizens can vote, it will eliminate a lot of problems. I think we should bombard our lawmakers with demands to verify or delete letters.
COME JOIN US the week of MAY 11 for a MEDIA BLITZ to Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck!

Is Obama a natural-born citizen and therefore qualified to be President of the United States?
Some say, "NO! He pays lawyers to hide his citizenship status" (no one really disputes this part of the debate). Some say, "He has been vetted by Fox News!" (Fox has never seen the paperwork, though). Others say - "who knows? - but what's the point because he cannot be removed?"
The real problem is that conservative talk radio has dropped the ball on a great story that would drive ratings like mad. Why? Is it that their profits surge when conservatives are unhappy (true)? Are they afraid of being mocked? Do they really think that the leader of the free world is paying lawyers to "defend" him from producing his long form birth certificate because that’s something someone does for a hobby?
We'll never know unless public awareness is raised on this issue. So now it's time to take back Conservative Talk radio.


The Schedule:

Monday, May 11: Contact Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity
Tuesday, May 12: Contact Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity
Wednesday, May 13: Contact Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh
Thursday, May 14: Contact Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity
Friday, May 15: Contact Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh

You may already know about this, but if not you should! Hundreds-to-thousands(not hundreds-OF-thousands unless this takes off like mad - make no mistake) appear to already have committed themselves to calling SEAN HANNITY, BILL O'REILLY, RUSH LIMBAUGH and GLENN BECK, demanding to know what evidence they have that allows them to dismiss this very salient issue.
MONDAY, MAY 11, 2009. THIS TIME WHEN YOU CALL ON THIS ISSUE, YOU WON’T BE ALONE. No, you may not get through. If you do they'll likely cut you off. But if we all call together on the same day, we'll gum up the works. No facility can run with operational sanity when they're trying to fend off hundreds of calls, all about a subject that the core audience wants vetted but THEY don’t want to touch. At that point, we force them to deal with the issue. That's the target.
If you are worried about exposing yourself to hostility personally, call *67 in front of the number to block them.

***IMPORTANT*** Do NOT mention the eligibility issue as the reason for your call when you get through to the screener! You will NOT be allowed to speak about this issue IF you show your hand! While we don't like to mislead, our chance to speak with the host will evaporate into thin air at the mention of this "forbidden" topic.

Here's the info for HANNITY, O'REILLY, RUSH and BECK.

or e-mail through the website contact form
Here is the message board at Hannity’s facebook page, where you can make this issue clear for all to see:
RADIO CALL-IN: 1-800-941-7326

Call Bill O'Reilly, The O'Reilly Factor & Fox News Channel
If you would like to call Bill O'Reilly, the producers of The O'Reilly Factor, The Radio Factor or the Fox News Channel, the number is 1-888-369-4762.
(This invitation to call comes from his website, so don’t be shy - they asked for it. Remember, you can always preface the call with *67 if you feel nervous. THE TIME TO DO IT IS NOW!)



