Hi, everyone. I live in Emmett county, and want some info, contacts in the area. I'm more than willing to set up logistics, and get plans set for the trip down. Please respond, and Lets get coordinated! First day here, so bare with me if this is already done. Plans for buses?
Thanks for looking, and some heads up if you live in Northern Michigan..

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Hi Ken!  I don't know where Emmett Co. is?  I live in Midland, one of the "tri-cities" (Midland, Saginaw, Bay City).  I've been on the site for 10 days.  Patriots friends of mine (some from the north country) sent me the link and I went "all in" after reading the mission statement.  I've said nothing about logistics as I am trying to get my head around what is going to happen, how it can work, etc .  As I sit and read, listen to the chat, actually was able to ask Col. Riley a couple of things, etc. I am starting to get a picture of things.  All of us from Michigan need to get our heads together and take a job and get this thing hammered out.  Yes, we will take buses.  That was one of my questions to the Col. And yes, he does want a massive # there on May 16/17 and then a substantial amount there each and every day until we have accomplished our goals.   So lots to do, lots to plan and we all need to play our part.  Nice to see a new person on here this morning.  I have a bus company here in my area that I've used a dozen times to head to D.C. but hopefully we'll need more than one company as the response becomes overwhelming.  One thing we need to figure out is how to get a small "mom and pop" motel booked for the night of the 15th, possibly 16th for all of those coming in for the first big wave.  70% of those that will go will be older and not looking to camp etc.  The rest of us who will stay for several days, weeks will be camping in areas that are being worked out now.  And we will stay in VA, the other side of the bridge.  I am expecting bus permits to be denied to be in D.C. during that time.  Buses cannot go in without them.  Well, probably enough for now.  My personal email is tlchyatt@tm.net if you want to communicate that way.  I can send you my phone number through email.  Thanks again for signing up and signing on.  God Bless America.

Welcome Ken !   Great to see more Michigan folks getting involved.....

Howdy Ken,  Welcome.   Thank you for your offer to help. I am here in the U.P. and will be assisting those that will be using the Big Mac as their primary route.  I'm thinking Northern MN and Northern WI as well as Yoopers.

Please stay in touch with Tammy Hyatt and myself with the fruits of your efforts.  I can be reached at thuniquey@yahoo.com.

Thanks guys! Anyone from the northern lower, that needs a ride, or simply to contact from the area, please send them my way. I will be contacting some of the clubs in the area. VFW etc.. Also have the bikers, truckers in michigan been contacted? If not, I have some people I plan on contacting to expand the group.
Let's make this happen!

Sorry. Ken. I am down-state between Lansing & Detroit. I am planning on going via AMTRAK unless a cheaper option (cheaper than $87 one way) presents itself. I look forward to seeing you there! Bob

Hi All!

I'm in the Traverse City area. I was thinking of driving as then I can assess the situation as we go. I can also load up on bottled water and other necessities. However, I am not adverse to taking a bus. I'm really concerned right now on our logistics, so please keep me informed as we learn about where we all are and where we are at in getting organized. I'd like to stay for an extended trip but only if it seems we are following the "Peaceful" plan.

Anyway, I look forward to working with everyone to take back our Country!

Hi Jessica.  That's great that you can drive, that you are already thinking of things you can bring for a longer stay etc.  I have been just watching and reading since I have joined.  I even got to have a "chat" with Col. Riley the other night.  What I was figuring out is that #1) a MASSIVE show of people need to be in D.C. on 16/17 of May. #2)  Then at least a million patriots needs to stay in the D.C. area for as long as it takes.  We will definitely take buses from MI for the 16/17 wave.  Older people and people who cannot take vacation (you know, the ones who are making the money to pay for the frivolous gov. spending?) will need to return home and anyone who can possibly stay needs to stay at least for a while.  I can be gone for 3 weeks or so initially.  So I think all of us need to send as many Michiganders to this site as possible.  A month from now we'll have a package put together for the people who can go for the 16th/17th and then we will also have a better idea of where those of staying for an extended period of time will stay, what is needed, start getting grouped together etc.  Seems that it would be good for those driving to carpool as much as possible because less vehicles there, etc. Just keep checking, inviting, adding ideas and I think we will see it come together.  Oh, and the "peaceful" thing, Col Riley will have it no other way.  If it goes in a different direction, it will not be the attendees of OAS choosing it.

I was directed to contact Martin Church  .... martinchurch@sbcglobalnet.com  For volunteer information...I hope that helps you...

I'm wondering if I should take the bus and then come back with the initial phase? Then, depending on how it goes drive back as the situation dictates? I'll know more about what supplies will be needed - but it may be harder to get in if things get a little out of hand. Looks like I'll watch to see how things are going and make a decision later. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with!




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