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Declaration of State of Michigan Sovereignty - Prepared Letter to Send to Your State Legislators

Declaration of State of Michigan Sovereignty

To: The Honorable _____________________________

State of _________________

Dear ______________,

My name is ________________________________ and I am a very concerned constituent of yours.

You should be well aware, our Federal style of government has gotten completely out of control on everything from the "Stimulus Package(s)" to Mr. Obama's signing of the SCHIP Bill on Feb. 4, 2009. We are continuing to slide down this ever slippery slope of democracy to the extent that it has finally landed us in the deep valley of socialism, and I fear, eventually communism. If we do not stop this downward spiral now, we will end up like other great nations in the past, with severe damage, or worse, to America. I for one will resist this frightening possibility and I hope we can count on you to take positive action.

Therefore, I am urging you, as my State Legislator, immediately - with or without help from other Legislators - fashion and present a Bill that Declares the State of Michigan Sovereignty from the Federal Government since they continue to ignore and dismantle the Constitution of the United States of America. This would enable an immediate return to the Jeffersonian principles of Government as well as that of the Tenth Amendment that states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

I would like to encourage you as you will be standing with the obvious good company when you submit, or yield, to the will of the people of Michigan. Listed are some of the other states that have adopted, or have in committee, such a Bill: New Hampshire, Missouri, Arizona, Washington, Oklahoma, Montana, & Michigan. I would hope that you will not only see the legal, logical, moral, and the ethical reasoning behind such a Bill, but that you would also recall, and hide deep within your heart, the Founders dream and establishment of our great Republic. We must not, now or ever, relinquish our rights or sovereignty.

Here is a link to the Oklahoma Bill - that it may provide you an example for your assistance in drafting our Bill: HJR 1003 and SJR 10.
Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.


Sign Here ______________________________
Address __________________________________
Print Name______________________________
E-Mail __________________________
Phone (____) ____________________


Harry Riley has asked for us to send this letter to our state legislators.

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States Rights Update

Interest in the 10th Amendment continues to grow across the country. While I have seen its impact among many of the citizens of Michigan, as an update I am sorry to report that HCR 004 has still not seen movement. In some cases it is because other legislators still do not see this as an important issue, see it as an attack on the Obama administration, or are too busy with Michigan’s dismal budget situation to move the resolution higher up on the agenda. I continue to see how the issues discussed in HCR 004 are however very linked to the current economic crisis and budget situation we find ourselves in. For example, if you look at our current road funding shortfall in Michigan’s budget it would be shortsighted to ignore the federal side of the equation. For those that aren’t aware, over 33% of “Michigan’s” road revenue comes from federal funds. As you can imagine, that money generates a lot of indirect federal power. How did this happen and will it continue? You can find my latest press release here:

I have also received many emails from people asking how they can help pass HCR 004 (or some of its related resolutions, such as HCR 006, HCR 009, HCR 014, and HCR 022). I have not been able to reply to everyone directly, but let me do so here. There is unfortunately no silver bullet to getting this passed other than to stay persistent. Most issues have natural peaks and valleys, and it is extremely difficult to maintain momentum on issues over time. The key for this resolution will be to not forget it, and to continue to contact your legislator about it, even if you become involved with other issues. HCR 004 is important because the violation of the 10th Amendment is the root cause for so many of the other issues we deal with. Bringing up HCR 004 when discussing these other issues helps to address both a symptom and a cause at the same time.

Some have also had trouble accessing the resolutions. It is important to note that a “HCR” is different than a “HR”, so for example HCR 022 is different than HR 22. A House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) has to pass both the House and the Senate, so it has to pass BOTH sides of the chamber. For those who have had trouble accessing them, I have provided links to some that can be clicked on or cut and pasted into your browser here:

I have also received many requests to introduce other resolutions. I consider all of them, but can not introduce them all for several reasons: 1) HCR 004 is the most important, but has yet to get a hearing. It is naturally harder to pass something if the resolutions get spread too thin. I am not ready to give up on HCR 004 for this legislative session. 2) I serve as minority vice chair of the Transportation Committee, so you will see many of my resolutions and bills are transportation related in ensuring our right to free travel. 3) It is important to get other legislators involved. In addition to asking others to support HCR 004, there are many other related issues your personal legislator can be involved with and introduce on their own.

Additionally, do not forget that citizens can also become involved with ballot proposals on their own and bypass the legislature completely. These can be difficult and costly undertakings, but I have heard of several tax-related initiatives that are currently being discussed by various grassroots groups and can become reality when there is strength in numbers. I encourage you to get involved in any of these that fit with your personal philosophies, both related to taxation and also to protecting individual freedom and liberty (many of the rights we are losing the fastest have little to do with taxation but are the easiest to get lost in the shuffle). The 10th Amendment is about more than just States rights, but also the direct rights of the people, so do not underestimate this avenue.

Respectfully in service,

Paul Opsommer
This is excellent!!! Thank you so much I will be using this form on the 4th at the Owosso Michigan Tea Party, we should have over 200 people, if I can get half to sign and mail it that will make me happy. In case anyone doesn't know, you can go to the state of Michigan and find the Name, Address, Phone #, Etc. of every single person that was on the ballot in your area and was elected in your area. So, no reason not to send this out, in fact, send it several times in several forms. Snowball the suckers!
Hope you don't mind, but I did edit the letter to sound more like me when I write. I think that what you did is an excellent boiler plate. But, if people would just take 3 minutes to make it personal for them and their reps they would get more answers. I sent it out to Senator James Barcia, a man who I know and trust, even though he is a Dem. He is pro life, pro gun and I can't remember when he voted for an unconstitutional law or bill if he was made aware of the flaws. Also, I sent one to Rep. Jeff Mayes, a real progressive, and told him how angry we all are. Now, I will send them a snail mail secondary letter....Never let em off of the HOOK!!



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