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Yoho Bill, H.Res 693 Establishes Select Committee to Investigate Executive Overreach

Apr 19, 2016
Press Release

Washington D.C. - Congressman Ted S. Yoho (R-FL-03) introduced legislation to establish a Permanent Select Committee on Executive Oversight. This Committee will be tasked with investigating current and future Administrations to ensure that they are faithfully executing the law.  Congressman Yoho released the following statement:

“Every day a new claim and allegation comes to light about the abuses of the Obama Administration. Blatant Executive overreach, targeting by enforcement agencies, stand down orders of enforcement on existing law—which have resulted in the deaths of Americans, and regulatory agencies that bypass Congress and write their own laws. Enough is enough. While this committee will be tasked with the oversight over future administrations—both Republican and Democrat—the abuses of the current Administration have necessitated the creation of a whole new committee to deal solely with this Administration’s transgressions.

“We, the Representatives of the people, are tasked with holding the Executive Branch accountable by the guiding document of this nation—the Constitution. It is our job, our responsibility, and the right thing to do. So, if not now, when? If not us, who? We must prove to the American people we are worthy of the responsibility they have entrusted to us. All it takes for evil or tyranny to prevail or for our Constitutional Republic to fail is for good men and women to do nothing.”

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Tim Vance, the plan is trick parents to think schools are trustworthy to teach foundational values then after 2 generations and most of the parents are old or dead overthrow the country.

The current generation will have no idea what happened to them.

We are now there as Tim Vance points out.

This once great Republic no longer exist, either rebellion or slavery is all the options we have, or leave the nation entirely, which may be my option.

I was in Washington protesting when the bikers and truckers came to town, shared some good times with some of the bikers, BUT nothing was ever accomplished, nothing was on the bias news medias, the effort was ignored by the criminals in gov't. I realize that H. RES 693 will do nothing, it too will go no where, it will be ignored by the criminals, but I still have to do my civic duty and try every avenue that comes along that attempts to stop this run away socialism in charge of our Nation, why you ask? Because there are not enough US Patriots willing to make a physical stand against the take over of our Nation.

Our Founders made it impeccably clear not to have political parties or this would happen.

And, of course those in positions of power did exactly what "We The People" were told not to do, they did it to gain power over the people. AND, It worked!

Not much more.

They are in for the surprise of their lives.

And you know why the ballet box is shattered, don't you? It is because our State governments and Federal government have replaced the paper ballots with electronic ballets that can be rigged by the code writers, there is no way to contest the vote and reverify the ballot proces. IT IS RIGGED AGAINST THE VOTER, to keep the asses in Washington and the State, county government in power doing the will of the "Devil" who makes the rules.

what we should do is have a second ballot box, that when a person walks out of a polling place he places a second ballot outside, sort of like a "balance sheet, there are too many instances or examples of voter fraud and the switch of a vote and instead of going through a second round of "the hanging chad" and since there is no true "back-up or accounting" of how a person really voted, there should be a print out of every vote cast (like computers you can print the page) well as soon as you are done casting your vote, you print it and it gets secured by you placing it in a "secured, locked guarded ballot box" so if and when there are questions or accusations we can always count the ballots in that box...as in all things there should always be a back-up, we all know about possible emp strikes or loss of electricity, or Verizon employee strikes that CAN affect computers, so why not a back up for the ONLY true freedom we have left and that is our vote,,,as they say One Vote -One Voice, well I want my voice heard, how about you?

We need a second opinion, that's for sure.........thanks Dawn.

That would be one way to maybe make voting in the US a little less corrupt, but the powers that be would never go for it.

Dawn, I like your spunk.  The whole voting business needs a major overhaul, in every state.  Each state can do what its citizenry signs off on for state elections, in our federal constitutional republic, but they should have to pass a stringent certification process to be able to have their state's votes counted in federal elections.  Cleansed voter registration rolls - and I mean CLEANSED, photo ID, back to a paper trail.  Even dipping a voter's finger in purple ink if we need to, to SET THIS NATION BACK TO RIGHTS.  

We have allowed it to become a disgusting situation  It's up to us to clean up the act.  

agreed, and especially the dipping of the finger, the next is the "absentee ballot" how to control that, and to make laws that the Military votes are FIRST, too many times they are discounted or tossed -the last Presidential election they were not counted because they were "late" well all counts should be held until Military votes are in and counted, never again should it be such disrespect allowed to stand-THEY are the ones sacrificing their lives, blood sacred honor, they should be FIRST!



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