When the economy collapses - what is your plan for your community to succeed and not fall prey to what evil may come?



I heard some really good ideas today on this very topic and I have to tell you, after talking with John McClain I was very encouraged for our country.


The very works we on PFA are doing are preparing and working to set us, our communities, counties, states and country up for success - not failure.


What are your plans to set yourself, community, state and country up for success.


Remember inaction always breeds failure.



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We do have a plan here in this little community that I live in.

We live in a farming area of central Washington. Lots of good people around us. Mostly Mormon. They are prepared, we are prepared.


First of all, I am doing a lot of praying!  I have been preparing for a long time and now my daughter who lives here is coming around.  She and her husband have finally opened their eyes to see the truth.  Thank you, Lord! There is no one within my group of friends/associates who have the same beliefs I do.  A lot of people gripe and moan but no one is talking about their need to prepare.  That is one reason I became active on this site.  I am hoping eventually at least a few not too many hundreds of miles away will want to get together and find a mutual "bug out" place.  I'm still waiting....  :-)

#1: Five neighbors and I have been helping each other with various projects, such as improving our homes, creating extra shelters, and clearing pathways amongst the forest for easier access in and out that is hidden from view.

#2: As I have the best suited property, I have started the new growing season of produce to continue what I already have growing. Much of it will be canned and preserved, some frozen and stored in 2 of the neighbors large freezers. We all have stocks of rice, beans, and potatoes, with lettuce and other greens growing for spring, summer, and fall harvests.

#3: Three of us are well armed with ammo stocks, and those not armed are being taught lessons in close combat techniques. Between the three of us, we have enough for everyone to use.

#4: Myself and two others have older trucks that I have eliminated all electronics from for use in the event that an EMP occurs. All three are equipped with older type CB radios for communication. All have extra 5 gallon cans of treated gas.

#5: Each house has a portable kerosene heater with a supply of kerosene to last at least 2 months with regulated use. Each house also has a portable propane barbeque with extra tanks. One neighbor works for a propane company with access to all the propane we might need.

#6: All houses are on well water. Two of us have whole house generators with large fuel storage tanks, while the others have smaller ones.

#7: Three of us have boats, with launch access at the end of our dead end road.

#8: Two of us are able to render game and store it, while three others are skilled fishermen. The lake in our backyard is abundant with catfish and bass, while there are several flocks of ducks and geese year 'round, and an abundance of wildlife such as possum, squirrels, deer, and bear.

#9: We have conferred and agreed on a plan to 'bug out' if necessary with 3 alternate regrouping locations, one close by, one a few miles away, and the last in another locality. All necessary supplies and equipment have been assigned and prepared for quick load and move out.

10#: We are currently working out a code system to use for alerts by phone and CB, and deciding how to incorporate other further neighbors into our preparations and plans.

11#: Each of us have contacts that we might trust for various purposes should they be available, yet we have agreed that we will not disclose our intents or purposes unless trust is proven.

#12: As I am the only military and law enforcement veteran, I am teaching all of the families in the methods and uses of being a structured group with various duties assigned to each person, and how to carry them out, as well as what to do if a person or persons are not available and how to cover those duties.

So, that's what I'm doing, and have been doing. How about you?

WOW Stingray, I must commend you on being so well prepared and equipped!  Sadly, I have done nothing! I live in the middle of a medium size city in central Massachusetts.  I am doomed here unless I pack up and go someplace else.  I just hope with all my heart, you will never have to go into "survival crisis mode".  I wish you and your neighbors well and the blessings from heavens.


Hey Nancy, I'm in Turners Falls.  Give me a call.  413-863-5459.  There may be more of us around than we both think.  We just need to get organized.

Hi Nancy;

You and I are very close, I am in the North East corner of CT.  Once the RI. Group Leader comes on board, we should set up a meet and try to coordinate our State efforts..

This is awesome, Stingray.  I wish I lived near you.  I am taking your 12 step program to some people I know and we'll see if we might be able to start ASAP with some of the same actions.  I especially like #12 since it has definition of tasks.  When things get bad, each person will need to know what the heck they are supposed to be doing instead of running around in circles with their heads up their butts!

Thanks so much for posting this...Personally, I find it really inspirational!  Are you anywhere near Western Mass?

I'm in SE Oklahoma, right off the lake, well into the 'Old Black Cross Oak' forest. Only one road in/out, easily defended from multiple hidden positions, and easily shut down if need be, leaving our 'secret' access trails unseen for our use only. The forest canopy gives us complete cover from any airborne surveillance, including drones, while the thick underbrush prevents any surface visibility! The lake in our area fronts on 20 to 30 foot cliffs with broad sandy beaches, so any attempt to come at us from there would leave them wide open to our defenses, augmented by hundreds of submerged tree trunks only inches below the lake surface that would easily puncture boat hulls.

