My Plea for you to join your state group and work togetherI ask everyone to please join your state group and I’ll share with you some reasons why I think it’s important for all of us to do so.Every single person is important and everyone has different talents. When we gather together in groups of likeminded people, we have a better chance at succeeding in our goals.In joining our state groups we would then as a group, bring all of these talents together.A few listed: I’m sure you can add more, and if so please put them in discussion comment.ForesightExperienceFunctional intelligenceDefining goalsSetting goal timelines and frameworkLeaders Directing peopleEncouraging peopleOrganizing eventsWorking on the computerWorking the phonesSchedulingFinding and Reading State Bills – Post action alertsWritingMake videosTeachingmany moreIn the question I sent out asking everyone to explain to me why so many had not joined their state group, I learned that many people belong to so many groups and they are overwhelmed by the many conservative groups they belong to, because they are processing so much information and they can’t keep up with all of it. I understand that because I to am involved in many different conservative networks and groups.I’ve been processing that information and I think we can use that to our advantage. Some of us belong to different groups/networks. Some of those networks post pretty much the same information, but some of the groups post different information. I’m thinking of a list of networks that I go to, to get different types of information. Here are a few of those:Gathering of EaglesEagles UpBand of MothersPat Dollard’s Website and ACTIVE starting Monday 4-20-09.Blog Talk RadioPatriots for AmericaOath KeepersBlackfiveAmerican ThinkersThe Goldwater InstituteMudville GazetteFalon, and many othersHeritageCross Action NewsThomas More.orgWall BuildersUSA Wake Up, andMany Conservative ning networks most of them for different information. Some are for specific subjects/categories, for example:Patriots for America – (Focus on our constitution and republic)Conservatives in Oklahoma (My State)Take Control of Your Classroom (Education)Sovereignty Alliance (State & National Sovereignty)I joined those groups/networks because they focus on specific subjects of interest to me. Other networks/groups I’ve joined are for networking and meeting like-minded people in hopes of us getting together which would help all of us meet our goals.I’m also on Stumble Upon, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Blog Talk Radio, etc. I meet many more wonderful people with the same concerns as I have, plus the same goals. I do recognize that all of us have our own goals and that determines the networking we are involved in.Bringing this together with why we should all join our state groups...We each gather and network in different circles, yet in some of the same networks. We each have different skills and interest. That is why we should all join our state groups. Every one of us will bring different talents and also different information to our groups, to each other, to help each other succeed in our goals. Some of us will have the same skills, which is good, we can have each others backs.I will use my state group for example: Ronnie Hunter asked me if I and some others from our area in Oklahoma would like to meet face to face once a month. Get to know each other, build a local network and build and work on an agenda. I liked that idea right off and answered him with a quick YES. Then I started thinking about the other people in our area that are on different networks, I’ve started asking them if they would also like to meet once a month and build a local network. I am thankful because the ones I’ve talked with so far have said yes.This whole gathering and meeting is because of Ronnie’s talent. He seen a need and just asked the question. I would not have asked the question, but he did. Ronnie doesn’t know all of the people I know that I’m inviting and I also don’t know everyone he’s inviting. This is just the beginning. Each person that meets with us monthly will add their talents to our group. With us all doing what we do best, we will have a successful local group and accomplish much.Also in my state group, Jenn Sierra follows and post State Bills. She summarizes them for us and tells us if we need to take action. Also AxXiom, post bills and also summarizes them and when she posts something there is always an action to take.OkPatriot was quick to spot a Mexican flag on the Okc Tea Party news video, which she pointed out for us. I was there and did not see it. Ed Wrather updated us on all of the known Tea Parties in our state, as did Just Jackie. Their posts provided us with knowledge we all needed to know to make the Tea Parties successful. If one person does not contribute, that makes our state groups and members incomplete. We need each others input. They would all be for the better if everyone contributed on topic information.Plus there are more that add important information, direction and discussion to our group. With everyone contributing, our state group is set up for success, when we don’t join together we are splintered and set up for failure.It’s also important for us to work together. Some people have become information droppers. That’s all they do, they post information everywhere and do not interact with other members. I think of them as hit and run posters. That’s not really working together.When we try to do everything by ourselves, we find we can’t. First off, we never have enough time. When we spread ourselves thin trying to do everything by ourselves, we also do a bad and/or incomplete job because we are spread so thin.As I was driving to the Okc Tax Day Tea Party, I was listening to a local radio station. Someone had called in and was talking about conservatives being so hard to group together. The caller also mentioned how different we all are and that we allow that to divide us (And he was right). He said the reason for that is because we know what we stand for and we study and learn the important information. We learn our history and apply it’s lessons, etc. Whereas the socialist are easy to group together because they don’t know what they stand for, they just use the given talking points and they are sheeple. They do what someone tells them to do.We should gather together because we know our constitution, we know our history, our foundation, what is right, truthful and what made this country great and what makes it work. Also because if we do not we will lose our country to socialist/communist/jihadist, etc..Also I know I am not a good writer, so please excuse my writing.Twana Blevins

