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Penned by JB Williams - (1/7/12)

According to ABC News, The Washington Times and a recent Gallup/USA Today poll, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are the two most popular people in the entire world. The entire world didn’t vote in the poll, a few Americans did. But that’s how we count polls these days…

In 2008, the Democrat Party put forth two stone cold losers… A nobody with a totally blank résumé that few had ever heard of before and a lady with so many bones rattling around in her closet, you would have thought there was a voodoo shaman living in there.

Deep divisions were created in the Democrat Party when “sure thing” Hillary Clinton was bumped from her high perch by a nobody from nowhere, who didn’t even have a birth certificate to his name. The Clinton War Room had all the dirt on Barack Obama and could have put him away for good in 2008.

Why didn’t they and what happens now?

The Saudi muscle behind Barack Obama turned out to be more than the Clinton War Room could manage and in the end, Hillary was forced to make a deal with the devil, accepting Secretary of State as a consolation prize in return for quietly stepping aside and allowing a constitutionally ineligible international thug to assume the Oval Office.

Four years later, Joseph Biden is history and the Democrat Party prepares to reunite party factions with a ticket that can’t lose—the two most popular people on earth, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The U.S. press is already greasing the skids for Hillary to slip Biden off to pasture and preparing the American electorate to support Obama/Clinton in 2012. Who wouldn’t vote for the two most popular people on earth, according to an adoring American and international press?

No matter who wins the GOP presidential nod, they will face Obama and Clinton this fall in the general election, not Obama and Biden.

Who Can Defeat the Two Most Popular People on Earth?

They are not the two most popular people on earth, but they may in fact be the two most popular people in America today, even with only 17%. The fact that 83% voted for someone other than these two people indicates that they are not actually all that popular.

However, at a moment in history when Americans don’t like anyone in politics very much, 17% support is a pretty good number, maybe enough to win an election.

The poll is not so much an indication of how popular these two people are, as it is a demonstration of how unpopular everyone else is, not to mention how divided the electorate is today.

The GOP field is already thinning, the Tea Party candidates already gone. After Iowa, it’s at best a four man race, Romney, Santorum, Paul and Gingrich. Can any of the four defeat an Obama/Clinton ticket this November?

Obama has driven the nation into unsustainable debt and destroyed free-market mechanisms necessary for any real recovery, while dismantling the military and allowing foreign terror organizations to operate on U.S. soil.

Hillary has ignited a firestorm across the Middle East placing The Muslim Brotherhoodat the helm of every Middle Eastern state, while making enemies of old friends around the globe and insuring America 3rd World status into the new millennium.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of damage done to America on the watch of Obama/Clinton. Still, the American press will make sure that Obama and Clinton are the two most popular people in America by November.

Can any of the GOP candidates compete?

A current Rasmussen poll shows the divide within the anti-Obama electorate. To defeat Obama/Clinton in 2012, the GOP will have to come up with a no-nonsense ticket capable of uniting the anti-Obama electorate across all lines.

According to this poll, 44% of GOP voters think Romney has the best chance to defeat Obama in 2012. Only 17% bet on Gingrich and 15% on Santorum. Ron Paul finished last in single digits among GOP voters. As far as GOP voters are concerned, we have a three man race here.

The anti-Obama electorate is a numerical majority in America today. But it is a much divided majority at present, and unless the GOP can find a way to change that reality, there is no chance that any of the GOP candidates can compete head-to-head with an Obama/Clinton ticket backed by the entire American press.

Obama is in huge negative numbers, with only 24% strongly approving and 41% strongly disapproving today. He cannot turn these numbers around without Hillary Clinton.

Before any GOP candidate will have a chance to turn this country around, they will have to unseat Obama/Clinton in November. Lose that contest and there is no way to turn America around.

How can the GOP win that contest?

I honestly don’t think that any of the four GOP candidates can defeat Obama/Clinton in 2012, and I have no confidence that any of the four would turn this country around, even if they did.

But, we have to play the hand we are dealt, to our best ability—Hope for the best and prepare for the worst…

The only certainty is that America cannot survive four more years of Obama or Clinton. Whatever it takes to remove these two from office should be the highest priority in every patriotic heart and mind today. If it isn’t, the fools deserve what they get.

Based upon current polling data, Romney is set to win New Hampshire by good margin. But the road gets much less certain in South Carolina and Florida, where Newt Gingrich is favored to win. Santorum is surging out of Iowa, but is not likely to have the staying power through Florida. Ron Paul had his moment in Iowa, where an open caucus system plays well for the libertarian, with democrat and independent voters participating.

