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May I start a discussion on suggested daily prayer requests for OAS? As we prepare and go into May, I present some simple, yet humbly-we-ask-for, daily requests that will strengthen our individuals, groups, and our united cause.:

* PROTECTION of participants from physical and spiritual harm

* RESOURCES (money, equipment, air time, donations) for participants and supporters

* GUIDANCE to choose the most effective plans, routes, people, tools, and words

* WARNINGS -supernatural helps through gut feelings, dreams, words of knowledge, godly counsel, angels, or allies

* UNITY of our purpose and actions, teamwork, and patience/tolerance for the sake of achieving our goal


* CONFOUND THE ENEMY in any attempts to cause us to fail

* CLEAR PATHS for as many to attend as possible

Thank you Lord


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I love this, so great. An excellent list for us to start with.

great ideas --We are blessed with such a great cloud of witnesses.The  Page for Prayer Warriors has been blessed with many good ideas .I am blessed by all. 

Thank you for this and Amen.

Thank you, Betsy, has I copied your list, which I will use daily, and share with members of my Bible study class, along with info or our growing OAS. Have been speaking, for some time, with members, of the need to be supplied, prepared for coming times, and I'm so very Confident, we are right where we need to be, united, praying, and acting just has the Lord Designed.


Very helpful idea.  We do need to focus on perhaps a topic with  supporting per week.  I will glad to talk with you about

your approach and direction on Wednesday evening.  Am planning on laying out an agenda for our January focus and you thoughts are as mine re: united prayer effort.  All our focus needs to be on developing a true National prayer effort on behalf of OAS.  Thank you for your efforts.  Alan Coffey, Prayer Warrior Team Leader. Phoenix


Thank you so much for your well organized list. Most of these things I do pray for throughout the day, but in my morning prayer, I lacked such clear, sure an organization for a starting point. This puts it all forward just as we need.

going to CCP and pray in agreement daily (Y)

 I agree with your prayer, in Jesus' name and would be glad to be part of any prayer, along with my daily prayers for the success of this group. I also want to be part of this, but I am disabled. I am having knee surgery in march or april, and I ask that you pray with me for an early surgery and quick recovery, so I can stand with my country. Thanks and God bless!

I will pray for your healing and keep doing so until your recovery is complete.

Once you were like sheep who wandered away. But nowyou have turned to your Shepherd, the Guardian of your souls.
                --1 Peter 2:25 (NLT)

AMEN, Cheryl, " turned (returned) to your Shepherd, the Guardian of your souls." and of the previous verse, "for by His wounds you were healed." A healing of One Loving Grace embodied of One Embrace Given Freely to acknowledge, choose, and share of its abundant Waters having been chosen. Am by your side, praying with you, Steven, has you face the knee surgery, its questions, and anxieties, that our Faith, Trust, and prayers, act to answer, guide, and direct the medical staff, yourself, family, and friends, long before the surgery begins. A medical staff chosen first by the Lord, to have chosen their profession, desire, and purpose to repair, care, and heal, just has the loves of family, and friends, to embrace, lift, and support you was chosen long before they, we, choose to be of support, and healing with you. A well of Living Water, "new wine in new skins", always plentiful, and never running dry, and available the moment needed, both for the one giving, the one receiving, it is of the One's Grace, and Glory. Thank you, Lord!!!!

  Amen and thank you for your prayers! Its good to know that a fellow Christian is praying for me! We all need to get close now. We have a long road ahead of us. God bless you and I hope to hear from you again sometime! - Steve Harris



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