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The following is the text of the newest flyer (read more about the flyer here).

I may have been dead for over 1000 years but I am still very much alive.

I told my people I was a prophet - in fact, not just any prophet but the last one. Posing as a prophet is really very simple. First and foremost you have to believe in yourself. Then people will start to believe in you. The more people who believe in you, the more others can be persuaded to believe in you. It snowballs. Today I still live through my followers and the rules I gave them to live by.

What is my religion? My religion is my ambition.

My ambition was to dominate all the peoples of the world and to have them all living by my rules. I wanted total obedience. I wanted to be praised and revered by everyone on earth. I was careful to cover my ambition in the cloak of religion so that my authority had the backing of the Almighty. Who would dare disobey me then?

The cloak of religion has served me very well. It has inspired my credulous followers to kill and be killed in the service of my ambition; it has allowed them to cast their bloodshed in the light of holiness.

My religion only demands one thing: TOTAL OBEDIENCE. Obey my rules and serve my ambition and you will be rewarded, in this life and the next.

My followers are busy working to enforce my rules across the whole world today. They call this their religion. They do this in all manner of ways: by persuading, persecuting, cajoling, threatening, soothing, confusing, bullying, terrorizing, silencing, migrating, breeding — whatever it takes to spread my religion and ensure it becomes dominant.

The main purpose of my religion is to destroy all other religions.

“So what are your rules?” I hear you ask. Very well, here are my life or death rules:

1) If you reject my religion, then you must be fought – to the death.

2) If you leave my religion, you must be killed.

3) If you mock, insult, or work against my religion you must be killed.

4) If you die fighting for my religion you will go straight to paradise.

Remember that total obedience is the only measure of devotion to me. If you follow my rules without question you will be rewarded. Even when my rules demand cruelty or ferocity, you must obey. In fact, your willingness to do what you would rather not do is the best sign that you are obedient and thus truly devoted to my religion.

Everything you do must proclaim the same message: “Accept my religion or else!” This is my message and this is the message of my followers. Watch them carefully; they always bear the same message.

Today my ambition is enjoying remarkable success. Everywhere my followers go they simply have to say they must be allowed to do this or that because it is their religion and the unbelievers fall over themselves to allow it — even when it secretly disgusts them.

For all the technical wizardry of these modern unbelievers, I must say they are the greatest fools I have ever seen. Their biggest weakness is that they want peace. This makes them easy people to conquer. My followers just have to threaten disorder and the unbelievers find a sneaky way to concede defeat. The violence of my followers terrifies the unbelievers into paralysis and submission. There are a few among the unbelievers who have become alarmed but they are ignored or vilified.

In fact, when my followers murder some unbelievers due to some trivial insult, these foolish cowards come to them with groveling apologies and promises to punish anyone else who offends my religion: my religion, which hangs over them like a death sentence! They truly are the most ridiculous people. I think they will sell their own children into slavery for the sake of a little more “peace”.

My soldiers only have to use words like “justice”, “liberation”, “freedom” and the unbelievers will send their armies to help them. But my followers have no intention of creating “liberty”, it’s against my religion. Nor do the unbelievers understand what I mean by “justice”. They are too lazy to find out!

I have nothing but contempt for these people. They are weak and cowardly and stupid.

These fools think that by tolerating my religion they are accepting it. This will do for now because it allows my followers to gather strength, but in the long run it will not suffice. To accept my religion is to obey my rules and just tolerating my religion is not obeying my rules. If they refuse to obey my rules, they are rejecting my religion and must be fought — to the death. That is rule number one.

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Let me see now. One of the rules is "If you leave the religion you will be killed."  At last notice, Mr. Obama was still alive.  Hmmm?

Some dumb ass has  his towel to tight on his pin head. obummer just plan forgot about the south. If this ass whole thinks for one minute that he is going to make a Flodia boy bown down and won't fight bring your camel ass down here and try it. He will find out just what an ass whipping is all about.\



There is in place already the conferences and such to espouse the peacefulness of the mooslime religion. There is one on Huntsville Al. on the 17th of this month being hosted by the FBI and department of homeland insecurity. Our own government has become the promoters of our tolerance of pislam and the mooslimes. The goal of our dear leader is to convert the U.S. to sharia law and have all us infidels removed from the face of the earth if we refuse to convert to his "religion" of pislam. Come and get me now mooslime pigs.

Sorry not interested.

