One of the most discussed and ignored question I’ve read on the groups I’ve joined is what is next? Should we form a third party? Some say join the minority party AKA the GOP along with a few other suggestions. I’ve been thinking about it and here are my 2 cents or is it only worth 1 cent now (inflation is a b*$ch).

First form a third party.

The Benefits: we could start from scratch with a foundation that is sound and free of progressive/moderates that now poison the traditional party of conservatism the GOP and the negative reputation that party has developed with the body politic that makes up both the voting minority in this country and the ignorant majority.

The Detriments: what modern (1945-2009) third party has yet been successful? Lack of name recognition, lack of respect from any of the major media formats (Print, Big Three TV networks, Cable Networks and to a great extent the Internet and Radio). This lack of respect and name recognition makes raising money to pay for even local campaigns difficult. No one takes a third party seriously.

Suggestions to overcome Detriments: Organize and start small and focus on one town/city/county or in RI case the whole state. Put all our effort into these local elections and ignore the national races (Senate, House of Representatives, President ect.) and the state wide executive positions (Governor, Treasurer, AG ect.). Gain power in these locations and establish a reputation. I think the biggest problem the Libertarians have is they are to disorganized and trying to do to much with to little. Pick and win our fights.

Second join the GOP.

The Benefits: Well established name recognition and historical track record of conservatism and historical figures to emulate (Lincoln, Reagan). Access to campaign donor lists ($$$$$$).

The Detriments: Well established name recognition and historical track record of backsliding on conservative principles just to be “liked” by the media and pander to the uniformed electorate. Media bias and successful progressive campaigns to label party as sudo-facist. Just as many of us dislike the GOP as we do the Democratic Party.

Suggestions to overcome Detriments: Take over the GOP using the same suggestions for overcoming the detriments to forming a third party. Take over the town parties first and the state and national will fallow. Start small and take control of the GOP by moving out Progressive and failed old guard career politicians.

Third form a Political Action Comity (PAC) or a standard 527 Group. Some of the groups have already decided to make this transition. Mike of Gods Angels of Freedom also recommended this at least once at the 13 May meeting in Charles Town.

The Benefits: Allows individuals to select specific issues to support based on the groups they choose to join. Each group selects an individual issue or group of similar issues to champion. This would prevent infighting and be an example of voting with our money and memberships in specific groups.

The Detriments: Lack of focus and unity of force. The potential arises that we become disunited and brake into factions. History has shone that movements that are disunited and splintered fail for lack of momentum.

Suggestions to Overcome Detriments: Organized one overall PAC or 527 to act as a unifying umbrella organizations we can all fall under. Then as Mike of Gods Angels of Freedom suggested organize one group for each issue that matters to our movement. The web site for the umbrella organization would have the links to each sub issue group. In this way we would all chose to join the sub groups we wish too.

I would further suggest that the umbrella group set up a mechanism by using the sub groups as the issue experts to rate each candidate in each race base on that candidate’s support of opposition to our movement. Each sub issue group would also be responsible to educating the remainder of the movement on their particular issue. In this way no single person or group would have the reasonability to research every issue. This specialization will improve the quality of information. Then the top five educational pieces from each sub group would be published on the umbrella site. Meetings and protest would be coordinated and scheduled by the umbrella site.

I don’t have all the answers just suggestions. What does every one else think and please publish your thoughts and send them to me and your organizations leaders.

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my thoughts, and like you maybe only worth 1 cent lol.
everyone knows, or SHOULD''
there is NOT a dimes worth of difference between the TWO PARTIES right now.
short of a FULL BLOWN REVOLUTION, and i feel thats the ONLY WAY, were ever going to take our Republic from the TRAITORS AND PETTY TYRANTS..
id suggest everyone pick say the Republican party and OVER WHELM THEM, kick OUT ALL their top leaders, and replace with OUR PEOPLE, the COMMON MAN AND WOMAN.
we have a saying in the Marine Corps, WE ADAPT AND OVER COME, we NEED to do this, or PREPARE FOR WAR..
its GOT to be one or the OTHER.....
Of all the years peaceful revolution has been attempted, yet has failed, I fear that the choice for violent revolution is upon us. Will we draw the line in the sand, take up arms, tell the government that they will push us no further, and push them back? Or will we choose to whine, whimper, complain, and lay back for the sake of our lives?! Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed to have us as Americans! There's supposed to be a Patriot within us! What has happened to it?! I know mine is ready to explode outward and bring about revolution, but what about everyone else?! Present company excluded, and I'm sure there are lots of other Patriots out there, but Americans it seems have become so caught up in their toys, their cars, their houses, their games, and their selfishness that they don't care what happens around them! Damn Obama! Damn our current Congress! Damn our government for pushing us this far!
We need Palin/Petraeus and I don't care which party they belong to. Maybe Petraeus/ Palin?
At this point, with some of the Senate/Rep elections coming up in 2 years, it might be wiser to back the Reps for now and work on a 3rd party in 4 years elections. It could mess up the elections at this time and give the full power to the dems again with no checks and balances, enough where it takes away the votes from the reps. if it is close and the dems walk away with it, like a big distraction. We need to get the checks and balances back first, whether you like reps or dems - the one party system we have now is not American.
I agree with Greycoat. I recently divorced the GOP out of sheer disgust. Where do they get this ridiculous idea that they have to become liberal to get elected? If we wanted liberals, we would vote Democrap. Everyone says a third party would never make it...well, the Republicans were a third party once.
I might be crazy, but I have been doing a lot of thinking on this......We will never have a true election again unless everyone has to vote on election day with only the military able to use absentee ballots. Do you realize how many people are affiliated with Acorn? It was proven in the last election that they were using empty houses all over the country to have absentee ballots mailed to, and I don't mean just 2 or 3 ballots. I will never feel like Obama won the election legally. Remember in some states they could use a reciept or anything, even a light bill as identification? Acorn even filed a lawsuit in Georgia,( we have to have picture ID), to say we were discriminating against the poor and homeless. That is why Obama's paid votes didn't carry Ga for him. I don't think a third party is as important as doing something about our election laws. A lot of people are going Independent, but party doesn't matter. Just do the research on the candidates and maybe say to them that you will donate to their campaign if they can answer a few questions for you. Check them out. It really doesn't matter what letter follows their name. Lord knows we sure ought to have found that out by now.

