Constitutional Emergency

PROOF: Neither Rubio or Cruz are eligible to serve as President/Commander-in-Chief "What Constitutes Someone Being Called A Natural Born Citizen....."

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Rubio-rino is not eligible by any means, just as ted cruz isn't. Both need to be reprimanded, censured in the senate, and removed for their deceit; just as their wealthy puppet masters need to be barred from voting, as well as from the United States of America.

Excellent presentation; clear, concise, and specific. It makes the case on Rubio and Cruz very clear; I do not believe for their discussion is needed.
But it also opens the door wide for questioning the eligibility of our sitting president. He is also clearly ineligible to be holding that office. His mother's citizenship is irrelavent. His father was a foreigner, a British citizen, so that makes him ineligible. Congress should be acting on his removal for illegally usurping the Oval Office, and everything he has done, everything he signed into law, and every political appointment he has made should be declared illegal and removed! Do this and America is on a fast-track to full recovery and back under our great Constitution.

BO was declared eligible by the Democrat party and the required document was changed before presented to each state.

BO was never eligible and they new it - The ones who did this did not and do not honor the Constitution and their oath to uphold it.

Cruz and Rubio are not eligible to run.

I do not believe any further discussion of this issue is needed.

Harry, you did it again...

Thank Goodness for this Post.. Its so clear, clear as a bell..

Now, how do I copy this and send it to everyone I know?  

Anyone know??  :O) can send the URL............

Just click on the YouTube logo in the bottom right corner of the video. It will bring up that video on youtube. Copy and paste the url to wherever you want to send it. 

I wonder how long did someone search for this video, merely her opinion just I say there is no constitutional lawyer or professor who has agreed with this claim.  Further, she couldn't even, nor anyone else, get it before a judge to hear any suit. Regardless of your preference for Trump, will not and I repeat, will not change the current status of Cruz or Rubio.  In essence, someone is peeing up a rope. 

Ray..... Let me ask you just one simple question, OK?? The fact that the judge would not even hear this case using the excuse that they had no standing, does this sound strange to you at all?? So I guess your alright with Obama being president then, and if you arnt why not? Because if your not you can't have it both ways. Let my ask
You just one more question, how is her explanation of natural born citizen inconsistent or at odds with the constitution? Isn't the proper legal process to present your case to the court and then the court explain according to the law why the case has no merit? But to not even be able to present it seems to fly in the face of presentation. This is another reason for the Common Law Grand Jury as a means to reign in this corrupt De Facto legal system.

They have claimed that people who filed suit did not have "standing".

Trump has just clamed that if it comes to it - he could file suit against Cruz for eligibility and he would have "standing" --

I understand that the reason Trump would have "standing" is because he is actually in the race and it would directly affect him. - If I am wrong, please enlighten me.

You are absolutely right.  He would have a personal injury if he were forced to have an ineligible candidate run against him, and thus skew the voting result.

This whole dastardly business may come down to just that decision by Trump.  And may it happen.  Or there will be hell to pay.  We have operated under despotic rule long enough - perfectly demonstrating the wisdom of the constitutional Framers in this regard.  

Ray...........I recommend you research Publius and become acquainted with her background. What does it take for you to give reasonable credit to anyone?



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