First I'd like to apologize and ask forgiveness for a loss of hope. For a period I lost hope that we as a nation would not succumb to the tyranny that is rampant against us. Only through a nationwide effort to repent and serve the God our Christian forefathers served, will we restore the freedoms they fought and died to establish. I believe this to be true and reference 2 Chronicles 7:14. Nonetheless, this is no excuse to give up the fight to restore these freedoms for ourselves and our posterity. Terry is our brother and has stayed the course. He is in need of our best effort and support. I am not sure of the best course of action; a protest in Dixie county, a protest in Tallahassee, go enmasse to Gov Scott or AG Bondi's office. We had good luck working with Overpasses previously, enlisting their help on this will help.

Please provide input, feedback. I will rally support and organize an effort, and would appreciate recommendations.

May God bless Terry, his family, you and yours and our nation,
Wendell Beattie

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Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a merry heart does good like a medicine!  Proverbs! I forgive you, but, don't lose hope, when the days grow darker....."we" get brighter!  "We're" not going to be here much longer anyway, and that is not a reason to quit, but the reason to do EXPLOITS!!!!

 We must rise up to fight tyranny or our Republic will surely  fall to Evil forces....

Terry Trussell is still in the Dixie County, Florida jail. I will be going to Cross City on Thursday if anyone from Crestview and the surrounding area would like to go and support this effort to peacefully fight this injustice, you are welcome to ride along.
Wendell Beattie
There will be a meeting of the Dixie County Commissioners. They need to know that we will not stand by idly while they allow a judge from outside their district to rail-road an American veteran and a patriot. Terry Trussell was following the Constitution and obeying the laws of this country when this judge and corrupt prosecutor illegally and without correct due process of law incarcerated without a trial or even an indictment or hearing from a Grand Jury.
Dixie County Commissioners Meeting:
Thu, October 16, 6pm – 7pm
Dixie County Courthoue BOCC Chambers (map)
214 County Road 351
Cross City, FL 32628

I'm pleased to be joining you in going to the Dixie County Commissioners meeting Wendell............

Here's some call in and email info for radio tv talk shows. Not having success yet, almost got on Alex Jones show today to get the word out about Terry Trussell's situation. Please ring their phones off the hook and fill their inboxes to get Terry's story out. Not all have been validated, feel free to update if there's dead info.

Glenn Beck email
Call in 888-727-BECK Show time 8am - 12 pm CST

Alex Jones email
Weekday Call in 800-259-9231 Show time 11 am - 2 pm CST
Sun Call in 877-789-ALEX Show time 4-6 pm CST

Rush Limbaugh email
Call in 800-282-2882 Time 11am - 2 pm CST

Michael Savage email ?
Call in 800-449-TALK Show time 8 pm CST

Sean Hannity email from his website
Call in 800-941-7326 Show time 10 pm CST Week nights

Governor Rick Scott email

Attorney General Pam Bondi email from her website

 I am sending a donation  ( check )  ..

Terry Trussell Legal Defense Fund
PO Box 1551 
Cross City‎ FL‎ 32628
United States



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