This applies largely to Islam, but it can also apply to Roman Catholicism (think of the Inquisition) or the militant fundamentalist Protestants.   Religion is nothing more than fantasy and mythology, yet people are stupid enough to allow themselves to be brainwashed by such nonsense.  

Give me a child until he is seven, and he is forever mine...      But NOT if people have sense enough to cast aside religion and use their heads and think for themselves, which the majority of people will not do, alas. 

People who are stupid enough to allow religion to rule them, and exploit them, will get what they deserve.


"Religion" is not the same as faith in God. People can religiously believe in and adhere to anything from Yoga and Harri Krishna, to Evolution and Global Warming, (And demand that everyone believe in it because they do).

I found as a young child of 11 that I needed a foundation for my life or it was meaningless. My grandmother was a very religious person, but what I found of her faith, had a start in The Bible and Christianity then went on to add so many do's and don'ts that no one would ever be able to live up to it. As I child I had attended church and Sunday School and heard about a loving God, Who demanded that the wages of sin was death, then loved each of us individually enough to come down and die for us, that if we asked we might trade our record of sin for His record of Sinlessness, and substitutionary death on a cross, then with His arising on the third day, we might find hope, because He proved He was God and not even death could hold Him.

I put my hope and Faith in Jesus, asked Him to make that transaction. I'd like to say I was immediately perfect but truth is that He is a very loving and patient God, and as the years go by I look back at who I was and who I'm becoming with God's Help, AND I FIND PROOF THAT HE IS, AND THAT HE IS GOD!  Science can explain away every miracle EXCEPT the change in a person's life, when God comes in and replaces confusion, hatred, jealousy, anger, etc. with His Love and a desire to be like someone Who loved so.

Any other Christian on this site can attest to the fact that the change in themselves when they became a Christian proves that Jesus, God The Father, and God the Holy Spirit, are real. Without God, we'd have no hope beyond ourselves and what we could understand. "Because He Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow, Because He Lives, All Fear Is Gone, Because I Know, He Holds The Future, And Life Is Worth Living, Just Because He Lives!" (I can't remember the song writer, but how true is this reality!

Citizen Warrior. Very well put. Of course, you realize, do you not, that any of those of that religion who should by some happenstance read and identify who you are will auotomatically declare a Fatwah and come looking for you in the name of the Prophet, to eradicate you for your offense? Somehow, I do not think you are worried. For your edification, neither are the rest of us who see this "Religion," for what it is. Just prior to the battle of Thermopylae when roughtly 300 Spartans and 700 Athenians took on according to Herodotus an estimated 2 million of Xerxes' finest, it was said to the Spartan warrior Dienekes that the Persian archers were so numerous that their vollies of arrows would block out the sun. Dienekes smiled and said: "Good, then we'll have our battle in the shade." That occurred in 480 B.C. but, that spirit is still alive here, and will be used when necessary. This is OUR country. No matter what it takes or how long should the need arise to fight enemies from within and without, it  WILL remain so.

Unfortunately I have dealt with this crap first hand. My sister married a "palastian" and trust me, they can bad trash your religion all they want, but don't you EVER say anything negative about theirs. My sister no longer speaks to me because I said I wanted a T shirt that said I just downloaded the Quran, you want my to burn you a copy? Jeez I got the shirt anyway of course

Just saying --anybody that doesn't really appreciate the pics--who thinks they are a little over the top--just saying--really ought redirect that discomfort and apply it  to the enemy ---those enslaved by Islam. Just saying.....if the pics are not appreciated  then are you not voicing that idea --you wish the  truth could be ignored? Are you not saying you wish we could all be seduced by CAIR or the  Muslim Brotherhood-- or the Ground Zero Imam?Or Barak Hussein Obama II?Or maybe even your local "mere politician" ? OR the local or even National Television station ? OR the educators in our Government schools?Or...?  Just saying.

It's time Americans pulled their heads out of the sand and realized it's going on, on our soil because we'd rather not face up to it. I'm not good at just who said quotes, but one of our founders said, all it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing.

If we have an enemy in our midst we need to be aware of how evil they are.

Barbara Jean Puszert  Over the top , no.a firm reminder of what animals these people can be is more like it

Twana, Keep up the ugly truth, because until people in this country get OFF the PC and get back to what is really happening in America, the people will never get off their ass to do what is need to get the "Grand Old Lady and the Constitution back on Track and get the evil out of this country.

Maybe it will wake up some people to actions that are needed in this country.



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