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  • Hi, I am also in north georgia. in not get out much because of back and neck injury. However, I do read these posts and also donate to the causes I believe in. I tried to get people together for a tea party here in our response. this is mostly a republican town, and people here fly small flags on white crosses on memorial day, and veterans day, with people's name on them that have passed on, that were in the military..they celebrate christmas and decorate the whole town square..but organizing something that might step on someones' toes...God forbid..I know, because I sent out letters to churches trying to get a christian school started and the pastors would not let anyone see the petition because there might be a school teacher in his church and he couldn't step on toes..I used to talk politics to a lot of people that came into the sporting goods store we had, and I turned a lot of dems around who still were of the notion that it was the party of the working class..I am so tired of someone taking our country down and not being able to do anything to stop it..Wish we could go to washington to tar and feather the whole bunch..then run them out on a rail.
  • Ron, I am like you, a good ole boy. I'm just from Illinois - your folks are much like ours. Even though we are Yankee's, we have the same conservative bonds as Americans. You will have to reach folks at their own level and in their own time. Unfortunately you will need to be the bearer of bad news. Check with your local papers editor, many small town papers are conservative at their core. Don't be afraid to bring the news to the folks verbally at church, the grocery, lumber yard, gas station, etc. In my home town of Heyworth, IL. the local farmers talk over coffee at the "Huck's gas station". Good Luck!
  • I would throw in the mix.

    We need something like MyBlogLog to keep track of all of these.
  • Twana,
    Don't judge yourself harshly, you are a fine writer and besides if you weren’t I would take your heart and patriotism over any other skill. The point is valid about trying to group together. That was brought up at the end of the rally as I am sure you remember. In the middle 70’s I went to Kansas City for a luncheon that was organized by The Committee of Twelve.
    Its purpose was to gather the heads of 12 separate conservative groups together and form one for the sake of numbers.
    There several groups for which I can not remember now, I know one was the Minute Men (not the same one as now) USA inc. (my Dad’s organization) and 10 others. Surprisingly, Robert Sheldon was there (Grand Imperial Wizard of the KKK). Caught me off guard, I was eating at the same table with him and he seemed to be a really nice guy. Interestingly he talked about his Christian faith and loves of this country and never once mentions anything about race. Anyway, the point is, the Liberals, in spite of their individual passions or causes, come together as one group to get their way because in the long run they all get their own way individually.
    Conservatives need to learn that lessen.
  • Twana,

    First of all none of us are professional writers, that doesn't matter. What matter is your dedication to the "Cause," and your dedication speak well for itself. When we speak of all the different issues that unite us, taxation, the fed, constitutional government, etc cetera, we can simply refer to them as "The Cause." We gather for "the cause,' there will be a meeting for "the cause," many people are joining "the cause."

    It is important for people to join their state groups are each site. As more and more groups start to meet in person, the various groups will merge in local groups. Organizers for local meetings should check their state's members in each of the various sites they belong to and send a message inviting state members from all of their sites to come to the meeting in person. We have been doing this in MA and Tuesday we will have representatives from various groups meet together. From there we will have a sub-groups of local people working together for "the cause." If people ask, "what is the cause?" Our definition will be, REGAINING CONTROL OF OUR GOVERNMENT.
  • A clear, articulable message:

    After attending the CT State Tea party at the capital building, mid week and mid day, and seeing over 3,000 people gathered to protest a variety of issues I wondered; What is the message we are trying to send and what is the message being received.

    The major news outlets, those who chose to cover the event, seemed to think it was about taxes. The Republicans are out there attempting to co-opt the gatherings as a GOP event (they disgust me more that the Democrats, at least the Dems are honest and tell you in "Lib-speak" they are out to remove your freedoms). Other groups are doing the same for a variety of issues.

    It is my opinion that unless there is a single issue, such as federal deficit spending or whatever that the message will not be received because for starters the main stream media is too stupid to focus on more than one thing at a time. Not to mention that the media is against us and will never get any message out without filtering it to sound negative and dangerous.

    When we use the phrase "tea party" borrowing from the revolutionary war days do we really mean that these gatherings are a prelude to armed revolution or are we just trying to be cute? If you're going to borrow from a period in history where the act was a prelude to war but then are not willing to go to war then pick a different name. By using the phrase tea party we communicate a threat of war whether we want to or not. Regardless of my personal convictions I see these as mostly empty and directionless protests that will accomplish very little without a common theme and purpose.

    Without a clear message these tea parties will amount to nothing in my humble opinion.

  • Twana,

    You are a good writer and this page shows thought, insight and a charge for all of us to get in the fight to save America.

    Peggy Cravens, Austin, Texas
  • The liberals are attacking Constitutional America, Christians, conservatives and all our values from every angle daily. I wish we could pick an issue and unite over it but they haven't picked just one. Because they haven't, we can't either. The fact that some of us are more concerned over some issues than others has put us in the position that some of us are concerned over all they ways we are being attacked. Liberals need to be opposed everywhere they rear their ugly heads and I can't hit all of hydra's heads but hopefully between us and the various groups and our varied concerns hydra is in pain in a lot of places.
  • Did you receive my email yesterday?
  • My favorite group with 39,000 plus members is: A part of with over 440,000 members.
    A lot of the people I am friends with on PFA are also on If you sign up, your friends on PFA will automaticly transfer over.
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