Constitutional Emergency

By now many, if not all are aware of some of the "facts" surrounding the Trayvon Martin tragedy.  While I was on a radio show tonight, a listener posted this link:

Many of the distortions that were originally put out concerning this case are now being proven to be just that...distortions.  And it has been quite evident for a long number of years, that this has been the case and will continue to be the case as long as there are different colors and races of people.  There will ALWAYS be those there to raise discontent for any number of bad reasons.  

So what makes this tragedy different?  

The level of obfuscation, outright fabrications and lies, and the degree of inflammatory rhetoric...for starters.

That is also exactly why it's NOT any different, any longer.  

We very simply will NOT survive as a nation when the level of hatred by racist "leaders" such as Sharpton and Jackson is allowed to be dispersed amongst the people, and the truth is not only ignored, but serially maligned.  

And in a concurrent incident, four black men rob, rape, torture, mutilate and brutally murder a young white couple and it goes UNMENTIONED in the MSM.  Virtual blackout of information. Go figure...

We MUST NOT allow the race-baiters, the race-mongers among us to control the dialogue.  There is simply too much at stake, and they need to be called out with the same amount of energy, with the same inflamed spirit of truth that we have against EVERY evil injustice, just as we have for the evil that resides in our White House and Congress.  Because at the end of the day, they are ONE AND THE SAME. 

The comments from "Soebarahk" or "Soetoro" or "Obama" or whoever the hell he really is, do nothing more than inflame things intended.  This is DISTRACTION at it's finest, most sublime level.

Which is EXACTLY why I'm more worried than ever, that some idiot is going to start popping caps after they've reached the point of no-return, the "tipping-point", and decide it's time to start a shooting-war against our own government.  Because, realistically, that's all it's going to take for the dominoes to begin to fall...and when that happens, you can bet your life that it was part of the plan from the start...January 6, 2009.

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Sure is a lot of conversation about this simple event...

First the media reported that a Neo-Nazi shot a young black boy...

Then they reported that the shooter was a White Supremasist...

Then it was a White-Hispanic that shot the young boy...

Always trying to play the White-On-Black angle...

Here's the 'young black boy'...

Now we learn that the 'young black boy' was really a local 'gangster', and was beating the crap out of Mr. George Zimmerman, and slamming Mr. Zimmerman' head to the ground several times! 

Then Mr. Zimmerman put a round in the 'young black boy's' head.

Here's Mr. Zimmerman...

I say good for Mr. Zimmerman!   I would have done the same thing!

This is media gone crazy!

Get ready for a long hot summer folks...

Boy you hit that nail on the head, Max!  Join me on Tea Party Radio tonight for Founder's Quest; The Seigfreid-Toepfer Hour with co-host Peggy Burgess.  We'll be going over this again, and a lot more.  We are at  Call in @ 646-200-4032 to also listen, and add your voice to the growing crescendo.  We're LIVE @ 9 pm EST for two hours.  Hope to see ya there!

Here is where we either get tied up in the weeds, or thrash our way out of them.  We have an enormous set of tasks ahead of us.  Most of us know, understand on a fundamental level, and act on that level...that this is the time.  This is the time that will make or break this nation, and reassert our Founding Principles.  We can piss and moan about semantics later.  We've got ONE CHANCE to do this right.  It's our one and ONLY chance.  All other options have been put before "we the people" in the past, and have gone by the way-side.  

It will only be through the actions and dedication of a very focused group of people that we will restore this nation to the Laws of Nature and Nature's God upon which we were founded.  Nothing...NOTHING else will suffice.

Capitulation is nothing more than out-right cowardice, and defeat.

ALLOWING the race-card to be played in any form, without fervent denial and point-of-fact illumination, further hinders us and we are then portrayed as weak, and GUILTY.

I called-in to a "black,liberal/progressive" talk radio show the other night, just to see if I was still alive and burning with the fire. When I was asked why I thought that this "president" was a "socialist" it wasn't hard to pin it down.  When they were told that it had nothing to do with color--"I don't care if his face is polka-dot and his ass is pink", and that every single policy and act that we have had forced upon us is right there in the recorded histories of the failed socialist experiments of the past", that it got real quiet.  They really didn't know what to think of the proven fact that MLK was a registered Republican...not that party has a lot to do with it...other than the fact that George Wallace wasn't a Republican governor barring 2 black kids from a college in Alabama, and Bull Conner was a Democrat sycophant, and the Democrat Party has done more to destroy the black family through welfare and dependency over succeeding generations...

You get my drift.  

We MUST take charge of the narrative.  The TRUTH must be told...anywhere you can tell it.  There is a very limited list of choices we have left to take this country back.  Let us make the best choices, and honor our heritage of freedom, liberty, and God-given Natural Rights.  Because that's all we have, and that's the dream we must leave for our children and grandchildren...and all generations that will come after.  If we fail now, we fail on a monumental scale never before seen.

I have HOPE!  God Bless!


You go get 'em Margaret!  We need more folks like you defending this Tray-von character! 

After all, when a 'White-Hispanic shoots an 'African-American' it should certainly be considered a 'White-On-Black' hate crime, and the 'White-Hispanic' should be dragged through the streets! 

'Real Evidence' is not even a consideration... According to your statements, The 'White-Hispanic's' account has absolutely no merit!

The mere fact that a 'White-Hispanic' shot and killed an 'African-American' is reason enough for bleeding hearts to demand national protests mourning the poor, mis-understood 'African-American', and organizing national boycots of ALL Taco Bell restaurants!



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