By Florida, we are very likely to see the GOP field narrow to two, Romney and Gingrich. Can either or both, defeat Obama/Clinton? It’s just the way the numbers play out.

If they cannot unify all anti-Obama voters, the answer is no. The majority of voters will oppose Obama/Clinton in 2012, but will the majority vote for any GOP candidate in order to defeat Obama/Clinton in the general election?

American voters are fed up with “lesser evil” choices in elections and they are unlikely to unify behind the eventual GOP nominee, even though they know that they cannot afford to allow Obama/Clinton to win.

I have heard many readers talk about “voting their conscience.” My conscience will not allow Obama/Clinton to retain Marxist leadership over my country. I have no clue what kind of conscience would allow that to happen, but many think that they will sleep better at night with Obama/Clinton in office, than with Romney or Gingrich in office. I cannot relate to this type of conscience… in fact, it demonstrates no conscience at all.

But as a result, four more years of Obama and Clinton are all but certain. There is something to like and dislike about every GOP candidate. There are no perfect candidates, ever. In the real world of modern politics, only one candidate has demonstrated the ability to rally and potentially defeat Obama/Clinton.

Romney has been stuck in the mid-20s for years. No matter how vigorous and passionate his army of supporters, Paul remains steady in single digits or lower-teens, his popularity chart flat-lined for decades. Perry was a flash until people outside of Texas got to hear him speak and Santorum blew his campaign war chest on Iowa.

Only Gingrich has demonstrated the ability to peak above all others and only Gingrich has demonstrated the ability to make things happen, and confront an opponent in tough combat and win. I don’t love the guy either, but these are the factsas they exist.

Instead of pretending like there is a perfect candidate in the race, the people should be making a much more coherent decision. Is there any way to force Obama to do the right things? NO!

Is there a way to force Gingrich or Romney to do the right things after the election? YES!

The people who can’t live with a lesser evil while they do what must be done to save their nation, will have to learn to live with a greater evil, again. But this time, they will lose any hope of restoring their nation, now or in the future. Four more years of Obama and Clinton will mean the end of the Constitutional Republic for good.

My conscience calls me to do all that I can to keep that from happening. How about yours?

JB Williams

1) Gallup/USA Today

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Lots of people actually like Joe compared with Hilary. He is such an alcoholic buffoon that I would miss those foot-in-the-mouth gaffs.

Have no fear folks don't worry about whether the Demorats run Obama/Biden or Obama/Clinton.  There isn't going to be an election in November.  They (the Demorats with the aid of their Ratlican friends like McCain) will create a crisis and because of this crisis (whatever it may be) and the bad economy they will declare martial law and postpone the elections until the crisis has passed.  Wouldn't surprise me if they used some of their jihad buddies in the 35 camps across the country to create the crisis.  Except the crisis never will pass.  Protest and they will send you off to one of the FEMA concentration camps.  I have for the past three years, based on my many years of intelligence work, been trying to tell people that the person who currently occupies the peoples house is the ultimate Manchurian Candidate.  This guy was spotted, assessed, and recruited years ago.  Probably while he was still very young and attending a madrasa.  Ever since then he has been guided and led to the point where he is now.  There was a time when this could only have been done by another country.  That is no longer true.  Now all it takes is money, big money.  Someone has been greasing the skids for him for many years.  This guy is merely a puppet who's strings are most likely being pulled by someone in the middle east.  This guy is a closet Muslim.  Forget about reverend Wright.  Reverend Wright was simply to a way of giving him plausible denial about being a Muslim without being exposed to real Christianity.  This is all what intel folks refer to as an agent of influence operation.  The old retired KGB guys are probably trying to figure out how this succeeded because they were never able to claim the oval office.  They came close a time or two with access to the oval office, especially during the FDR years but they never were able to claim the ultimate prize.  Something else to think about along these same lines, how did he wind up with a social security number from Connecticut that was originally assigned to a French immigrant in 1924

