We must shatter the apathy in our nation and wake people up to what is happening to America. If it must be one person or one town at a time then so be it, may God bless us in this endeavor. Let us begin now for the road is long and the time to restore her is swiftly slipping away.

I will be marching from Crestview to Tallahassee, Florida starting this weekend and through next week with the United States flag unfurled as a banner, calling all who see that the nation is in trouble and needs our action by standing up for our rights and demand the state and federal governments return to the bounds of the U.S. Constitution. I plan to arrive at the State Capitol on Saturday June 14thFlag Day, I invite any and all to join me on the march or in Tallahassee at 0900 on Saturday at the Florida Historic State Capitol, intersection of Apalachee Pkwy and S. Monroe St for a Flag Day ceremony. 

I will leave at 0700 on Saturday morning June 7th from the intersection of Hwy 85 and 90, heading east on Hwy 90 expecting to make 20-25 miles a day. I hope to talk to folks along the way explaining what Operation American Spring is about and hope that a reporter or two will get ahold of my story. At one point in my planning I thought about carrying our flag with the union down. While our nation is off its Constitutional course and in serious trouble, I do not feel we have reached the point of extreme danger to life or property. This matter may be debatable to some, but for me it will still fly upright. 

To other state OAS leaders, next Saturday is our nation’s Flag Day, a fitting day to have a patriotic Flag Day ceremony at your state capitol and share a message of patriotism and of OAS.

May God bless you, your family, the OAS effort and or nation.
Wendell Beattie