By now many, if not all are aware of some of the "facts" surrounding the Trayvon Martin tragedy.  While I was on a radio show tonight, a listener posted this link:

Many of the distortions that were originally put out concerning this case are now being proven to be just that...distortions.  And it has been quite evident for a long number of years, that this has been the case and will continue to be the case as long as there are different colors and races of people.  There will ALWAYS be those there to raise discontent for any number of bad reasons.  

So what makes this tragedy different?  

The level of obfuscation, outright fabrications and lies, and the degree of inflammatory rhetoric...for starters.

That is also exactly why it's NOT any different, any longer.  

We very simply will NOT survive as a nation when the level of hatred by racist "leaders" such as Sharpton and Jackson is allowed to be dispersed amongst the people, and the truth is not only ignored, but serially maligned.  

And in a concurrent incident, four black men rob, rape, torture, mutilate and brutally murder a young white couple and it goes UNMENTIONED in the MSM.  Virtual blackout of information. Go figure...

We MUST NOT allow the race-baiters, the race-mongers among us to control the dialogue.  There is simply too much at stake, and they need to be called out with the same amount of energy, with the same inflamed spirit of truth that we have against EVERY evil injustice, just as we have for the evil that resides in our White House and Congress.  Because at the end of the day, they are ONE AND THE SAME. 

The comments from "Soebarahk" or "Soetoro" or "Obama" or whoever the hell he really is, do nothing more than inflame things intended.  This is DISTRACTION at it's finest, most sublime level.

Which is EXACTLY why I'm more worried than ever, that some idiot is going to start popping caps after they've reached the point of no-return, the "tipping-point", and decide it's time to start a shooting-war against our own government.  Because, realistically, that's all it's going to take for the dominoes to begin to fall...and when that happens, you can bet your life that it was part of the plan from the start...January 6, 2009.

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Yes, this article is dead on correct for the direction of this nation.  The case referred to is from Tennessee and is horrific in criminal, inhumane, torture, and hate crime behavior.  Last I heard,  the pressure was there to NOT to even make it a hate crime.  Hell, Eric Holder would not even prosecute.  If ever there is a lapse in law and order, white people should be fore-warned of this type of behavior.  Husbands and fathers will need to protect their wives and though their lives depended upon it......and much, much, worse.  When the scales of justice are no longer balanced and blind, then violence is the resultant behavior, both, on the part of the criminal and law abiding citizen.

Forget the color.

This guy shot a kid.

Whether he was justified, or not, is to be determined.

We are one nation under God (notice the absense of a particlar religion.)

Alan Weisberger

Well, I would think that would have something to do with the fact that y'all are Patriots, service members, and not running around with their pants down around their knees and ball-caps on backwards.  And--you have the spine to challenge the Islamofacist-in-chief, as well.


Sad we already know the answer.

Stingray, You have got this bleeding hearts number.

Alan M Weisberger from my initial news exposure I would tend to have agreed with your point that he was just a kid. However, the more of the story that's leaked past the MSM, the more I see that it's not so cut and dried. A witness has come forth who called 911 and said that Martin had Zimmerman on the ground and was assaulting him. As it turns out Zimmerman was bloodied when police arrived and had also suffered a broken nose. If I had someone on top of me beating my face with his fists, I would likely shoot him too. This additional information would tend to explain why Zimmerman was neither arrested or charged after the incident. It's unfortunate that a young person is dead, but the fact that he's black and the shooter is Hispanic has nothing to do with why Zimmerman felt compelled to protect himself. I'll leave the final verdict to a jury if it goes that far. 

The hypocrisy knows no bounds, Stingray.  And neither does the lengths that we must go to expose it continually.  We'll be all over this and more tonight, and all week, on

Would love to have you and everyone else here that I know and love join us.  God Bless...Jim

Call-in @ 646-200-4032.  We'll be rolling LIVE @ 9 pm EST.

You say it all for me. Nothing to add.

When the majority of blacks conduct themselves in a manner such as JC Watts, Herman Cain, Allen West and Alan Keyes I will respect them.  In the mean time they get as much respect from me as they give me which is none.  I would remind you of what happened at last year's Wisconsin State Fair.  Gangs of black teenagers attacking white motorists in their cars.  What kind of respect do you call that?  Do you remember the case of the Lacrosse players?  The lame stream media jumped all over that and once again because the players were white and the accuser was black the players were immediately assumed to be guilty.  We all know how that turned out. 

Emme the Militia Woman... I've been reading your 'conversation' with Stingray, and I'm a little surprised by your comments.  You say you want the truth... Well, I posted quite a bit of it on page 4 yesterday.  All it takes is a little digging and it's out there...

Many folks think that our current president is a wonderful man - I don't share those sentiments.

Arguing with other members here seems to go against general common sense...

If you don't know why you're here, why bother?

I sincerely hope the world begins to treat you better...

All the best,


Stingray, you are absolutely right in everything you said.  And, the lame stream media are using this to get viewers and readers, and you can include "Fair and Balanced" Fox News in the mix.  Sheperd Smith is as bad as the worst that CNN and MSNBC have to offer.  If Zimmerman gets arrested it will be the biggest miscarriage of justice that I can remember.  The only person who has attempted to treat this whole mess in a balanced way is Sean Hannity and he's not even a reporter.  I hope it never comes to this, but if ever there is a race war in this country you can point your finger at the lame stream media and the black racists like Al Sharpton as the cause.  Whether Zimmerman is arrested and tried or not the lame stream media and the likes of Jesse Jackson have ruined this man's life and no one absolutely no one will be held accountable.  Where is the lame stream media in reporting the brutal attack on an elderly white couple in Oklahoma by a 20 year old black kid.  Raped and beat the 85 year old woman to death and beat her 90 year old husband unconscious.  NOT A WORD ABOUT IT ANYWHERE.  I'm not a racist but I am getting damned tired of having fingers pointed at us white folks every time one of these black b******s gets in trouble.  What the hell was this "innocent" kid doing in a hoodie in a gated community this time of year.  To a lot of people a hoodie spells some one looking for trouble.  And, if you don't like the idea that a hoodie spells trouble to folks like me TS.  Anyone comes on my property wearing a hoodie they damned well better have a very good reason for being there or they will leave feet first. 

I am sick of this story. It's a shame when a kid that young gets killed, but all I see is an excuse for the MSM to use this for gun control and the race baiters to promote black on white crime. All of the sudden a hispanic is white?  Racism will not end because of Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan and the Black panthers. They won't let it. And I am tired of them beating the dead horse of slavery. Slavery ended long before any of us were born. Is there still racism from whites? Yes, from some, but that doesn't give people a license to demonize the rest of us. There is no segregation, colored bathrooms,water fountains,etc.. So it's time to stop this non sense.



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