As the CT. State Group Leader, I want to welcome you all, and ask you to Sign on to your County Group so we can tell who is who and where you are..  We have a lot of work to do between now and May 16th and I hope you will helps us in this nobel endeavor....   God Bless you all and I look forward to meeting each of you...

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Hi Fellow Patriots. I am in Litchfield County. I am the Litchfield County Common Law Grand Jury Coordinator for CT Liberty and National Liberty Alliance. I am a very well known and very hated government corruption whistleblower in CT for over 8 years. Google my name and watch my you tube video called There is Something About Whistle Blower Mary, filmed in front of the Hartford Courant last November.
I have 500 public face book page notes that are thousands of copies of emails sent to many city, state, and federal elected officials and agencies, including to President Obama. I currently have a appeal at the CT Supreme Court for a motion for a CT Grand Jury investigation into many years of massive government corruption I am a witness and victim of.
In addition, CT constituted every County in March with Common Law Grand Juries. We will be filing our paper work to the Courts this month. I have also forwarded my complaints to the U.S. Justice Dept- per President Obama's email response in 2011. I am also working on filing in Hartford Federal court this month in a civil complaint against multiple government entities. Read all about it on my fb notes, google my name and read the State of CT CHRO whistle blower dismissal in 2006. The State still claims Municipal Public Housing Authority employees where I paid AFSME union dues for 6.5 years is not a city, state, or federal workers who qualify for equal protection under State whistle blower laws. Regardless, CHRO does NOT protect people equally or enforce labor, EEOC, or Fair Housing laws or any anti-discrimination laws as they claim. They are one of many defunct state agencies that window dress for tax payer dollars to do nothing but arm themselves with lucrative wage and benefit packages and a vast army of public employee unions supporting the Democratic vote.
I am interested in going to Washington for a week or more, but need to go with a solid group of fellow CT comrades.

Mary, Im a new PFA member and have recently had similar experiences with CHRO.  As a 13 year member of AFSCME #3145 Council 4 (ARC) I was misrepresented in my wrongful termination, and subsequent age discrimination case and hit a dead end with CHRO and my locals e-board voted not to pursue my case.  I suspected corruption too.  Mark Panioto Bristol, CT 

If anyone from central or southern CT is going to DC May 15th and wants to muster with as a group, contact me.  I'm in Bristol.

I'd like to go, call me- 860 869 6713.

Hi Mary, Good morning. My wife and I are planning on going to D.C. May 14th till May 19th.. Will be camping around D.C.. Been to many rallies in Hartford and Wash. D.C.. Started many years ago in Htfd. against Weicker. Been on bus trips to D.C. with the tea party. Have a appt. in West Haven this morning at the V.A..Will call later today. Al Preece Norfolk Ct. 860-542-5725. Retired from CL&p..

Hi everyone! I am fairly new to this site and not sure how it works. I hope to join a group of people going to DC. My phone number is 860 689 6713. I am a long standing government corruption whistleblower in CT for over 8 years after i was illegally fired from my AFSCME Council 4 6.5 year position managing 428 units of Municipal Public housing. I have been fighting like hell ever since. I went to Washington D.C. last winter as part of a large group of people and have gone to every state and federal legislature, including to Obama.
I'm in! I can be found on face book under my given name Mary Bagnaschi. Love me or leave me. :)

the local used three people to form a committee, my union steward and office financial/human resource manager was one of them, all deciding at the 13th hour to pull the plug on my right to arbitration, i paid union dues for 6.5 years. The illegal firing was in feb 06, i waited until aug 06 to get a letter with my name misspelled telling me the grievence committee brought their recommendation not to proceed to arbitration to the whole Local, none of whom i worked with as it was separate from the city hall employees, they voted to not take it to arbitration. I brought it to the labor board but the Dept of Labor is corrupt as all the rest!



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