Did ya'll realize that their is a group now trying to abolish our 22 Amendment? This will stop term limits for the president, making it possible for Obama to stay in as dictator. I have said all along that was what he wanted. He already acts as dictator. Even throughout the campaign he sounded like someone running to be dictator. He don't really care one penny for us peons as long as we bow before him and not say anything against him. Soon, you will probably be thrown into one of FEMA's camps with the barbed wire around it if you don't bow to his will.

WE THE PEOPLE have got to stand together and force our representatives to protect our constitution. Maybe we can get a coup together and do what the Honduras did before it is too late !!
i can SEE PALIN, but not the other man..
Palin and Bobby Jindal from Louisana would be a good ticket.
and hey, this old thing of lets play it safe and elect the powers that be in the Republican party, is a NO WIN situation, thats been going on for ever it seems, and can ANYONE show me where its gotten any better in this nation..
like i said, we NEED a VERY RADICAL MOVEMENT to KICK ALL OF THEM OUT and replace with JUST COMMON FOLKS as ourselves..
and if anyone is NOT willing to get DOG MEAN and take this Republic back from the TRAITORS AND TYRANTS?? then your FOREVER going to allow the ENEMIES of freedom to CONTROL AND ENSLAVE YOU.
the democrooks are in reality COMMUNIST, with some MARXIST, AND SOCIALIST throw in, and if anyone thinks their just a SOFT POLITICIAL PARTY had better look at the REAL PICTURE..
they DO NOT play by the RULES, thats how they won the 2008 elections, lets take over the Republican party kick OUT the top tier screwups, and get RADICAL and take this Republic BACK.
I don't know what to say anymore. I think the Conservative Movement is without representation 100% and we have been Publicly ruined by Bush, McCain, Kyle and all the other RINOS. The stink is so bad that the Majority of Conservatives in the country have already splintered away to different parties or have given up. Michale Steele and the RNC want to go more Moderate?#*! Just shows how hopeless without a clue they are!!!!!
They talk about reinvigorating the base but there is no base to reinvigorate. Reinvented and showing that the old is dead and a new message of TRUE Federal Government reform back to Constitutional abidance, that might work but not coming from these people. It would be like John McCain suddenly deciding that we have to abide by the Constitution letter by letter, it would be disingenuous like the Devil actually doing good, won't happen!

Is there a way to completely clean house and start from scratch? I don't think so. How can you save an Apple when it is rotten to the core?

You throw it away in the trash, OR, you use the waste as Compost to grow better fruit. It takes longer and seems impossible but I think a Third Party is our only hope if we can get it big and recognized.
There have been third parties from the start of this nation. That idea has not worked for about 150 years. We put a great candidate in the running and they get 15 %. Let's think about this. If we take over the Republican party or the Democrats (tons more work here) It would be easier. If we are strong enough to think about starting a third party and being successful, than we will be strong enough to take over the Republican Party. We start at the top and work our way down. All of us can think of who we want to keep and who we want to dump. Jim Demint has worked hard for us and Lindsey Graham has voted his warped mind and not our will. We do have some people that would be good for what we want. That would be a start.
Dr. Edwin Vieira is one of the greatest constitutional minds of our time period. He points out that the State Governments are to be listening to their people. They in turn are to be passing on their marching orders to the Federal Senators. If these orders are not followed to the letter, the Senators can be recalled and punished or dismissed. The States have this power, given to them from the People by the Constitution. What he is saying, is we don't give our Federal Senators orders, we don't call them and beg, or email them or write them letters. The state representatives are suppose to order them to do our bidding. The only problem is, who knows how much longer the Constitution will survive, with this bunch in Washington.
Federalist Economics by Edwin Vieira can probably be purchased on the net. We passed this book out to every South Carolina Rep. It didn't do any good.
I'm for the formation of a third party...something along the lines of Michael Savage's idea stressing the importance of: Borders, Language, Culture. Perhaps a National Party or Patriot's Party?
In Rochester, NY, the third party option is getting discussion.

I've joined up with the We Surround Rochester group and the prevailing attitude amongst people is the distrust of incumbent politicians and disillusionment with the existing political parties. We are mostly conservatives who are concerned about the direction our country is taking towards socialism and big statism.

The problem with a third party though is the best they've ever done in a Presidential election was with the "Bull Moose Party" in 1912, when Teddy Roosevelt garnered 27.4% of the popular vote and carried six states totaling 88 electoral votes. The odds are overwhelmingly against third parties being successful on a national level. It's not just the "big one" (President) that has to be taken, it's also the Senate and Congressional seats that need to be taken in order to turn our Nation back towards being a Constitutional Republic.

Although I'm an Independent and a conservative, I've mostly voted for the Republican candidates on the national level, but I'll pull the Conservative Party lever. I think we need to give it one last shot to try to re-assert the conservative base to take the lead of the direction of the Republican Party. I think that's the only realistic option we have in winning elections and turning back the plung into the abyss.

Mr. Boarders,

I would be interested in a more in depth response to my post. You have already done more then me by designing a web site. I would value your thoughts on my post.

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