Sounds like the perfect position to occupy.  Time for those of us in the Northeast to establish these same kinds of areas.

Stingray:  When you say you have "eliminated all electronics" from your old trucks, what does that mean exactly?  I have 2 cars and an 82 GMC diesel truck.  All my vehicles are in excellent shape, but excepting for the diesel I too am concerned about them firing up in the event of and EMP occurence.  My home is protected with a generator capable of running the everything including my well, but what about the generator firing up if an EMP event happens?

With reference to getting together with neighbors here in Northern California;  With the exception of 1 or 2 friends, whom I trust, the people in this area, by and large, just aren't taking things seriously!  I mean, all you really have to do is look at the condition this State is in to understand the problem.  As I say I have a couple of friends who show an interest in my "prepping", which is quite extensive including weaponry, but interest, better stated as curiosity I guess, is the extent of their involvement ... pool gunite repair, etc., etc. is more pressing than prepping.   I've tried to recruit them, but as you say, it's best to not push too hard and let them, if they ever do, come around on their own.  Pushing them merely turns them off and sends them back to their home remodeling or pool repairs.  Sad, but that's pretty much the story in my area.  I've attempted, even on our site to generate interest in my State and County, but I guess it's just too liberal as no one, even State members don't respond up in this area.

Clarence, if your gas vehicles have fuel injection, they have electronics and are controlled by an on-board computer. Same goes for older vehicles with 'electronic' ignition. Those with the electronic ignition may be alright if the EMP isn't too close, but all with on-board computers will be knocked out. Replacement parts are quite expensive, and you mat not even be able to get them, much less have them installed and set up properly. Typically, the system replacement can cost at least $1,000 up to $2,500 (when I closed my shop in '04) and few 'mechanics' (now called 'techs') know the proper procedures, and even fewer have the correct code scanning equipment to do it. (90% of my students failed)

The vehicles with only the electronic ignition system (pre-computer) can be converted to the old 'points and condenser' system simply by changing out the distributor, cap, rotor, ignition wires, and spark plugs. This can ONLY be done on those with 4, 6, and V8 conventional engines that are in-line with the vehicle, or if a 'cross mounted' similar engine (up to late 80's). Typically, the American V8 engines from the mid '90's and older are basically the same 'long block', different displacements, and different means of ignition and fuel supply. Most auto supply stores should have a listing of interchangeable parts, but you'll need to consult with a knowledgeable counter person to determine the proper applications. The parts needed to convert my truck I already had in my shop, so cost me nothing, but getting them from a parts store could cost anywhere from $120 up to $300. (2004 prices!) Conventional electric fuel pumps shouldn't be affected by EMPs, but if computer controlled, they will not operate. You can convert most American 4, 6, and V8 fuel injected engines over to carburetors, but it is involved, and quite pricey as you have to replace the intake manifold, re-configure the linkage, and do quite a bit of electrical conversion in the process. That can run into at least $3,500, possibly more in today's dollars. As for fuel, avoid 'Ethanol' enhanced fuels entirely! Engines made before Ethanol will be damaged, if not destroyed by it, and it doesn't take long!

Diesels are a different story when it comes to ignition. They are fuel injected, but do not rely on an ignition source, only heat. Those that have on-board computers will suffer the same consequences as gas fueled, but the older ones will keep on truckin'! All they need is an electrical source from the batteries to fire up the glow plugs to achieve the needed heat to ignite the diesel fuel.

One thing to note: As lead acid batteries that are in use contain an electrical magnetic field, they could be knocked out by a close EMP event. If you can, get a replacement battery that is DRY, along with the container of electrolite to fill it, but don't fill it! If you do, it will create its own charge and electric magnetic field leaving it subject to failure. Have a solar powered battery charger on hand. If an EMP occurs that knocks out everything, fill that battery, hook up the solar charger and let it charge for at least 6 hours in sunlight. An alternative would be to store a fully discharged battery, hook it up to the solar battery charger for at least 48 hours of 2 amp charging, being aware of the correct polarity.

Doing any of those things will get you going again, but then, where will you go? An EMP sufficient to knock out everything, will leave everything out of service! No gas at the gas stations, no transportation to bring stock and supplies to stores or restaurants, no lights or power anywhere, and most likely mob violence and panic all over. That's not a good scenario, I've been there, done that, in the Los Angeles Watts riots. The mobs attacked anything moving, even we law enforcement officers and EMTs! If you must drive in that situation, be prepared to shoot first, and worry about it later, and by all means, don't stop for a lone person flagging you down as they probably have friends just waiting for you!

Hope this all helps you!



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