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Yoho Bill, H.Res 693 Establishes Select Committee to Investigate Executive Overreach

Apr 19, 2016
Press Release

Washington D.C. - Congressman Ted S. Yoho (R-FL-03) introduced legislation to establish a Permanent Select Committee on Executive Oversight. This Committee will be tasked with investigating current and future Administrations to ensure that they are faithfully executing the law.  Congressman Yoho released the following statement:

“Every day a new claim and allegation comes to light about the abuses of the Obama Administration. Blatant Executive overreach, targeting by enforcement agencies, stand down orders of enforcement on existing law—which have resulted in the deaths of Americans, and regulatory agencies that bypass Congress and write their own laws. Enough is enough. While this committee will be tasked with the oversight over future administrations—both Republican and Democrat—the abuses of the current Administration have necessitated the creation of a whole new committee to deal solely with this Administration’s transgressions.

“We, the Representatives of the people, are tasked with holding the Executive Branch accountable by the guiding document of this nation—the Constitution. It is our job, our responsibility, and the right thing to do. So, if not now, when? If not us, who? We must prove to the American people we are worthy of the responsibility they have entrusted to us. All it takes for evil or tyranny to prevail or for our Constitutional Republic to fail is for good men and women to do nothing.”

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are we a do-nothing people?  please start calling the combat vets and freedom caucus members in the House. Thanks !, Lee

C. Lee, for years I have been calling my reps, signing petitions, and attending protest about the criminal activities of the Obama admin, all to no avail. We The People have lost our voice in Washington DC but no one wants to admit it! Our elected public servants no longer listen to the people, they listed to lobbyist and go along with the one that promises them the most! We need a house cleaning in Washington DC, nothing else will do much good. And, the ballot box is shattered it no longer works.

Do not ever think your efforts are to no avail.

All our efforts together are making them sweat big time.

Are you serious?  Washington D.C. - Washington Don't Care, same thing.  This country is screwed by those in D.C.

Yes, so who is pushing back?

Every bit counts.

Truth!, I was also part of that 2 million bikers to DC, did the news cover it...NOPE, heck it was 90 degrees that day and what did the traffic cams show for that day, why they showed snow. When I stopped in DC to aide a fellow biker some people came out of their offices in DC to ask what was going on? Why so many bikers...we had to explain.  Then there was the Truckers to DC, did ya hear about them, they created quite the ruckus, was it on the news-NOPE-did Americans know who, what, when , where or why...Nope... Then there was to be 10 million to DC to present "92 reasons to impeach" the General camped out on the green, how many showed up...well I think 500 or so, but that was it, the good General stayed a month or so camped out and to what avail. NOW DC or the GOPe took the Tea Party and pretty much co-opted them-then destroyed them. I have spent plenty of money for signed petitions, what happens to those 7 foot tall petitions that get sent to DC that you spent 29.00 on each,,,yeah never read, how about those signed petitions in emails that are over 100,000 strong, yeah ignored...so what do we do? We called, we wrote, we marched and yet...and now our voices are being stolen whether we vote or do not vote (delegate assignment -said to be legal and those are the rules)....me thinks the liberty tree is screaming for some watering!! Or a true pitchfork rally needs to be attempted straight to the house of Congress even if it is just pictures of Pitchforks, but we need a huge huge rally of them, can we motivate the people or are we so downtrodden with bills and taxes that non of us can make it???? Or how about a unified day of protest where everyone shows up at their various State Capitols or houses of their representatives or offices of Congressmen or senators so it is not so time consuming or cost to go that far from home, and so the various news media from the differing states can each report what is going on in their :hometown"

A unified day of protest like you suggested might be a viable option but the numbers would have to be absolutely overwhelming with substantial local press coverage.

I'm not convinced enough people will show up to make an impact but it's worth a try.

And the press coverage is absolutely necessary, critical, to have any measure of success.

well it is obvious that we cannot get enough to go to DC, that is why I made the suggestion that if we can get people to show up on a particular day to local "offices" in every state to the local "Senate or Congressman offices with signs that have pitchforks on them and that certain people call their prospective news stations might have more impact. But it cannot be on a workday. This is the problem. We 'common folk" have to work, we have to pay our bills, we have to get kids off to schools and what not, but a weekend date. I was going to suggest the 4th of July, but no, I do not want to insult our veterans by protesting that day, there will be a showing though in Ohio for the convention, and they already have said UN forces as well as Police are being called in for that, so mass protesting in one spot has actually become dangerous, the last protest they actually arrested over 200 people and we cannot afford to be arrested-again hence the "local thought"

Dawn, It's even hard to get people to go to their State Capitals to protest. I really think most US citizens are afraid of what may happen, they think they may be arrested, or worse, they may lose their jobs, or it may create family problems, and it will cost them money they need for food and monthly bills! The criminals in charge seem to have the people exactly where they want them, in submission because they can't afford to do much about the obvious complete take over of the US by socialist/communist! Our Right to protest is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I see but one course of action, and most don't even want to think about it, and especially not be involved, and that's why people will not make a physical stand against this criminal take over of our Nation.

Not taking a stand it what the bad guys are banking on...

Their timing is when most of the old timers who understand the cost of freedom die.

Then the ignorant youth will not have a clue when all their rights are gone.

H. Gregory, The youth today is being taught submission and socialism in the schools. They will not realize they have lost their Rights because they don't realize they have them.



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