Constitutional Emergency

What's next? With the failed attempt to start a race war in Ferguson that was intended to trigger outbreaks of violence across the nation prompting the gov to take action to control the violence ,what is the new plan? With Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and other black "leaders" calling on blacks to tear this country up what can we expect? It should come as no surprise that now, after the fact, we are learning the call by the fake president and his sidekick, Holder for the governor to suppress calling in the National Guard on the eve of the Grand Jury indictment verdict announcement is indicative of what the administration was wanting to happen. Yet another example of the sickness that prevails in Washington.  If allowed to continue to fester we can only expect more inflammation and stronger, more aggressive measures to be brought forth by the black agitators who operate from the pulpits of their dens of inequity without so much as a word from the pseudo president denouncing such rhetoric.  No surprise there.

Those on this board are in agreement that the time to remove this traitor from the White House is long overdue, but there appears to be confusion over just how that can be accomplished. I am at the point of believing there is but only one way as indicated by history. If the facts speak for themselves, and there have been numerous acts of treason committed by both the president and the congress, who, have done nothing to enforce the oath they swore to uphold, then, we the people are empowered and authorized (required) to take the necessary action to defend and protect the Constitution ourselves. With that being the remedy, what is preventing that from happening? Additionally, if the government is guilty of tyranny, would the tyrannical government not be considered to be a domestic enemy as defined by the Constitution? If the government is a domestic enemy, the military are bridled with the responsibility to act. It would seem the military would not be able to obey any orders issued by the domestic enemy and therefore would not interfere with the citizens who have elected to do their duty to remove the enemy from the post it has seized, the White House and the chambers of Congress. So, back to my first question, what's next?                     

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And the FP will cause people to worship the AC's image.



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