Be respectful - BUT BE FIRM. If Obama is qualified, fine. BUT WE'LL NEVER
MONDAY MAY 11, 2009. JOIN US THEN! Thank you!
Patriots, a few months before Obama was put into office, (note I am not saying elected), Harry Reid, Pelosi and others tried to ram their versions of immigration and amnesty down the throats of the American public. They were bombarded by millions of emails, telegrams, faxes and letters not to mention phone callls telling them that we the people would not stand for this go back to the drawing boards. They had no choice but to listen. They could not get amnesty passed for the 12 million illegals here and the millions on the way trickling now flowing through our porous borders. Since that was the only message they understood, Obama has come into office and his minions have brought with them unscrupulous methods to get their agenda accomplished and they plan to use any means to see to it that it is. We will have no choice but to let them have it again in the form of more phone calls, letters, faxes etc to let them know that the elections this year are not going to go in their favor. That should slow them down but with their reputations for not listening to us anyway, do not expect it to be the panacea we all need to stop this erosion of our freedoms. Indeed Twana is right. We do need action but only the kind that will not result in all out war against our own....we can win this at the polls and locally and we need to start immediately and not stop until it is done.
I have great respect for everyone that is putting their two cents in on this discussion. I get back a reply from one of my legislators about 3 times week. That is from emailing and calling. Cong. Joe Donnelly, Senator Evan Bayh, and Sen. Richard Lugar. Donnelly is the most consistent. I think he is a good guy. All this stuff about getting Obama out of office by declaring him not eligible is a nice idea, but I don't think it is going to fly. Our founders gave us a framework to work in and even though our government tries to get around it, I don't think we should let that stop us from trying. I think emails and calls are too easy to ignore. I think we need to paper them to death through the good old bankrupt United States Post Office. Not only the government, but the New York Times, The Washington Post, TV stations. I think we should get together with like-minded individuals and stand outside newspaper office buildings, TV stations, and government buildings with signs and flyers. People need organizers and leaders to begin the momentum. The outrage is out there, but people sit on their behinds because most of us are followers who yell at our TV sets. Anarchy will just get a few people arrested and too afraid to try again. But people will unite behind a leader, and once enough people have gotten behind the effort, the jails won't hold all of us. We need to be force to be reckoned with. We are already doing this collectively without most people realizing we're doing anything. We are not spending. The government didn't bargain on people who are getting steady paychecks not spending them, and even though it isn't organized at all, it is having an effect. 2/3 of the revenue of the fed budget counts on us spending our money. Just think about the attention we could get if we could get organized and get behind a concrete effort. Until we can wrest the power away from organizations like ACORN who get handed our hard-earned money and use it to screw us out of whatever is in the citizen taxpayer;s best interests, we will never have accountability. We need to hit all these organizations in the pocketbook.

The internet is having an effect. Look at that horrible blogger Perez Hilton. He set Miss California up with that question, and then we she gave her honest and tactful answer about her Christian beliefs, they are talking about taking away her crown. That is just a small example of how savvy the liberals are. They have a bunch of money behind them from Hollywood, and this dumb blogger is saying what they want to hear and making bank on it, and destroying lives and careers. Look what the bloggers did to Sarah Palin.Sad to say, people often believe what they hear, without verification. I know a lot of them. That is how Obama did his number to us. He talks, talks, talks about "inheriting" these problems, and people believe it without understanding that Clinton stripped the military down to their underwear for his so-called balanced budget, and then when 9/11/01 happened, Bush had to pretty much start from scratch getting personnel, equipment, and supplies. I know what I am talking about here. My husband was in the Army in the first Gulf War and he and millions of others were given a lump sum of money to get out of the military because their MOS's were "over-strength". We have to start with one or two major campaigns and put our "troops" together and get their attention by being so annoying because we won't go away and shut up. We can use their "political correctness" campaign against them by uncovering enough facts about injustice and wrongdoing by the government to publicize in every way possible. If we do this, they will have to deal with us. Now, they might round us up and put us in one of those detention camps You Tube has all the films of, but then if that happens, we were already doomed in the first place. I know I will fight and yell like heck though. They will have to shoot me to make me go quietly. We have to start doing something, or I guess we might as well stand down. If some of us will organize a PFA picnic in our areas in a public park for networking and organizing, I know some people will come, but we have to have a plan of action to get off the ground. My first action is going to be to pray, but then I want to do something hands-on soon! Those of you who are Christians or Jews know that we have a promise from the Lord that we need to hold onto. From 2 Chronicles 7:14:
if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
1) PRAY- Prayer is absolutely the most important and effective thing we can do. We need to pray that God will again be recognized as Americas only hope. Our Government has by and large turned from God and until that changes, nothing will. Pray that our elected officials, from the President clear down to your local Mayor, would turn from self-servers to God-servers.

2) SPEAK OUTIt's time to abolish political correctness and re-establish biblical correctness. We must not be afraid to vocalized our beliefs in regards to right and wrong. For too long morality and truth have been silenced by a liberal world view that wants to dictate both.

3) VOTE (for God)We must elect conservative thinking people and fire the liberal ones. I'm not talking Republican/Democrat. I'm talking pro-life, pro-family, pro-individual, pro-American. In other words – Pro-God.
Liberals are none of these and are not suited to serve.


I posted the train information on my blog. I hope you do not mind. Several were interested.



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