Constitutional Emergency

Hello CT.


Well, we have a date for the beginning of Operation American Spring, it will be May 16, 2014.That is only 5 1/2 months away and the time to start organizing is now..


The first thing we can do is to get the word out to everyone you can think of; Family, friends Veteran and Civic Organizations, Churches, etc. Use the internet, social media and your personal contact list. You can even make up flyers to hand out to people you run into.. Be creative, try to come up with interesting ways to spread the word or work it into a conversation...  We need as many Patriots as we can get to participate...


You don't have to go to D.C. to help, you can stay at home and still be of great help to those who do go.. They will need a great deal of support in the form of Supplies such as bottled water, non-perisable food, medical supplies, clothing and financial donations.... If you like to write, you can send out updates and useful info via the internet or even Letters to the Editor in your local newspaper.. Another important way to help out at home is to volunteer to help families of people you may know who are going to D.C.  Like our deployed Troops, it makes it much easier if they know their families are taken care of... Once again, do not be afraid to think outside the box, if you think of a way to help, let us know..


Finally, those who are thinking of going to D.C. in May, let us know..  We will need to arrange transportation for those who need a ride..  We also have to arrange for lodging and any special needs while we are there. We should also set up various "Pick-up Points" and "Meeting Points" so we can convoy down there.. The important thing is to let us know if you need or can give a ride..


This will be a tremendous undertaking, and the sooner we get to it the better prepared we will be..

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hi richard,

i signed up to participate in operation american spring.

i'm located in new haven county, ie hamden, ct.

hi richard,

i signed up to participate in operation american spring.

i'm located in new haven county, ie hamden, ct.

i'm working hard to improve my health so that i can join the march.

i started getting the word out about this operation on a few talk blogs and i am shocked at the fatalism and unaccountability of their listening population.

Hi there Pam, I am very plesase to have you aboard..  At this point, you are already doing the best you can do, getting the word out..  The rest of the State Group Leaders are working on a list of supplies we will need in D.C. Phase 2 will be Identifying stores, businesses and individuals who would we willing to donate those supplies.. 

We will also need to compile a list of people who are going to D.C., who would like to go but who cannot afford to go or need a ride. as well as those who have room for extra passencers or would like to sponsor someone who would like to go.. The following is an outline I am using to help us organize CT..   If you see an area you would like to help with please let me know....  Whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated...   God Bless..


Some thoughts on organizing the State

Identify as many members as possible thru Web-site, State Group, County Group and personal contact.

Select local leaders & County Organizers.

Collecting Supplies:

            Identify supplies needed for OAS in D.C.

            Solicit local stores and businesses for needed supplies.

            Set up Community drives to collect donated supplied.

            Catalog ALL supplies collected.

            Set up storage facilities for supplies.


            Identify needed services to solicit, such as: Legal, Signs & posters, Computer techs, etc.

            Solicit needed service suppliers.

            List all services provided.

Planning Trip to D.C.:

            Identify all individuals within the State who are interested in going to D.C.

            Determine when they will be able to attend.

            Coordinate Ride and Room sharing for those with limited funds or special needs.

            Set up Meeting places and “Way Points” along the trip routes.

            Set up movement and transport of supplies.

Information dissemination:

            Forward all necessary information to National.

            All Press releases and interviews within the State must be authorized by the State Coordinator.

            Rude or belligerent behavior will not be tolerated.

            Misinformation must be addressed ASAP.

            We must use all avenues and opportunities to get the word out as quickly as possible.

            We must be truthful in all things..

            We must maintain the “Moral High-Ground”.

            All members must strive to be examples to others.

            Above all, we must keep Prayer at the forefront of all we do, and in all things, give thanks to God.

Jan 12, 2014

hi richard,

i appreciate the info.

Health-wise in 4mo with God's help I can be further improved. I believe I need to drive down in my 1999 4 dr Corolla so that I can return home to recover further so that I can be there for my wk rotation. So there is room for me, another person in front and 2 to 3 in the back seat. The trunk is roomy and probably can fit enough supplies for 5 people.

What I can commit to now is making flyers and going around local shop fronts and asking if I can place the flyer in the window and I will also ask what support they could give, but please remember I tire easily and I am not well.

I also will commit to when I'm on the internet to inform and correct in a nice way and pray for OAmericanS's We the People.


Hi Pam;

I completely understand the situation, I just got out of the hospital on Nov.1st and am still trying to recover my strength. Whatever you can do is enough. The main thing now is to get the word out to as many as possible..  I will put your name on the ride share list and if you are still good to go in May we will try to match you with others who need transportation, and thank you, you are contributing more than you know.. 

If you can get a few people together, I will try to get out that way and do a "Meet and Greet" of some kind to help draw more people in..  Keep in touch and I will let you know as things develop further.  May God Bless you and give you the strength and help you need to do His will...

Hi Patricia, nice to meet you... I am a little confused, you are signed on as a member of the CT. State Group, but your profile says you are in DE.. 


To answer your question though, I am unaware of anyone out side of CT. who needs a ride..  Neither DE. or MD. have State Group Leaders in place as of yet. I will keep you in mind as the time grwos closer and if I find someone in DE. or MD. who needs a ride, I will certainly let you know..  Thank you for offering...

Good morning Patricia;

Not a problem..  I think what happened is when you posted a reply on my discussion: CT. To D.C. it automatically put you in the CT. State Group..  It is easily remedied however.. Just go to your Home Page or State Groups and click on CT. When you see the list of members of the Ct. State Group, click on the remove icon directly above them..

Then, go into State Groups, find the Flag for DE. and click on it. Then just click on Join Group  and you are good to go..  If you have any problems, let me know and we will try and figure it out..  Have a great day...



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