What you said here is so very true. I knew once the Muslim got into office, it would be the final straw to break this country as we've known it. I have been saying there WILL BE NO ELECTION!! Martial Law or the likes of a "crisis" will be called.  Try to resist one person at a time --- well you best live in an impregnable fortress with an Army of your own and an arsenal of guns and ammo for a lifetime. Next choice is to gather, organize, and physically, remove the threats with an army of Citizens.  But it has to happen BEFORE Martial Law!! I don't know the real answer, but I do know I will die before I will live without the Constitution and the Bill of Rights being the law of this land!!!  I don't have a fortress nor an army nor an arsenal of of guns and ammo.  I'm one woman with a couple of guns and ammo for them -- not a lifetime of ammo, though, and I'm always locked and loaded, and know how to use them.  I will die fighting at my door before I will go kicking and screaming to a FEMA camp or the likes!!! All BHO has done and they still won't impeach him, arrest him and charge him with treason, and other crimes  -- along with Holder and a bunch more.  Yes he was groomed for this from the time he was very young. I still find it so hard to believe that so many millions were so blind and ignorant back in 2008, that they voted for him and got him elected -- of course there was a lot of voter fraud, too, but a lot of people thought he was going to save them!!! How do they like him now?  Sadly a whole bunch of them still do, and some it doesn't matter.  Some just vote for him because he's on a democrat side of the ticket and they are democrats.  

Bull  ;  Stand TALL ,  vote for Paul . Never compromise  , that's why we are in the mess we're in .  50,000,000 voters behind Dr. Paul will do it ; probably less ; but donate and stand for Ron Paul ; no excuses .



Unfortunately, I agree with Mr. Williams.

My conscience tells me to vote against Romney, Santorum, and Paul.

But then, it looks at four more years of Obama, followed by 8 years of Clinton, and I am heartsick.

Time to man up, hold my nose, and vote for whoever the cursed powers of the Republican’ts shove down our throats.


We've been well aware for many years the "political apparatus" is an incestuous operation that works within it's own circles......"we the people" are but bystanders, waiting for the dish we must swallow or...........???

Republicrats are running to lose just as they did in 2008. Why else would they destroy anyone with a chance of garnering enough Conservatives to win? They have no intenion of competing against obama/anyone. The oligarchy is set and theya re playing the game, using the pawns of We the People. Republicrats are as dangerous and evil as demoncrats.

All the more reason to STAND  behind Ron Paul . The RINO establishment hates and fears him . He is truely one of us , regardless of what you may think , he is the only one who stands for the Constitution and freedom . Don't allow yourself to be influenced by the general gossip . Tell every one to stand up , join the Oathkeepers and support Dr. Paul . By the way any one who won't take the oath is a traitor and they don't deserve the office or the country . And your right , the feds are evil and not to be trusted at all .

I'm afraid I have to disagree with you.  Ron Paul would destroy the country just as surely as BO will if he is reelected.  Ron Paul is living in the past.  His foreign policy ideas would have been great for 1912 but they are a disaster for 2012.  He's living in a world without ICBMs, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons etc. etc.  The only difference between BO and Paul is that BO is going to destroy us from within while Paul would allow us to be destroyed from without.  I don't like the idea of the US having to be the world's policeman, but, if we don't do it who will?  Without the US to lead the rest of the world would cave to any terrorists demands just as Spain did.  And, without someone to police the world we would have global anarchy.  Can you imagine pulling all of the police out of some place like NYC except it would be on a global scale.  Ron Paul is also very disingenuous in many of his comments and he picks and chooses those parts of the constitution which he supports.  For him to go on national television and say that Michelle Bachman hates muslims is just plain stupid.  Also, his attack on Newt for not having served in the military is very very disingenuous.  What he did not say when he attacked Newt was that at the time he got drafted doctors got drafted because the government paid for their education.  As a retired military person I can understand why a "military brat" would not want to serve in the military.  It is a life with no roots, poor pay, substandard housing, very poor education facilities, terrible working conditions, long hours, and up until 9/11 very little respected by the general public, That's not to say that he doesn't have some good ideas.  I think we should get rid of the fed.  The fed is not a US government entity.  Although the president appoints the chairman of the fed it is actually run by big European banking dynasties such as the Fuggers and Rothschilds.  There are a whole host of government agencies that are not authorized by the constitution such as education, housing and urban development, etc. etc.  However, there is also a theory which says that if a bureaucracy has existed for more than 5 years you can't get rid of it.  Having said all that I would say our best chance is to hold our nose and vote for an unpredictable maverick such Gingrich and hope for the best.  But regardless who we elect we will never get rid of the "political aristocracy" through the ballot box.

Ron Paul has some pluses and negatives just like all the other candiates...I don't agree with his positions on immigration, national defense, nor some social issues.  The bottom line is, we must have a candidate that will retire Obama......and that will decided by the republican primaries.  When that happens I vote for the republican whoever it is, and maybe hold my nose again just like I did in 2008.



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